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Police responded to a Fort Hill Road residence Feb. 18 on a report of a possible burglary. The tenant pointed out damage and evidence of forced entry through a rear door leading into the living room. A crime scene was established. The tenant reported leaving for work early that morning and returning just after 9 p.m. at which time she entered the home through another door at the rear of the residence. Walking through the house, she saw the front door was open. She left immediately, and went to the landlord’s residence to report what happened. The landlord provided video surveillance of the tenant’s space, showing an unknown man with a slim build wearing a baseball cap walking through the living room, entering the hallway, going up the stairs and leaving through the front door. The tenant confirmed nothing was taken. She told police she only uses one room as the house is on the market.

Police on patrol Feb. 19 noticed front glass damaged at The Wig Gallery on S. Central Avenue. The front door of the business was unlocked. Additional units were dispatched and the interior checked. A cash register and a laptop appeared undisturbed. Police said, with the exception of two mannequin heads on the floor and a folded rug littered with shards of glass, nothing appeared out of order. Management later reported four wigs and several scarves were stolen.

Pot charges

Police arrested Carlos Diez Canseco on N. Central Avenue Feb. 23, charging him with criminal possession of a controlled substance. Diez Canseco was pulled over for having an obstructed rear license plate. A strong odor of marijuana was coming from inside the car and, when asked if he had marijuana on him, Diez Canseco produced three Ziplock bags containing pot concealed in a black bag. A partially open backpack on the back seat contained THC oil, which Diez Canseco said belonged to him. He was placed under arrest and taken to the station for processing; he has a court appearance March 20. 

Was it criminal mischief?

A woman came to police headquarters Feb. 18 to report her car appeared to have been damaged between Feb. 12 and Feb. 14 but she was unsure when or where. Her front passenger side door and fender were scratched. She said her car wasn’t damaged when she looked at it on Feb. 12 before leaving for work at her office in the Bronx where she parks her car in a designated outdoor parking spot. She reported when she went to work at her office on S. Central Avenue in Scarsdale on Feb. 18, another person in her office became confrontational. While working Feb. 14 at her Manhattan office, she noticed the damage to her car. Police spoke with the confrontational co-worker who said she knew nothing about it.

A woman reported parking in front of Amazing Savings on Central Park Avenue Feb. 19 and when she returned to her car, she saw a long scratch on the left side.

Not a love letter

On Feb. 19 a Hartsdale woman reported that, while walking her dog outside her apartment complex the day before, she observed a man watching her from his apartment window. She said he threw a piece of crumbled paper out the window where it fell to the street by her feet. She opened the crumbled paper and read it; it was a harassing letter she said was of “no purpose.” She notified police of the incident and gave the police the man’s name. Police spoke to the man, who denied everything. Pictures of the letter were taken into evidence. The note was penned on thick glossy paper with a black marker. The phrase, “Ego Ego Egotistical” was written, along with other cryptic messages. The woman told police she was unsettled by the incident and is afraid for her safety.


Police responded to a Fieldstone Drive home Feb. 22 on a report from a woman who said she was approached by a neighboring man in an aggressive way. The two had a prior issue about his car being booted some time in the past. The man thought she was the one who called the tow service that booted the car. Police spoke with the man, and advised him to avoid further contact. 

Drunk driver

A man by the last name of O’Sheaf, first name unknown, was observed Feb. 22 driving southbound on S. Central Avenue in the area of California Pizza Kitchen at an unsafe speed. Police followed him and turned on emergency lights, and the driver changed lanes without signaling or stopping. Police turned on the siren to alert the car to stop. A strong odor of alcohol was coming from the driver and his eyes appeared to be watery. When asked if he’d been drinking, he said he had had two drinks at Rudy’s on S. Central Avenue. O’Sheaf did poorly on a field sobriety test; he was taken to police headquarters and given further tests. His B.A.C. was .10%. His car was impounded and he was released with a desk appearance ticket for March 3.

Woman fights tow driver

Police responded to Fieldstone Drive Feb. 18 on a report of a problem with a tow. The caller said ABC Tow attempted to boot her car even though she has a parking permit. The woman said she and the tow driver argued. There was shoving. The boot was removed when she showed her parking permit sticker displayed on a dark tinted rear window.

Suspicious incidents

A man walked into police headquarters Feb. 19 to report he’d been notified via email of a change to his credit. He ignored the email, but four days later received a letter telling him an unauthorized Best Buy account was opened in his name. He said he’d been at Best Buy on Feb. 9 and was asked to provide his Social Security number and his driver’s license to purchase an item. He contacted the store to close his account and reported he hadn’t been compromised.

That’s how they do it in the Bronx

Police responded to a Mercer Avenue home Feb. 21 on a report of a dispute over a cab fare. A woman was picked up from her home on Decatur Avenue in the Bronx and driven to her mother’s house on Mercer Avenue in Hartsdale. When the police arrived, the cabbie said the woman gave him $15 and told him she had to go inside the house to get the rest of the $35 fare. She went inside, but never came out. The cabbie notified police, who came to the residence. The Bronx woman told police she gave the cabbie $35. He said she didn’t. After speaking with police, the Bronx woman’s mother paid the cabbie the remaining $20.

Traffic violations

Nicholas Linares, 30, was observed Feb. 17 traveling northbound on Central Avenue in a gray Honda at a high speed. Police turned around and followed him for a quarter of a mile while he was still going too fast. When police pulled over Linares, he said he didn’t know the speed limit. A check of his license showed it was suspended for lack of insurance since last November. Linares also doesn’t have a valid New York license. He was ticketed and released.

There was a car accident Feb. 22 on private property on Rockledge Road in which a woman had a minor collision with a light pole. The air bag was deployed. The woman still tried to pull away, and when she moved forward, she told police, the car “just took off” and hit the building. No structural damage was reported to the building. A couple of bricks were broken. The woman was not injured.  

This report, covering Greenburgh police activity in Edgemont and Hartsdale from Feb. 17 to Feb. 24, was compiled from official information.

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