Art glass business opens in village center

Scarsdale homeowners seeking something special when decorating their homes can turn to 4ever Crystals, a new business at 22 Harwood Court that offers handmade glass pieces from Brazil.

Roveri Barbosa, one of the owners, said his products are one of a kind. 

“We have pieces with gold,” he said. “It’s a different shade with minerals. It’s not pigment, it’s different mineral shades.”

Barbosa started negotiations to open in Scarsdale about six months ago and opened his new business Oct. 19. He said he has his sights set on opening a second location in Greenwich, Connecticut.

When Barbosa came to America with his wife, he worked in construction and was inspired to sell beautiful pieces that would fit in beautiful homes like the ones he saw in Scarsdale.

“Some pieces are the same design, but it’s never the same piece,” Barbosa said. “[Artists] follow the design, but they always change something, they do something different.” That means, if a piece gets broken, it can’t be duplicated.

4ever Crystals has plenty of designs for homeowners to choose from, each one made from materials that are shipped from Italy to Brazil and crafted into a fine piece. Once it’s created, it’s shipped up to the store.

Bringing his business to Scarsdale after moving to the area from Brazil is a choice Barbosa made because “Scarsdale is a nice place with nice people,” he said. “This is a beautiful village. It’s something old, but something fancy and different.”

The business is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m.

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