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Inés Rodrigues

Inés Rodrigues is the new editor of Scarsdale Living magazine. Rodrigues is a Brazilian journalist, writer and teacher who moved to Scarsdale 16 years ago with her husband and two children, after living in London and Italy.

She’s the author of the historical fiction novel “Days of Bossa Nova,” published in 2017 by Black Opal Books. She teaches creative writing at the Writing Institute at Sarah Lawrence College and the Bronxville Adult School, where she is also a certified Italian instructor.

In Scarsdale, she has been an active member of the community, especially among the literary and writing circles. Since 2015, she has curated the Scarsdale Salon, a series of readings and arts-related events (co-founded with journalist Preeti Singh), in partnership with the Scarsdale Public Library, Bronx River Books and Salon de Belleville (France). Rodrigues also runs an annual literary fundraiser for The Franciscan Sisters of the Poor Foundation, a charity based in New York City.

Before leaving her native Brazil, after graduating with a degree in journalism, Rodrigues worked at daily newspapers and wrote for magazines such as Elle and Marie Claire. She was editor assistant for Audio News magazine and also worked as a radio host and an arts and entertainment reporter.

After moving abroad, she dedicated herself to her two children and to pursue a career as a fiction writer and teacher. She is also an alumna of Università di Perugia (Italy) and of The Writing Institute at Sarah Lawrence College. She read her fiction work at the conference Journeé Du Monde (Paris, France), The Sunday Salon (New York and Chicago), Read 650, and Rye Writes and Bites. She writes regularly on her blog, The Weekly Escape(

“Ines’ impressive journalism background, commitment to the fine art of writing, and deep connections in Scarsdale will serve her well in crafting each issue of Scarsdale Living,” said Deborah White, publisher of both the magazine and The Scarsdale Inquirer. “She brings a fresh, multicultural voice to the publication, which is reflective of the community today. Her enthusiasm is infectious. We are delighted to have her at the helm of Scarsdale’s lifestyle magazine.”

The upcoming summer/fall 2020 issue of Scarsdale Living will be in Scarsdale homeowners’ mailboxes on Sept. 11.

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