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An Inwood Road resident reported her unlocked 2018 Audi as stolen Aug. 23. Her handbag inside the car was also stolen. Security cameras at a neighboring residence showed a light-colored, two-door car stopping in front of the Inwood Road house and the Audi being driven out of the driveway. The dealership in Hawthorne advised the caller her car couldn’t be tracked. A fraudulent transaction for $19.61 was made on her credit card at McDonald’s in Stratford, Connecticut. The car was entered as stolen in the EJustice system.


Car theft thwarted

Police responded to Hidden Glen Road Aug. 23 and spoke with a resident who said he woke up to an alert on his phone from his security service notifying him of activity outside his garage. On video he watched two men walk onto his property and pull on the door handles of cars parked in his driveway. The cars were locked and not easily entered so both men walked away. They were both wearing hooded sweatshirts, black pants and white sneakers. Police began contacting the neighbors for surveillance video. A neighbor told police his car glove box was opened and his car appeared to have been rummaged through, but nothing was stolen.


Cars ransacked

A Highland Road resident Aug. 23 reported someone ransacked his car parked in his driveway. Nothing was stolen. He said he accidentally left the car unlocked. He said he never leaves anything of value inside the car.

A Hidden Glen Drive resident reported Aug. 23 her car and her husband’s car were ransacked the night before. She said she left her Range Rover unlocked but nothing of value was taken. She said she believes her husband’s Mercedes was locked but he’d since driven it to work, so it was not available for police to examine. She told police $300 in cash and her husband’s wallet containing his driver’s license and various credit cards had been stolen from the Mercedes. No fraudulent transactions on the cards were reported and the caller canceled the cards.


Car scratched

Police went to a basement parking garage Aug. 26 on E. Hartsdale Avenue after a woman reported handing her car over to a garage attendant while she cleaned an apartment. When she returned, her car was scratched, and the attendant denied hitting anything while he moved her car. Police advised her to follow up with the parking company and her insurance.


Tesla keyed

A N. Central Avenue resident Aug. 27 said his Tesla was keyed. He said he argued with a woman as he was trying to park his car in a parking spot, and he thought she might have keyed his car while he was inside a store. Police said the damage to his car did appear fresh. Video surveillance at the lot showed a gray Mazda registered to a woman in the Bronx. Police are investigating.


Glass bottle hits store window

An employee of Blinds To Go on S. Central Avenue told police Aug. 23 someone threw a glass bottle at the store window; the window wasn’t damaged. The employee said a man in his 30s got out of a gray car with New York license plates and threw the bottle at the window before getting back into the car and driving away. The caller did not recognize the man or know if he threw the bottle intentionally.


Watches stolen from T-Mobile

The manager of T-Mobile on N. Central Avenue told police Aug. 23 a man dressed in black stole four Apple watches valued at $1,719.96 from the store before fleeing northbound on foot. The manager said the watches would be traceable if someone tried to connect them to the internet. While police were in the store, they were notified that a T-Mobile location in White Plains also had a watch thief earlier that day. T-Mobile said they would pursue charges if the thief was caught.


A loose screw

Police responded to a Overton Road residence Aug. 31 on a report of property damage. The resident said a screw on her screen door was missing and she believed it was intentional. She said everything was fine when she left her house for several days. Police saw a door in poor condition and thought it was possible the screw fell out during a recent storm. There was no evidence to substantiate any intentional damage was done to the door or crime committed. A report was made.


Identity theft

A N. Healy Avenue resident told police Aug. 23 he became a victim of identity theft when a bank account was fraudulently opened using his name. He said he never opened a  new account. He said he contacted the bank and was not out any money. The bank helped him close the account but is not investigating the incident.


She’s out the money

A woman told police Aug. 24 she bought eight gift cards totalling $500 under the direction of a person she thought was her real estate broker. Her actual broker told her shortly after she sent pictures of the gift card numbers to the person she thought was her broker that the real estate company’s database was compromised. While she was relaying all this to the police, the fake broker called back, asking her to produce more gift cards. Police were unable to determine who made the fraudulent calls from the numbers provided. The woman was told she cannot recover her spent money because the cards had already been redeemed. She was advised to call police if the person tries to contact her again.


Stolen cards used in spending spree

A N. Central Avenue resident told police Aug. 26 her bank notified her that her credit card was being used to make large purchases. She said the last time she used her card was the day before to buy groceries at Stop & Shop in Tarrytown. She later met friends at Webb Field and parked her car with her handbag and wallet inside. She said the car was unlocked and she left the park without noticing anything out of order. She said her bank called and when she looked for her debit card and two credit cards, she found they were missing. She learned $1,000 of merchandise was purchased at Sephora in the Westchester Mall in White Plains and $7,500 of merchandise from Nordstroms. Another charge attempted on her Amex card was declined. The caller notified her bank to close her accounts. It was not clear if she is responsible for the charges.


Don’t make deals in your driveway

A Longview Drive resident told police Aug. 26 he hired two men who approached him in his driveway to powerwash his driveway and fix some steps and a crack in a basement wall for an agreed-upon price of $3,500. He gave one man $1,700 but then the work stopped. He said the walk was power washed. He said he’s been trying to contact the man who sometimes texts him back but doesn’t show up. He described him as a slightly built blond man with an Irish accent. He said the man’s work partner is dark haired and also has an Irish accent. He took pictures of both men, which he gave to the police. Police told him it is a civil matter.


Missing cards

A N. Central Avenue resident told police Aug. 26 her bank cards, medical cards and driver’s license were missing after she used them at Trader Joe’s. She said she keeps her personal items in a pouch she wears around her neck and thinks the pouch may have opened and the items fell out. She said she got a call from someone who said they represented Amazon asking for information, which she declined to give. She’s since canceled her cards and was given paperwork to obtain a new driver’s license.


Very fishy

A woman went to police headquarters Aug. 26 to report recurring identity theft. She said her mother’s address on Highpoint Drive had been used fraudulently multiple times. She said she’s contacted the district attorney’s office regarding a man’s mail that has been continuously delivered to her mother’s address. The man used her mother’s address for a homeowner’s policy, a school and motor vehicle department registrations. She brought all the mail to police headquarters where it’s been turned over to the Special Victims Unit.


Thief takes her time

Police responded Aug. 26 to Michaels on N. Central Avenue where the store manager reported that a woman in her 20s wearing a black T-shirt, leopard print pants and black sneakers stole four bags of merchandise, after introducing herself to the manager and identifying herself as “Krissy.” She shopped for more than an hour before attempting a heist. She was stopped on her way out of the store by the manager who recovered two of the bags. She put the other bags into her Honda Civic and even came back into the store to pay for some of what she’d stolen using a Michaels Rewards number and cash before leaving with another bag filled with merchandise she hadn’t paid for. The store has security video and will press charges.


Injured rabbit

Police responded to N. Healy Avenue Aug. 27 on a report of an injured rabbit that was unable to walk or move its back legs. An officer brought the animal to the Central Animal Hospital. Its fate is unknown.


Don’t mess with her

A 93-year-old Underhill Road resident told police Aug. 28 she got a call from a man who said she’d be arrested if she didn’t provide him with cash. She said he knew her name and her Social Security number. She went to the bank to ask if there’d been any trouble with her accounts; they advised her there was no trouble and that the call was a scam. She said she’s not out any money and the bank is monitoring her accounts.


Missing rings

A Glendale Road resident Aug. 28 reported three rings — her diamond engagement ring, a diamond and ruby wedding band, and a diamond and emerald wedding band — were missing from her house. The rings are valued at $68,928. A report was made for insurance purposes.


Frightened parent

Police responded Aug. 28 to an address on Hartsdale Avenue and Rockledge Road on a report of a dispute regarding a child who was almost struck by a car while in the crosswalk. They spoke to a man who said his 8-year-old son was running ahead when he was nearly struck by a man making a left hand turn from E. Hartsdale Avenue on to Rockledge Road. The child was upset but not injured and became very upset when his father began arguing with the driver. The driver told police he had a green traffic signal and was making the turn when he had to stop short to avoid hitting the child. The child’s father began yelling and hitting the hood of the man’s car, which appeared dented. The father denied damaging the hood. Police couldn’t determine if the dent was new or old. A report was made.


Do rocks fall from trees?

An E. Hartsdale Avenue resident contacted police Aug. 29 to report minor damage to the windshield of his company’s car, which he thought was caused by a small rock that might have fallen from a tree overnight while his vehicle was parked. He said he needed a police report as he uses the car for work.


Customer/employee dispute

Police responded to the Speedway gas station on S. Central Avenue Aug. 29 after a customer tried to buy a gift card using customer reward points. He was advised by an employee he couldn’t buy gift cards using the rewards because it was against store policy. The employee said the man called him “dumb” and “stupid.” In return, the employee said, “Have a nice day.” The man reportedly replied, “You’re lucky we live in times like this. I would have brought my AK-47,” before driving off in a gray Hyundai SUV with New York license plates. The employee said no weapons were displayed. The Hyundai driver was described as a heavyset man wearing a gray T-shirt. The employee said he felt threatened. He was advised to call the police should the man return.


This report, covering Greenburgh police activity from Aug. 23 to Aug. 29, was compiled from official information.

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