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Two New York City men were arrested March 15 and charged with Illegal Speed Contest after Greenburgh police saw them drag racing on N. Central Park Avenue, headed southbound, during a targeted speed enforcement. After unsuccessfully attempting to catch up with the speed racers, police stopped pursuing the speeding cars. Not long after, police located both cars, which were rendered inoperable as a result of a two-car accident in the area of S. Central Park Avenue and Underhill Road. Both cars were impounded. Obed Pozuelos, 24, and York Roman, 24, both of New York City, were charged with multiple traffic infractions and misdemeanor illegal speed contest. They received summonses to appear in court March 30. No injuries were reported.

Identity theft

A Kenneth Road resident told police March 8 she was a victim of identity theft after being notified by the Department of Labor of a fraudulent claim for unemployment benefits made in her name. She is employed and has no idea who filed the claim or if they received money from the claim.

A Tanglewood Road resident March 9 told police someone filed for pandemic-related unemployment benefits using her identity. She said she learned about the fraud through the Kentucky Department of Employment. The caller doesn’t live in Kentucky and never applied for unemployment.

A Robin Hood Road resident March 9 received by mail multiple debit cards he never applied for. He contacted the bank that issued the cards but he was told the bank had no information about him in its system. He’s not out any money.

A North Central Avenue resident March 11 said his credit monitoring service told him about multiple phone numbers and addresses attached to his Social Security number. The company was able to remove all the incorrect and possibly fraudulent information. He said he also alerted his credit agencies.

Several other residents reported fraudulent unemployment claims made in their names: a Pinewood Road resident on March 9, a Hartsdale Avenue resident on March 10, an Arden Drive resident on March 11 and a Joyce Road resident on March 12.

A Colony Drive resident who works for the school district contacted police March 11 to report he was informed by the Department of Labor he would need to validate his claim for unemployment. He never filed.

Contractor stiffed?

A contractor went to police headquarters March 8 to report a client for whom he did masonry work on Hawthorne Way has evaded him for months while owing $3,875. Repeated attempts to contact the homeowner had been unsuccessful. The contractor plans to take the client to small claims court and asked for a police report to support his claim. 

Food thieves

Police responded to ShopRite on S. Central Avenue March 9 on a report of a shoplifter in custody. Police met with the loss prevention officer who identified Ceasarine Augustus putting groceries into her personal shopping bags and then leaving without paying. She was stopped by security and handed over to police who issued her an appearance ticket for petty larceny. She was issued a summons to appear in court March 26.

Police returned to Shoprite on S. Central Avenue March 12 where Anthony Gioe was in the store’s security office. Store personnel said Gioe took items from a display case and put them in a ShopRite shopping bag. He left the store without paying for meat and seafood products, sweet potatoes and an avocado worth $24.16 combined. Gioe was charged with petty larceny and is scheduled to appear in court April 27.

Police responded to Bagel Deli Plus on S. Central Avenue March 14 where a man later identified as Joseph Palin was reportedly seen by an employee stealing candies and snacks off the shelves. As the suspect was standing outside the store, the employee pointed him out to police, who looked in Palin’s bag and found snacks and candies. According to police, Palin took 31 items totaling $43.75. He was transported to police headquarters and charged with petty larceny and processed. He was summoned to appear in court April 9.

Scratched car

A S. Central Avenue resident reported March 9 her 2018 Hyundai Elantra was scratched by someone while it was parked in her building’s parking area. Police saw two minor scratches on the trunk. The area doesn’t have surveillance cameras. It was unclear if the scratches were new or old.

Phone shakedown?

A Chedworth Road physician told police March 9 she received a phone call from someone impersonating a drug enforcement officer who said he noticed suspicious activity on her medical license. The caller reportedly told the doctor to pay $28,000 or her license would be suspended. She did not comply but gave the caller’s phone number to police. When police called the number, no one answered.

Open door

Police responded to Stone Oaks Drive March 9 for an activated alarm at a residence. On arrival police saw the front door was open. An interior check showed no signs of burglary and the house appeared in order. The front door was secured and no further action taken.

Man on school property

A man reported walking on school property at the Highview School on N. Central Avenue March 9 was unable to be located by police. Staff said he was walking through the front parking lot and was told to leave. He alleged he lives close by and was just walking through. He was wearing a blue knit hat and a gray coat. Police say no crime was committed.

Grand larceny scam

A 70-year-old Fountain Lane woman told police March 9 she was scammed by a man named “David” who claimed to work for a well-known software security company. She said he wanted to talk to her regarding payment for services she said she had never authorized. “David” advised her the charges would be refunded and asked if she had access to a computer; she said he apparently had remote access. She said she typed $299 into a refund document but he changed it to $29,999 and yelled at her, saying she would have to wire the money back to him using the same process. She completed the transaction and ended the call. The next day “David” contacted her to find out if the wire transfer went through. She hung up, alarmed, and called her bank. She learned from the bank that she had been scammed. The bank attempted to stop the wire transfer, which was submitted to a bank in Thailand. When the woman checked her accounts, she noticed her money was moved around. Her bank is looking into the matter and trying to get her money back. Meanwhile, “David” continued to call her. 

Smart TV scam

A Rockledge Road resident March 12 said she was helping her mother set up a smart TV that she had bought from Best Buy and was installing by herself. She said a notification on the TV instructed her to confirm her identity by logging on with a code on She said when she entered it she got a response that the code wasn’t valid. She called a support number and was advised to download a “quicksupport” manned by someone called “David” who told her to send $8,000 or the TV wouldn’t work. She followed his directions and sent money in different amounts via Zelle, Venmo and CashApp. Police have since advised her to contact her bank to claim fraud.

Items stolen from unlocked car

A Hidden Glen Road resident March 9 reported her unlocked Mercedes parked in front of her house was entered, and numerous items of clothing were stolen. Police reported the car console and glove box were rifled through. Miscellaneous items were tossed around. The caller said the car wasn’t damaged. Her husband provided video surveillance from outside the house and police saw a dark-colored SUV stopped in front of the house and a person got out, took a bag from the trunk, then returned to the SUV and drove away.

Landlord-tenant issue

Police responded to Lawton Avenue March 9 to speak with a man having issues with his female landlord. He said she keeps turning off the electricity, gas and hot water. He admitted he’s behind in paying his rent. Police told him he has to pay his rent. Attempts by the police to reach the landlord were unsuccessful.

Door camera destroyed

Police responded to an apartment building on Highpoint Drive March 9 on a report of criminal mischief. On arrival, police spoke with the son of an 88-year-old woman who said someone or something was banging on the front door of his mother’s apartment. When he opened the door, he saw the Ring camera he installed was destroyed, the door was scratched and there was a rock at the bottom of the door. The camera didn’t capture any footage as it’s only used as a doorbell. Damages were estimated at more than $1,000.

Another resident whose Ring camera was working gave police footage showing a man in the hallway wearing house slippers with a black surgical mask and a towel on his head walking toward the caller’s apartment with a glove on one hand, carrying a hammer. The man was identified as a resident whose apartment is in foreclosure. He was described as “difficult” and “disgruntled.” Police are attempting to gain more video footage of the incident.

Dog ordered, never arrived

A Keats Avenue resident told police March 10 she never received a dog she purchased over the internet. She said she sent $910 via Zelle for a St. Bernard puppy she purchased on a website and the dog was supposed to be shipped to her. The dog never arrived. She’s notified her bank to dispute the charge.

Excavator damages walkway

Police responded to Jane Street March 10 to speak with a homeowner who said her walkway was damaged when a large truck towing a yellow John Deere excavator backed up onto her property. She said she was aware of construction on Findlay Avenue and believes that’s where the truck was parked. Police found the excavator parked at the end of the street on Findlay Avenue but no one was on scene. The building department provided information regarding the company doing the construction. That information was relayed to the caller who said she would follow up with the company.

Suspicious behavior

A Yale Road resident reported to police March 12 she received a call from a person calling herself “Nancy Rogers” who tried to extort $73,000 by  claiming it was money owed for a subscription service. The woman who contacted police said she became suspicious of the caller and hung up without providing any information.

This report, covering Greenburgh police activity in Edgemont and Hartsdale from March 8 to March 15, was compiled from official information.

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