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A Greenburgh police officer noticed a car driving on South Central Avenue make two unsafe lane changes Aug. 2. The officer spoke to the driver, Jamie Lozada-Amador. He said he didn’t have his license, and a DMV check showed his driving privileges were suspended. He also had an active bench warrant out of White Plains. At that point, Lozada-Amador was arrested.

When Lozada-Amador was searched, the officer found a clear baggie with a white powdery substance in his pocket, which was confirmed to be cocaine. The officer noted Lozada-Amador had several empty small baggies in the same pocket. He was taken to the Greenburgh Police Department for processing and released on $500 bail. White Plains police officers picked up Lozada-Amador Aug. 3 for the bench warrant.

Identity theft

A Yale Road woman told police July 29 she received a letter from a bank July 27 in reference to a newly opened credit card in her name that she never authorized. She said she previously had an account with the bank, but it was closed more than 10 years ago. The letter stated the account had a $10,000 credit line. She contacted the bank after receiving the letter to alert them the account was fraudulently created. The woman was told the bank’s fraud department opened an investigation. She said she doesn’t know who stole her identity to open the account, and doesn’t want to pursue charges.


Police were called to a Stevenson Avenue house July 30 for a report of fraud. The officer spoke to the woman who said her bank contacted her, and the representative asked if she was responsible for a number of purchases. She said she doesn’t know who may have made the charges and wanted to document the incident.


Police spoke to an employee of a South Central Avenue store July 29 for a report of an employee stealing money out of the cash register. The woman who called reported that while reviewing the daily receipts, she noticed a large refund totaling $332.01. She said she decided to look further into the sales and receipt transactions made by one of the employees, Christopher Cruz. She said Cruz was making false returns and could prove Cruz took $1,300 on video, but estimates the total amount could be up to $13,000 over the course of several months. When Cruz was brought into the office, he said he knew he was called into the office because of the money he had stolen. The employee was arrested and told he wasn’t allowed back in the store.

Suspended registration

A license plate reader alerted an officer July 30 that a car drove by with a suspended registration. The officer pulled the car over and spoke with the driver. The car was suspended for an insurance lapse. The driver said he didn’t realize the car had an insurance lapse. The car was towed.

Police noticed a car drive by on South Central Avenue Aug. 1 with a brake light that wasn’t working. The officer pulled the car over and found the car’s registration was suspended. The driver received a summons.

This report, covering Greenburgh police activity in Edgemont and Hartsdale from July 29 to Aug. 5, was compiled from official information.

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