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Greenburgh Police responded to the Scarsdale Golf Club on Clubway in Hartsdale April 2 on a report of a man setting a fire on the club’s property. A caller who smelled smoke from his apartment building facing the east side of the golf course saw a man with a backpack dressed in a black jacket, black pants and a black knit hat standing over a small fire on the ground. The caller yelled at the man, who shouted back, “I’m sorry!” before running off into the woods. Police climbed through a fence on the golf course and ran down a gravel road in pursuit.

Meanwhile Scarsdale Golf Club employees unsuccessfully attempted to extinguish the fire, which was spreading. The Greenville Fire Department arrived on scene and put out the fire.

A detective located the subject on the side of California Pizza Kitchen on S. Central Avenue. Timothy Jacques, 40, was arrested after he was positively identified by the caller as the fire starter. A 32-ounce bottle of Kingsford lighter fluid and a lighter were found in his backpack. Jacques was transported to Westchester Medical Center for coughing. He told police he was not taking his medication. He was issued a desk appearance for arson in the fifth degree and intentionally damaging property by fire; he returns to court May 15.

Stolen car

An Alden Place resident reported April 1 that her 2018 Acura was stolen from her driveway sometime between 6 p.m. March 31 and 3 p.m. April 1. She told police she might have left her key inside the car.

Identity theft

On April 2 A Clayton Road man told police that, while checking his credit on line, he saw his credit was lowered and inquiries for Verizon accounts were opened in his name. Two collection notices were assigned to his credit for Verizon utilities, one with a value of $1,914, and another for $1,617. The billing addresses were to two different locations in Mount Vernon. The man said he contacted Verizon and told police he wanted a report to document the incident.

A Fieldstone Drive woman reported April 2 that she received an AT&T bill for an iPhone valued at $1,249.99, but she did not purchase a phone. She told police she hasn’t had an AT&T account for two years and the shipping address for the new phone was her old address in Rye Brook. She said AT&T told her the phone’s built-in GPS showed the phone is located in China. Police wrote up a report for her to give to AT&T.

A Caterson Terrace man on April 4 reported two credit cards were opened in his name without his knowledge or permission. One card was opened with Wells Fargo; the other with Bank of America. He told police he called Wells Fargo and was told there is a $10,000 balance on the card. Both accounts are currently frozen while the matter is resolved.


Student bullied

A Fort Hill Road mom went to police headquarters April 4 to report her daughter, who changed schools from Edgemont High School to Sleepy Hollow High School because of bullying, is receiving harassing calls from an individual whose voice they both recognize. The mother said the harasser calls the daughter names and says ugly things; in one hour her daughter received 41 calls from the person. The mother said she attempted to reach the parent of the harasser with negative results. The mother said she is concerned for her daughter’s mental health. Police referred the case to the Special Victims Unit. 

Merch swap

A man who purchased a pair of sunglasses at the Shell station on S. Central Avenue on April 3 returned to the station on April 4 to swap the sunglasses for a pack of cigarettes. The gas station employee said he couldn’t complete the refund or transaction because the man didn’t have a receipt. The two argued and in the end the sunglasses were swapped for cigarettes. Police were called during the argument; it was determined no crime was committed. 

Larceny in progress

Police were dispatched to the CVS pharmacy on N. Central Avenue on April 5 after a man described in his 40s wearing a black hoodie and blue jeans and carrying a book bag and an orange ShopRite bag fled on foot after stealing Sony headphones and electronics. Police saw a man of the same description at the bus stop on N. Central Avenue and Laurel Street. At the sight of the patrol car, the man ran toward Laurel Street, jumping a fence in a residential backyard. Police in pursuit saw him hiding under a tree. Two officers placed Jaemon Greenhill, 47, under arrest and handcuffed him. A razor blade was found in his front pocket. In the orange ShopRite bag he had various merchandise that belonged to CVS. During the arrest process, Greenhill was coughing. He was sweating and said he felt weak. A face mask was placed over his nose and mouth. He reported he was positive for COVID-19 virus and said he contracted the illness while living in a Westchester County shelter. He was transported to the emergency room of the White Plains hospital and left in the care of staff. The stolen merchandise was returned to CVS. Greenhill was charged with petty larceny.

ShopRite shoplift

Store security personnel at the ShopRite on S. Central Avenue on April 5 detained a man suspected of taking items off a shelf, putting them in a book bag and leaving the store without paying. The asset protection officer told police he saw Tavon Nelson, 34, stealing the items, valued at $138.68. Nelson was cooperative during the investigation. He was charged with petty larceny.

Homeless woman

A homeless woman whose name is known to police on April 6 was told she can’t leave her bags and blankets at the park at E. Hartsdale and Columbia avenues. While they were talking, she said she just purchased food and was about to eat it. She said she had enough money to get to a residence on Hillcrest Drive. No further action was taken.

This report was written from official reports from the Greenburgh Police Department covering the period of April 1 through April 6.

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