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Police went to the Candlelight Inn on S. Central Avenue June 22 after an employee said she answered the phone and a man on the other end claiming to be from the NAACP asked, “Are you still employing that racist, Cheyenne?” The caller then said, “You’ll see me at the 1 p.m. protest,” before hanging up. Twenty minutes later, the phone rang again, and a different male voice inquired whether the restaurant still employs a racist. A third call came a half hour later from a woman asking about negative Google reviews for the restaurant. None of the calls showed any information regarding caller ID.

More trouble ensued June 23 when police were dispatched again to the Candlelight Inn on a report of cars driving by and setting off fireworks in front of the outdoor seating area. Police parked nearby saw a white BMW drive past; someone threw a large pyrotechnic out the car window. Police followed the car and conducted a traffic stop. The driver denied throwing fireworks out of his car and police saw no fireworks visible in the car. The driver refused to let police check his trunk or glove box.

Police returned to the Candlelight Inn where the manager said no one had been injured. While they were talking, fireworks going off close by could be heard. Police saw four people in a parking lot and started to approach them. One of the individuals ran off, but stopped when police ordered him to stop running. He said he ran because he had marijuana on him. He destroyed the marijuana in police presence. Meanwhile a new call came in from the Candlelight Inn saying a black Infiniti SUV stopped in front of the restaurant and set off another firecracker. Police searched the area with negative results.

On June 24 police saw a Facebook post where a person made a negative comment about the Candlelight Inn, calling the food “trash,” and suggesting the place be bombed. A screenshot of the post was added to the report and the Intelligence Unit was apprised of the post.

Man steals from ShopRite

A larceny in progress was reported at ShopRite on S. Central Avenue June 22 when a man wearing a peach-colored shirt stole $218.16 worth of seafood and chicken. Gregory McLean was charged with petty larceny after police identified him on video surveillance footage. He was given a ticket and summons to appear in court Aug. 7 and was released from the scene.

Security at ShopRite reported June 23 a man putting chewing gum in his book bag. On police arrival, the man identified himself as Brain J. Coughlan. Police said the man remained calm and compliant but had no photo identification. Coughlan was charged with petty larceny and issued a court summons for July 17. He also told police he had empty hypodermic needles in his book bag, which he said he mentioned to the officers so they wouldn’t be cut or poked by the needles.  

Ammunition found

A woman flagged down police June 22 in a parking lot on S. Central Avenue after she saw a round of ammunition on the pavement. There had been no report of shots fired in the area. Police said the round was for a 38 Special and appeared to have been run over multiple times. Police vouchered it.

Suspicious incidents

A S. Central Avenue caller on June 23 reported that back in January the motion detector in her home went off when nobody was home. Around June 17 she said she noticed her air conditioning unit was removed and replaced with a similar but much smaller unit. She was advised to contact the building management.

Fake check

An Underhill Road resident told police June 25 a fraudulent check was mailed to her for deposit to her bank account. She didn’t realize the check was fake right away. She later realized it came from someone she was in negotiation with for possible employment. The check was drawn from an account in a California bank; the bank told the Scarsdale woman the check was a fake.

Identity theft

A Moorland Drive resident reported being the victim of identity theft June 25 when someone used his name and Social Security number to rent an apartment. He said he received an alert on his phone from Experian indicating a suspicious credit check requested. He spoke to a realtor with E Realty International who provided information about the suspect, including his current address in Flushing, Queens. The realtor said the suspect provided a New Jersey driver’s license that had the Scarsdale man’s name and his former New Jersey address on it. The suspect was trying to rent an apartment in College Point. The photo on the license was of the suspect and he was driving a white BMW with New York plates.

Car hits gas pump

A driver attempting to back up to reach a pump at BP Gas on S. Central Avenue instead backed into the pump June 23. The attendant reported the pump was still in good working order and not leaking. A report was made.

Company car stolen 

A management company’s car driven with permission by a Henry Street man was reported stolen June 26. The car was unlocked. The driver reported he heard men’s voices and then tires screeching very early in the morning but didn’t realize the car was missing until he took a walk just before noon that day. Inside the car was the man’s Pennsylvania driver’s license, passport documents, two credit cards, $300 cash, an E-ZPass and miscellaneous personal information, possibly from his bank. He said the car was programmed to open his garage door in Pennsylvania and Henry Street. He was advised how to disable that feature remotely. The management company spokesperson told police the car belongs to the company and the Henry Street man had permission to drive it and park it  at the home he rents in Scarsdale. They say the car is paid for and has no liens on it; they said it doesn’t have a GPS tracking system, and they have no idea where it is.

Windows broken overnight

A Kempster Road resident told police June 27 three windows at her house, which is under construction and currently unoccupied, were broken overnight. Police noted the damage looked like it was done with a BB gun. The cost of replacing the windows was estimated at $3,000. No evidence of how the windows were broken was found inside the home.

ShopRite fight

A fight in progress was reported June 27 at ShopRite on S. Central Avenue. The store manager said a man came into the store, said he had lost his car keys and refused to leave the store even though it was closing. A scuffle ensued and the man dropped to the floor and pretended the manager hit him in the head. When the grappling continued, the customer service desk employee called 911. Neither party reported any injuries and the man who said he lost his keys left.

Car abandoned

Police responded to Ardsley Road June 28 on a report of an abandoned car left at the crest of a hill where it impeded traffic. The windows were down and keys were in the ignition. The registered owner had left the area and told police his daughter abandoned the car when it ran out of gas. The car was towed and impounded at police headquarters because the owner said he would not be able to remove it from the roadway.

Road rage incident leads to car theft arrest

Police responded to the intersection of E. Hartsdale and N. Central avenues June 29 on a report of a hit-and-run accident with no injuries. They spoke with a woman who said she was driving northbound on the Bronx River Parkway when she turned on to the exit ramp to E. Hartsdale Avenue and a car came up behind her moving at a high rate of speed, flashing its high beams and honking. The car followed her to the intersection of E. Hartsdale and N. Central avenues when it bumped her twice and then a man got out of the car and began yelling at her. The driver then sped off. A police detective saw a car matching the description fleeing on S. Central Avenue. The car stopped in the area of Fort Hill Road behind Sentry Place; the driver, a woman, got out and took off on foot. Police put out a description of the woman and an officer spotted her on S. Central Avenue and detained her. She had a bicycle. She was identified as Faith Rivera and placed under arrest for being in violation of a town code for not wearing a helmet. Rivera was transported to police headquarters to be booked and processed. The bike was taken for safekeeping. Meanwhile police determined that the car she was driving was reported as stolen from New York City. Stiloskis Towing towed it from the scene and took it to police headquarters; Greenburgh police contacted NYPD. There was no mention of the man who was in the car with Rivera.

This report was compiled using official reports from the Greenburgh Police Department covering the period from June 22 through June 29.

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