The annual sidewalk sale ends Saturday, July 27, and features more than 30 businesses lining the Scarsdale village streets with summer sales and one-of-a-kind merchandise.

The sizzling summer event has come and gone for decades, but this year it’s been amped up a notch, thanks to efforts by the Scarsdale Business Alliance.

Now that the SBA is running the annual sidewalk sale with the village’s support, it approached the event in a new way. With food trucks added to the mix each day, as well as interactive fun, including face painting, tattoo art and a live concert in Chase Park at 11 a.m. on Saturday, the sidewalk sale may be considered more of a destination block party for people who venture to the town center.

Marcy Berman-Goldstein, SBA co-president and co-founder of I Am More Scarsdale boutique, said the SBA wanted things to be a bit different at the downtown event than in past years.

“We didn’t want too much competition between businesses, but more of an enhancement of what we have,” she said.

Those who enjoy meandering around the sale can expect more than just retail merchandise, services and clothing bargains. In addition to the food trucks, music and retail, Berman-Goldstein said some vendors will offer demos of their products. “It’s not what’s being sold, but what activities are offered,” she said.

What they're saying about this year's event:

Focal Sidewalk sale Deborah Skolnik.jpg

Deborah Skolnik


I’ve been coming to this sale since I was a teeanger [in] the 1980s. I’m drawn here by the bargains and selection. It’s also an excuse to get fresh air and see a lot of my neighbors.

Focal Sidewalk sale Owen Elliott.jpg

Owen Elliot


We’ve only been here a year, but we read about it in the paper. And the woman here selling cupcakes is our neighbor and said to check it out so we came here to get a dozen amazing cupcakes and now we’re just strolling through the shops.

Focal Sidewalk Sale Angelina Lewis 3.jpg

Angelina Lewis

Mount Vernon

We have lived [in Mount Vernon] for two years. I looked online for local sidewalk sales. I went to the one in Bronxville. This has a nice selection and more stores here. The food trucks are nice. We don’t really come into Scarsdale as much, but this is a good introduction to it.

Focal Sidewalk Sale Paul Blanchard Orangetheory Owner.jpg

Paul Blanchard

Owner, Orangetheory Fitness

The Scarsdale Business Alliance is doing a phenomenal job bringing the small businesses together with things like the sidewalk sale and the wellness event that happened in the spring. It allowed us to meet about 40 new people who came to try our classes. To be able have events like this, that’s absolutely key.

Focal Sidewalk sale Robin Lewis.jpg

Robin Lewitas

Raised in Scarsdale, lives in Ardsley

There’s a few stores here I really love and I wait every year until right when [their goods] go on sale. I already got one bag, I’m working on number two. We’re scoping it out today — we’ll be back.

Focal Sidewalk sale Lauren Fields.jpg

Lauren Fields

Quaker Ridge

I grew up around here so I’ve been coming to this probably since it first existed. I run into friends. I just ran into someone from high school who came from the city for the sale. You see all kinds of people here and lots of people that you might not have seen for a while.

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