Ardsley Road sidewalks photo

Workers constructing the sidewalk on Ardsley Road May 4.

Construction is underway on Ardsley Road in Edgemont where a private contractor hired by the town is building a 1,000-foot concrete sidewalk from the Ardsley and Highland roads Bee-Line bus stop behind Greenville Elementary School to the Fort Hill Road intersection.

The project is expected to be completed in six weeks. Assuming no major snags in construction, the town’s senior civil engineer, Jim Meehan, told the Inquirer the project would take another three to four weeks to complete. Meehan said the sidewalk would wrap around the corner of Ardsley and Fort Hill roads and continue north just past the driveway at 344 Fort Hill Road.

The sidewalk, which was designed internally by the town’s engineering department, is estimated to cost between $200,000 and $240,000 to construct.

Due to the construction, cars traveling west on Ardsley Road coming from Central Avenue are not able to continue traveling on the roadway and must detour by turning left or right onto Fort Hill Road. Eastbound traffic on Ardsley Road moving toward Central Avenue has not been affected by the construction.

Over the last few years, town officials have deemed the Fort Hill and Ardsley roads intersection a problem area and have been weighing possible solutions to address safety concerns for pedestrians and motorists. The town has been working with a consultant who has pitched converting the intersection’s blinking four-way stop signs to a traffic signal. Some members in the community have been fighting against the proposal over worries that the signal would create long backups on Ardsley Road and increase speeding.

It’s been almost a year since town officials have held a public meeting about the proposed traffic signal. Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner said he couldn’t provide an update on the signal but noted that he would want to work with members of the community on the proposal rather than impose a change without discussion and input.

Once construction is completed on the Ardsley Road sidewalk, Greenburgh’s Community Development and Conservation Commissioner Garret Duquesne said the town would move to Phase 2, which would add a sidewalk on Fort Hill Road from Ardsley Road to Longview Drive.

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