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October 30, 2015


Scarsdale’s finest

Fire Prevention Month is coming to a close, but Scarsdale Fire Department’s community Fire Fair, an educational outreach event for families earlier this month, and the 100th birthday celebration of Scarsdale Volunteer Fire Co. No. 2 this weekend, as well as the recent blaze at nearby Sprainbrook Nursery, remind us how fortunate Scarsdale is to have such a dedicated and well-trained group of men and women here to protect us. The three volunteer companies are supplemental forces that support the 47 professional career firefighters under the command of fire Chief Thomas Cain in the village.

The volunteer company members are not looking to be heroes. Their reasons for joining are varied — 9/11 motivated at least one member to sign up — but they are all looking to give back and serve their community in a meaningful way.

The uniformed members devoted over 17,500 hours to training in calendar year 2014, according to the department website, and the volunteer firefighters have monthly training sessions in the village and specialized training sessions at the Westchester County Department of Emergency Services in Valhalla. Fire education and prevention is a big part of the training, which benefits the community through school visits, fire prevention fairs and publications.

We read in the police and fire report every week the number of times the police and fire department get called out. While most are, happily, routine calls — false alarms and such — even on the easy calls, imagine how profoundly grateful and relieved that frightened person stuck in an elevator is, or a panicked parent with a toddler locked in a bathroom, to be reassured that very capable help is on the way.

In Mayor Jonathan Mark’s state of the village report presented to the Scarsdale Forum Oct. 15, he said the fire department continues to provide “exemplary service” and recently maintained a national Insurance Service Office (ISO) risk rating of second from the top level that favorably impacts the cost of homeowner insurance for Scarsdale residents.

Their brothers in blue also deserve commendation for their top marks. The Scarsdale Police Department, led by Chief of Police Andrew Matturro, recently submitted to an inspection and audit by two assessors from the Commission on Law Enforcement Accreditation in a bid to maintain its national accreditation status. SPD, “proudly serving since 1909,” was awarded national accreditation in 1989 and has been through six subsequent successful reassessments.

This year the department achieved a Gold Standard accreditation, a standard that required an even more critical examination of the department, operations and policies. The mayor’s report noted that both assessors for the accreditation said they were “extremely impressed with our agency as a whole.”

This weekend the SFD and SPD both have public awareness campaigns.

As residents turn the clock back one hour this Sunday, Nov. 1, the Scarsdale Fire Department reminds everyone to replace the batteries in all fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, a habit that should be practiced each and every year.

With Halloween this year on Saturday night, the potential for mischief and “undesirable activity” is even greater.

A “Give the Day Back to the Kids” will be encouraged by the police department where adults accompany their children while trick or treating and complete all door to door solicitations by specific times. The voluntary curfew is as follows: children under 11 years of age should be finished trick or treating by 7 p.m.; children 11 years of age or older should complete their trick or treating by 8 p.m. Those children 13 years of age or older should be monitored throughout the evening and all trick or treating will be monitored by police, parents and volunteers. All trick or treating should be completed by 9 p.m.

Safety volunteers, “eyes and ears” for the police, will be used on Halloween to monitor activity and curfew. Scarsdale volunteer firefighters will be used to assist the police department. These safety volunteers will be strategically placed throughout affected areas and be redeployed as needed. Teams consisting of two volunteers will be established to communicate with personnel at police headquarters. These volunteers will be mobile, moving throughout an area reporting potential problems to the police desk or command post.

For more Halloween safety tips and information, go to the Scarsdale Police Department page on the village website scarsdale.com.

Be safe out there!

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