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Police returned to ShopRite on S. Central Avenue Jan. 25 on a report of a man not wearing a mask, yelling and coughing on people. On arrival, the man was identified outside the store while he was in the company of a man who said he was a relative. The manager brought to police multiple people who said they were coughed on. One woman said that while the man was coughing on her, he said, “I have COVID-19.” A store employee said when he told the man he needed to wear a mask inside the store, the man swore at him, at which point he asked him to leave. Another employee said the man was laughing and saying, “I have COVID” when he coughed on her. Video surveillance shows the man coughing in close proximity to numerous people. The man and his relative were warned they were no longer allowed in ShopRite and, should they return, they would be cited for trespassing.

Kids bother woman

Police responded to S. Central Avenue Jan. 18 on a report of a burning odor and kids outside a door. The caller said when she opened her door, she found a burnt paper towel attached to a cube of burnt plastic on the sidewalk, and she saw some kids disperse. Police arrived and found a piece of burnt paper towel, a plastic building block, an index card and a twist tie. Pictures of the items were taken. The caller was advised to take the matter up with building management.

Why’d they want that info?

A Maplewood Road resident applying for an Amazon delivery job told police Jan. 18 he became suspicious when a representative for the hiring company asked for what he considered sensitive information via phone text. He said he was concerned about identity theft even though he thinks the job offer is legitimate. He starts work next week. A report was made.

Dispute at the till

Police responded to TGI Friday’s on S. Central Avenue Jan. 18 on a report of an argument between an employee and a manager over a $3 shortage from a till. The manager said when he mentioned the shortage to the employee, the employee became irate. The manager told the employee to clock out and leave but he refused, so the manager called police. The employee told police he felt he should have received more money in tips and said he told the manager to count the till money again, but the manager said he would do it later when the restaurant was closed. The argument was verbal only. Police told the employee not to return to work until the general manager calls him.

Garbage at the curb

Neighbors who squabbled Jan. 18 on Holmes Avenue summoned the police after one neighbor said another neighbor down the street has been filming him on a phone when he brings his trash to the curb. Both parties agreed they’ve been arguing for years. The neighbor being recorded says the phone filming is invasive and has led to harsh words between his family and the other party, which has extended to their children. Police noted the argument has been verbal only and nothing criminal has occurred.

Getting high with a friend

Police went to a home on Fort Hill Road Jan. 19 after a mother reported her son was smoking marijuana with a friend inside her house. She said she asked the friend, a girl, to have her mother pick her up, but the girl declined. On arrival, police spoke with the girl who tried calling her mother, who wasn’t answering the call. Police drove the girl home and released her to her mother. No marijuana was observed being smoked and the ages of the son and his friend were not disclosed in the police report.

Property damage in the parking lot

A woman said she was sitting in her car in the parking lot of the Midway Shopping Center on S. Central Avenue Jan. 20 when the door of a car parked next to hers hit her car. Police spoke to the other driver who said the wind blew while his young daughter was loading groceries into their car, and the door banged into the woman’s car. Police saw a small dent with chipped paint on the rear quarter panel. The other car was undamaged. A report was made for insurance purposes.

Groceries for mom

While police were in CVS on S. Central Avenue Jan. 21 for an unrelated matter, a manager reported a man in the store was heading toward the exit with two cases of Heineken beer he hadn’t paid for. The man, later identified as Adam Gentile, was sitting in his car in the fire lane; when police attempted to stop him, he accelerated out of the lot, heading south on S. Central Avenue. Police used video surveillance to see the car’s license plate number, and a DMV check showed the car belonged to a Yonkers man. The car was located on Agar Street and a tow truck was requested to impound it. As the tow truck was pulling away, Gentile got out of a parked car and began chasing it. Gentile was placed under arrest at which time he said to an officer, “I didn’t know you were a cop,” and “I only took the beer to pay for my mom’s cigarettes and groceries.” He was transported to police headquarters and charged with petty larceny. He was given a summons to appear in court Feb. 26.   

Identity theft

A woman employed by an organization on Stevenson Avenue reported Jan. 22 her human resource representative informed her someone applied for unemployment benefits using her name and Social Security number. She told police she is employed and never filed a claim. A report was made for documentation purposes.

A Doris Drive resident Jan. 23 said in November a Visa card was opened in his name without his consent or knowledge. Numerous cash advances totaling $9,500 were incurred before someone closed the card on Dec. 20. The caller told police he discovered the credit card activity through Experian, but he doesn’t have information yet on which ATMs were used to get the money. A police report was made so he can work with the bank on his fraud claim.

A Mount Joy Avenue resident reporting a fraudulent claim for unemployment benefits Jan. 25 said she and her husband received letters from the U.S. Department of Labor regarding claims for benefits they never applied for. She said the last four digits of their Social Security numbers were used in the applications. She said nothing seems amiss with their credit. Police advised the couple to contact the Department of Labor.


Police responded to Birch Hill Road Jan. 23 on a report of a house that was egged. While it appeared a dozen eggs were thrown, nothing was damaged. The homeowner had not heard nor seen anything that would help with an investigation. A report was made.

Aggravated, unlicensed operation

A man driving a Toyota Camry Jan. 24 on Jackson Avenue near Sprain Brook Parkway was pulled over when police decided to check the car’s temporary New Jersey registration. Records showed the driver, Jose Lopez, had a suspended license. His registration, however, was valid. He was given a summons to appear in court Feb. 5.

Gift card scam

A Chatterton Parkway resident Jan. 24 told police she fell for a scam that required her to purchase thousands of dollars in gift cards to renew a Microsoft subscription. She realized it was a scam when the scammer requested she wire an additional $1,800 from her bank account. She immediately notified her bank and did not lose that money, but she’s out $3,200 for the gift cards. She told police the scammer implied he would come to the woman’s house to reimburse her, but so far he’s not shown up. A report was made. The woman was advised to notify police if she hears from that person again.

Scuffle at ShopRite

Police responded to ShopRite on S. Central Avenue Jan. 25 on a report of an argument in the bottle return area of the store. A man and a woman exchanged words and scuffled over how many people could be in the area at one time. While there was some swatting and pushing and the man said the woman knocked him to the floor, no injuries were observed and the video surveillance cameras weren’t working. Both parties agreed no further action should be taken. Neither one was banned from the store.

This report, covering Greenburgh police activity in Edgemont and Hartsdale from Jan. 18 to Jan. 25, was compiled from official information.

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