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Follow these best practices for effective advertising:
 Use large eye catching headline and/or art that will grab the reader’s attention and convey your message.
 Focus on one main message per ad: Are you having a sale? Do you have a new product or service? Are you building a reputation for excellent service?
 Include BENEFITS not features. (Hint: Don’t answer “what is my product?” Instead, answer “How is my product going to help my customer?”)
ASK for the sale! Include a call to action
  White space sells!  Resist the temptation to clutter your ad with miscellaneous information that is not a benefit to the customer. Example: no need to list all 31 flavors in your ad. Instead try “31 flavors including our new refreshing watermelon sorbet”
 Color sells!
 Don’t forget to include company logo, address, and contact information.
 Be consistent with each ad campaign with your style and your message.
Be persistent, and manage your expectations. Brand building takes time and patience.
 Ask for design help! Our award-winning art department is ready to answer questions and help you design a great campaign for your business.

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Contact your advertising representative: Thomas O’Halloran, 914-725-2500 ext. 28; 

Barbara Yeaker, 914-725-2500 ext. 25;  or Gerry Ryan, 914-725-2500 ext. 10