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A man who stole $159.81 worth of groceries from ShopRite May 17 on S. Central Avenue was reported by the store’s loss prevention officer after the fact when the man was seen on video footage putting items in his cart and then leaving the store, bypassing all points of sale. The thief was wearing a mask, a black T-shirt, black shorts and a black Brooklyn baseball cap. Video showed him working Aisle 13 and bypassing the self-payment kiosk or the cashier station. The store said it would press charges if the suspect can be identified.

Police returned to ShopRite May 20 on a report of a shoplifting in progress. The suspect, described as a man in a red shirt, dark pants and a Yankees cap, was seen walking outside the store with bagged groceries. An employee pointed him out to police. Juan Valencia was placed under arrest and escorted into the loss prevention office where it was determined he took $273.41 of food items from the store. Valencia was issued paperwork to appear in court June 4.

Stay out of TJMaxx

A man wearing red shoes, a pink bandana and black shirt with “Tupac” written on it was reported shoplifting May 18 at TJMaxx on N. Central Avenue. He allegedly walked past all points of sale and was heading for the exit just as store security called police who radioed patrol. When he saw police, the man went back inside the store and dropped a red and blue bag. He then walked toward and cashier line when the loss prevention officer identified him. Alim Abdul-Khaliq was placed under arrest. Discovered on his person during lawful search was a glass vial containing black residue, believed to be cocaine. The red and blue bag contained TJMaxx merchandise, specifically 10 items of clothing valued at $130.21. He was issued paperwork for a court date and advised not to come into TJMaxx again.

Fell during the night

Police responded to E. Hartsdale Avenue May 17 on a report of someone crying out for help in an apartment. The building superintendent couldn’t open the door because an additional lock was installed and no key provided to the super. The fire department arrived and forced entry. They found a woman on the floor who said she’d fallen during the night and couldn’t get up. Her daughter was contacted and apprised of the mother’s condition. The woman was taken to White Plains Hospital, the door secured, and the super notified about the damage.

Identity theft

A Fieldstone Drive man May 18 reported two separate claims for unemployment benefits were made using his identity in Texas and Louisiana. He learned this when he filed for unemployment himself in New York. He was advised by the Texas and Louisiana departments of labor to file a local police report before the claims could be closed. He was unable to provide police with unemployment information from the out-of-state labor departments. A report was made.

Police took a phone report May 20 from a Wildwood Road man who said he got a letter from an insurance company about a claim he denied and doesn’t know who opened it. He said the letter went to his home and had information about his cars. He said he hadn’t suffered any financial damage and asked a report be made. 

A Stone Oaks Drive woman May 20 told police her employer told her someone had tried to collect unemployment benefits using her identity. She’s not out any money.

Tire tracks

Police responded to Sprain Road May 18 on a report of a dispute. The caller said when he returned to his residence that day he was asked by a man operating heavy machinery at the property next door for permission to use his property to move some equipment. The caller said no but then saw tire tracks on his lawn and across his driveway. He also saw broken tree branches between his house and the house next door. Police spoke with the operator of the machinery who said he and his partner forgot to bring ramps so they were unable to get the machine over the wall between the driveways. He said he went through the caller’s yard without permission. He was there to lay irrigation pipe. The caller was advised to follow up with the company the machinery equipment operator works for to discuss the matter.  

Criminal mischief?

A woman told police May 19 she parked her car in a garage on E. Hartsdale Avenue and when she returned her driver’s side door was damaged. The door was still locked and nothing was taken but she thought someone tried to break in. The garage had video but there was nothing that showed any person approaching the car.

Dented by carts

Police responded to the Pizza Hut parking lot on S. Central Avenue May 19 after a caller said she was driving through to pick up her husband when a ShopRite employee with a load of shopping carts inadvertently allowed two carts to get loose and roll into her car. She said her left rear door is dented. The employee told police what happened; the store manager went to look at the caller’s car. He told the woman to expect a call from ShopRite corporate. A report was made.

Pet store in the clear

Police followed up on a complaint about Westchester Puppies and Kittens on S. Central Avenue May 20 regarding unaccompanied animals inside the store. Police spoke with a manager who said the SPCA had followed up on the same complaint. He said there’s no law requiring that a person be with the animals at all times and cameras inside the store monitor them 24/7. People are on site from 6 a.m. until 11:30 p.m. Monday through Sunday. No summons or citations were given by the SPCA. Neither business location, on Central Avenue and Hartsdale Avenue, was cited for problems.


An Andrea Lane man May 20 called police about a dry substance on his windowsill that police determined to be egg. The man said the night before he heard something striking his windows as a black SUV drove away from his home eastbound toward Fort Hill Road. He said he doesn’t have conflict with anyone and had no idea why his window was egged. No damage was observed to the house. Police took photos to accompany the report.

Man involved in car accident leaves scene

Police responded to the scene of a car accident on N. Central Avenue and Lakeview Avenue May 20 and found a 59-year-old woman sitting in her car with airbags deployed and an injured arm. She said a Lexus pulled out in front of her and she had to slam her brakes but was unable to stop in time and struck the Lexus, damaging its rear driver’s side. She said the driver of the Lexus got out of his car, screamed at her and drove away. The woman was transported to White Plains Hospital to be treated for her injuries. The driver of the Lexus went to police headquarters the next day to report the incident. He said he didn’t see the woman because a truck was blocking his view and he denied yelling at her. He admitted to leaving the scene without exchanging information and was issued two summonses, one for leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident with injuries, the other for failure to yield.

Phone scam

A Tennyson Street man May 20 told police about a phone scam whereby a caller told him to go to a kiosk on W. 47th Street in New York City to scan a code and then pay $1,500 the man allegedly owed on his Con Edison bill. As the request seemed sketchy, the man called Con Edison to verify, and he was told he didn’t owe the company any money and Con Ed would never tell him to pay his bill through a kiosk.

Lost wallet in Starbucks

Police responded to Delhi Road May 21 to speak with a man who said he lost his wallet that day after going into Starbucks and didn’t realize it was missing until hours later. He immediately blocked his credit cards and said there had been no transactions. He said he had about $100 in cash in the wallet as well as his driver’s license and his health care card. He said when he called the store, nobody turned in his wallet. Police canvassed the area looking for it without result. A report was made.

Objectionable glare

A W. Hartsdale Avenue woman May 22 asked police to observe what she said was an “objectionable glare” emanating from a light fixture located at the addresses of two nearby residences. An attempt was made to contact the homeowner of those residences without success. Voicemail messages were left and police said they would follow up. Footage was obtained of the light fixture in operation from the vantage point of the caller’s driveway. Contact was made May 23 with the offending homeowner who said the fixture is hardwired and has a Bluetooth feature that allows it to be dimmed but she can’t find the password to adjust it. She offered conflicting information saying it could be turned off using a control switch inside the house. When police went to check on the house, the fixture was not activated. A report was made.

Thief with expensive taste

Police responded to a business on N. Central Avenue May 20 on a report of someone stealing a pair of shoes and a facemask valued at $804.49. The suspect was described as a 5-foot, 5-inch female weighing approximately 160 pounds, about 35 years old wearing a blue jacket and a blue facemask. The reporting party said the suspect allegedly took a pair of shoes from a box and hid them in the display rack and then snuck them off the rack and into her handbag. On her way out, she allegedly grabbed a black facemask. She got into a parked car; a man was behind the wheel. Her activities were caught on camera. The reporting party said if the woman were apprehended, he would press charges.

iPhone gone at Trader Joes

A man told police May 22 he went to shop at the Trader Joes on N. Central Avenue from the Bronx and realized when he returned home his Apple iPhone was missing. He said he called the store manager but was told no one had turned in a phone. The cashier who rang up his purchase said she remembered him but said she didn’t see him use the phone. A report was made for his insurance.

Spitting chicken

Police responded to the HomeGoods parking lot on S. Central Avenue May 22 on a report of two women who exchanged words after a flurry of horn beeping. One of the women left the scene prior to police arrival. The reporting party said the other woman said to her, “You white people” and then spit chicken on her as she was sitting in her car. No one was injured and no property was damaged. The reporting party said chicken was left on her steering wheel and she wanted police to collect it for DNA. When told that wouldn’t be necessary, she became agitated and said if the other woman wasn’t going to be charged with assault, she no longer wanted to report the incident.

This report, covering Greenburgh police activity in Edgemont and Hartsdale from May 17 to May 24, was compiled from official information.

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