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Police responded to ShopRite on S. Central Avenue July 20 on a report of a shoplifter in custody. The store’s Asset Protection officer had Edel Nunez in the store’s office. The officer said Nunez was seen hiding meat and Snapple beverages in his shopping cart in a reusable shopping bag and leaving the store without paying. He was charged with petty larceny and issued a summons to appear in court Aug. 28. He was also banned from the store.

Police returned to ShopRite July 24 on a report of another shoplifter in custody. Ticey Williams was seen by a store loss prevention officer putting bags of frozen shrimp, a container of fried chicken, assorted health and beauty items, and a box of garbage bags into his cart and then leaving without paying. A tally of the stolen items came to $276.49. Williams was stopped outside the store. Soon after he was taken to police headquarters and charged with petty larceny. He was summoned to appear in court Sept. 18.


A sick skunk reported in the yard at a Beechwood Road residence July 21 was dispatched with one round from a patrolman’s service weapon. The body was removed and disposed of by animal control.

A bat was reported July 21 inside a house on Vandalay Court. Police captured the bat and took it to police headquarters where it was placed in a freezer and slated for pickup by the county health department. No contact was reported between the bat and the homeowner.

A very sick skunk was reported July 26 at a Tanglewood Road residence. Upon arrival, police saw the skunk was not moving and was covered in flies. Police told the woman who reported the skunk to take her children inside; officers moved the skunk, dispatched it with one round and bagged it for removal by the sanitation department.

Scam attempted

A Fountain Lane resident reported July 23 that last November he received an alert that his credit score decreased. He checked his account and saw a Verizon account was opened in his name in July 2019 and a $1,272 charge remained on the account. He said Verizon had advised him to file a police report, and he wouldn’t have to pay the money charged on the account.

Disoriented man arrested

Police responded July 23 to the BP gas station on S. Central Avenue on a request for a welfare check of a man standing next to a car, swaying. The man was confused about his whereabouts and the location of his vehicle. On his person, police found a clear plastic bag containing a white powder residue, and a green leafy substance containing a black liquid wrapped in plastic and tin foil. The man, identified as Michael Wilson, was placed under arrest and charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance in the seventh degree. He was transported to White Plains Hospital and released to the ER staff. He was issued a summons to appear in Greenburgh Town Court Aug. 28. The plastic bag and foil were vouchered. His car was towed to police headquarters.

Tree strikes car

A Kipling Street resident reported his car was damaged when a tree branch fell on it July 24. He said it must have happened overnight. The car was parked in his driveway and unoccupied.


A Joyce Road resident told police July 24 her employer, located in New York City, told her someone applied for unemployment benefits using her identity. The woman is still working and has not applied for benefits. She said she would notify her credit union and a police report was completed.

House check

Police responded to a burglar alarm at a Cross Hill Road residence July 25, checked the exterior and saw an unsecured side door. When police checked inside the house, nothing appeared disturbed, so they locked the doors and attempted to contact the homeowner but could not reach anyone.

Two men walk into a store…

Police responded to DXL Mens Apparel on S. Central Avenue July 25 on a report of shoplifting. The manager said two men came into the store and one left without paying for a shirt valued at $125. The second man left with two shirts, but the manager stopped him outside the store and recovered the shirts, which had a combined value of $120. The store manager said he didn’t realize the two were together until he saw them both getting into a silver sedan with New York license plates. Police have video surveillance of the thefts and information about the car. The store plans to press charges if the thieves are apprehended. The manager said there was a third man who was in a car parked outside the store. 

This report was made from official reports from the Greenburgh Police Department covering the period of July 20 through July 27.

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