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While monitoring speed on N. Central Avenue March 15 patrol saw two BMWs, one black, one white, speeding southbound. Police heard the drivers rev the engines in a coordinated drag race. The race continued south in the area of S. Central and W. Hartsdale avenues at which point the officer activated his emergency lights and attempted to stop the BMWs, which were weaving in and out of traffic at a high speed.

Pursuit was terminated when police lost sight of the cars in the vicinity of S. Central and Washington avenues. Patrol continued traveling southbound and saw the white BMW had crashed at S. Central Avenue and Underhill Road. It appeared to have been in a rear-end collision with heavy front damage. The driver, York Roman, was on the phone with his lawyer and was hesitant to answer questions. He and his passenger reported no injuries.

An investigation revealed both BMWs were involved in a drag race as recorded by police car video. The white BMW was towed to Brendan’s Towing yard. Roman was issued multiple tickets and a summons to appear in court on March 30.

Meanwhile police dispatch reported the black BMW was located in the Acura parking lot on S. Central Avenue. There was rear-end damage and the driver, Obed Pozuelos, was behind the wheel.

Damage to the black BMW was consistent with damage seen on the white car. The black BMW was also impounded. Pozuelos told police he had head pain. An ambulance and tow truck were called. Pozuelos was transported to Westchester Medical Center by Greenburgh ambulance. His car was towed by Brendan’s and impounded at Greenburgh police headquarters. Pozuelos was issued numerous tickets and scheduled to appear in court March 30.

High winds trick resident

Police responded to Cherry Lane March 15 on a report of a suspicious incident. The resident said while in his bedroom sleeping, he saw his window closing. Police checked the window which was designed to be permanently closed. The resident had a security camera but it was inoperative. He said he would have a family member look into fixing it. Police said high winds were likely the cause for what the resident thought he saw.

Car larcenies were related?

A BMW was reported stolen from the driveway of a house on Ardsley Road March 15. The reporting party said the car was parked alongside two other family cars. Security cameras showed three men entering a Yukon GMC and an Audi. The caller’s mother said two pairs of Chanel sunglasses valued at $2,400 were taken from her car, and two sets of keys, later located in the driveway, were taken from the Audi. Video footage showed the BMW backing out of the driveway and driving away. The car was unlocked and the keys were inside, the caller said.

A possibly related theft was reported later the same day on Cheshire Lane by a caller who said his car parked on the street in front of his house was rifled and the driver’s side door improperly closed. He noticed at the time his three garage doors were also not closed, but assumed his wife or kids had left the doors open. He left work and became alarmed when he returned and discovered the garage door opener missing from his car along with $50. He checked the inside of his garage but nothing appeared out of order. He is sure his car was locked the night before. He has security cameras on his property and will email video footage to police. Meanwhile he reprogrammed his garage door remote control devices.

Flora stolen

A Wildwood Road caller March 15 told police someone uprooted planted ferns and a raspberry bush from her garden. She last saw them March 12. She said the plants weighed about 50 pounds. She asked the incident be documented.

Lost wallet; thief moves in

A 77-year-old woman who lost her wallet at HomeGoods March 15 on S. Central Avenue told police that within an hour of losing it, her credit card company notified her someone attempted to use her card to charge $2,000 of merchandise at an Apple Store. The charge was denied and no money was lost.

Identity theft

A Delhi Road resident March 15 reported someone tried and was denied receiving fraudulent unemployment benefits using the caller’s identity. She said she was filing a report with the Federal Trade Commission.

Identity theft was reported March 19 by a Westminster Road resident who said someone from the Raymour and Flanigan furniture company fraud department alerted her someone tried to make an online purchase using a credit card with the caller’s name. The caller denied making the purchase and learned what bank the card was issued from. She said she does not have an account with that bank and will follow up.

A Colony Drive man reported identity theft March 19 when his employer informed him a fraudulent claim for unemployment benefits was made in his name.

Landlord-tenant dispute

Police responded to W. Hartsdale Avenue March 17 to speak with a man who said he’s been renting a room in a house for two years and is moving at the end of the month. He said his landlord demanded he pay the current month’s rent immediately and threatened to change the locks and deny him access. Police advised him of his rights and said if he has issues with the landlord regarding financial arrangements he can follow up in landlord-tenant court.

Rabid raccoon

A rabid raccoon reported March 18 was caught by the caller who captured it in a pet carrying case. It was apparent the animal was sick; police dispatched it with two rounds. A report was made.

No trespassing

Police took a phone report March 19 from the head of security at Maria Regina High School on W. Hartsdale Avenue about a young man and woman walking a dog on school grounds. The man and dog were approached and asked to leave the premises, and they complied but not before the man said to the security officer, “I’ll see you tomorrow.” Police said no crime was committed. A report was made.

Larceny in progress

Police responded to the CVS on S. Central Avenue March 19 on a report of a larceny in progress. The store manager described a man in a black jacket and blue jeans wearing a white mask carrying a blue bag containing stolen merchandise valued at $390. The manager said he entered the store, pulled items off the shelves, put them in the blue bag and left. Police were unable to find the man who was last seen walking toward the bus stop.

Data leak reported

A Tanglewood Road couple March 19 reported receiving mail about a potential data leak. The couple said their driver IDs may have been compromised. They said there was no indication their financial accounts had been tampered with nor any new accounts opened in their names. They are not out any money, but they were advised to establish a credit monitoring service.


A thief stealing various household items from H-Mart on N. Central Avenue March 20 struck a security guard attempting to stop the thief from leaving the store with a basket before getting into a gray Jeep with New Jersey plates, heading off in an unknown direction. The security guard reported his lower right arm was in pain but declined medical attention for visible scrapes. The thief was described as a male wearing blue jeans, a gray hooded sweatshirt, white shoes and a black mask.

Stolen phone

A man reported his phone was stolen March 21 while he was using the track at Edgemont High School. He said he last used the phone while walking on S. Central Avenue to the track and checked the surrounding area with negative results. He used the “Find My Phone” app which told him the phone was in the location of Henry Street but he’d not been anywhere near Henry Street. When he attempted to call it, the phone was turned off. A report was made.

Car in shrubs

Police responded to the post office on S. Central Avenue March 21 after a passing motorist reported a car had rolled off the roadway. On arrival, they saw a car stuck on a curb in the parking lot; the driver wasn’t injured and didn’t appear disoriented. He said he was trying to exit the lot when he misjudged the path of the exit and accidentally drove over the curb into shrubs. S&J Towing arrived and moved the man’s car, which he was able to drive home.


A Highpoint Drive resident March 21 reported he was scammed via text message by someone claiming to be an old high school friend. He said he hadn’t talked to her in years. She told him she’d won $150,000 from a lottery from the Small Business Administration and urged him to enter. He was contacted soon after by another party who told him he qualified to enter. Eventually, he was informed he “won” $575,000 and a check would be sent to him via FedEx. A few days before the scheduled delivery he was notified that the FedEx truck was involved in an accident with a fire truck and the Highpoint Drive resident would have to compensate the injured driver. He refused to do so, and a second delivery was arranged, but a few days before that date, he was informed “someone died” and he would have to compensate the bereaved. He told police he executed four wire transfers from an investment account totaling $82,500. He became suspicious at some point and notified his investment firm who told him he’d been scammed. It is unknown if he will recover his money.

Little lost dog

A small white dog reported loose on Old Colony Road March 21 was found by police who went around the neighborhood knocking on doors looking for its owner. The owner couldn’t be located, so the dog was taken to the New Rochelle Humane Society.

This report, covering Greenburgh police activity in Edgemont and Hartsdale from March 15 to March 21, was compiled from official information.

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