Shower service for the homeless

Scarsdale High School 11th grader Amy Hu in front of stall showers carrying packages of men’s underwear given out July 22.

Amy Hu, an 11th grader at Scarsdale High School, learned the Shiloh Baptist Church in New Rochelle would provide a shower service for the homeless July 22. Because of COVID-19, many places where the homeless normally shower are closed, so a local food pantry ran a truck to provide showers to the homeless. Hu started a community drive for shower supplies and, within 10 days, the majority of items needed had been collected except the new underwear still far below the target quantities.

Less than five days away, through determination and extra effort, Hu gained the endorsement from the Undies Project whose presidents Laura Delaflor and Lucy Langley praised her community work and agreed to support future needs for the homeless. The whole shower supplies donations, with supervision from Scarsdale residents Jessica Resnick-Ault and Melissa Subin from Bake Back America, came from near and far — Ophira Cukierman, Jesse Timberger, Melissa Wetzstein, Joanne Sciortino, Sharine Chen, Devin Russell, Pam Frankel Stein, Elizabeth Margolin, Nicole Walker, Alona Trinidad and other anonymous neighbors.

On July 22 Hu delivered 65 meals to the site so the 55 homeless could enjoy a nice meal after a shower. The shower service will run monthly and items needed include bath towels, face cloths, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and men’s and women’s deodorants. To support the cause or for questions regarding donations, contact or fill in the google form,

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