Scarsdale’s Steiner publishes third book

Brandon Steiner

“Living On Purpose” is the third book authored by longtime Scarsdale resident Brandon Steiner, and offers stories of advice about faith, fortune and fitness that “will lead you to an extraordinary life.”

Steiner is the highly successful entrepreneur who built a New Rochelle-based sports marketing and memorabilia empire which he ultimately sold to Omnicom Group in 2000. The deal gave Steiner the financial security for the rest of his life, but he felt something was missing.

The Brooklyn native is frank in sharing the pitfalls of success: “After putting in relentless effort and long hours to build a company — and frankly, an industry — for close to two decades, I was emotionally bankrupt after selling my company. To sustain that kind of run, I had to go to some deep, dark places emotionally, and those decisions took a toll on me.” In the book, he shares his thoughts on family, faith, lost friendships, health and fitness.

Steiner started the company that would later become known as Steiner Sports (then called Steiner Associates) in 1987. He started with $4,000, a one-room office and an intern. After spending the first part of his career in the food service and hospitality industry, working for Hyatt Hotels, Hard Rock Cafe and the Sporting Club, Steiner had developed relationships with enough high-profile athletes to start a company that booked corporate appearances and speaking engagements for his clients.

He still runs Steiner Sports, which has worked with some of the most famous athletes and teams in the world. In 2004, the company struck a deal with the New York Yankees to become the team’s memorabilia provider. Steiner Sports has similar deals with Notre Dame’s football team, Syracuse Athletics and Madison Square Garden. Among its exclusive athletes are Steph Curry, Chris Paul, Eli Manning and Derek Jeter.

He’s given talks at major universities, including Harvard and Yale, and at several Fortune 500 companies.

Steiner is dedicated to giving back to his community. He supports several charities, and one of his favorites is Family Services of Westchester, a not-for-profit organization that helps provide quality social and mental health services to its clients. With his help, the organization was able to open two group homes for teenage boys and girls.

Steiner lives in Scarsdale with his wife Mara, to whom he’s been happily married for 30 years. They have three children: Crosby, Nicole and Keith.

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