Weintraubs open home to teens

Twenty-one children and siblings of fallen Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers visited the home of Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) national chairman and FIDF National New York Gala chairman Rabbi Peter Weintraub and his wife, Ellen Weintraub, in Scarsdale on July 29 for a day of rest and recreation, as part of the FIDF LEGACY Program.

The Israeli teens, ages 12 to 14, all of whom have lost a family member who was serving in Israel’s military, bonded with each other and spent the day swimming, chatting and enjoying a barbecue. The special day in Scarsdale capped a three-week trip in which the Israeli teens joined a U.S. summer camp and toured Chicago and the Midwest region, thanks to the FIDF LEGACY Program. FIDF sponsored the camp program, including airfare, travel, accommodations, food and more. Also in attendance were FIDF Director of Westchester and Connecticut Anat Chavkin and FIDF Development Associate of Westchester and Connecticut Michael Baccellieri.

“These children are extremely brave and have been through so much at such young ages, and it was an absolute honor to invite them to our home,” said Weintraub. “We wanted to show these incredible kids how much we appreciate the sacrifices they and their families have made for Israel and Jews everywhere by giving them a chance to relax and enjoy a fun American backyard summertime experience.”

The FIDF LEGACY Program supports thousands of widows, orphans, siblings and other family members of fallen IDF soldiers through a variety of recreational activities, financial support and life-cycle celebrations.

Pictured, the FIDF LEGACY group surrounding Peter Weintraub seated in a white shirt.

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