Police saw a van turn right onto South Central Avenue July 15 from an Acura dealership, but it didn’t yield the right of way to the police car, and didn’t stay in its lane. The officer pulled the van over and spoke to the driver, Mitchell Solieri, who said he was working for the dealership as a shuttle driver and wanted to see what the area was like. He said he wasn’t sure if he was working for the dealership yet, but said he would find out the next morning. Solieri was wearing an Acura shirt and said a former employee had given it to him. The officer reported Solieri was inconsistent with his other statements about employment with the dealership and he couldn’t identify other employees working there.

The officer asked Solieri what he had in his van, and he said he had some tires he picked up from various gas stations that were giving them away. After looking around the dealership, the officer found multiple stacks of tires behind the building. There was also a white substance on the tires at the dealership that matched the white substance on the tires in the back of Solieri’s van. The officer ran Solieri’s license and found it was revoked and suspended. He was arrested and taken to police headquarters.

Police were called to a Dunham Road house July 16 for theft of service. A Greenburgh Taxi driver told the officers he picked someone up from Westchester Medical Center and, after he dropped the passenger off, he said he told the passenger the fare was $12. The passenger said he didn’t have the money and went into his house. The officer spoke to the driver, who said he would like to pursue charges. The man who didn’t have the money, Robin Harrison, was arrested and put in the back of the police car. While in the back, Harrison started kicking the back left door, causing damage. It was reported the car sustained $1,800 worth of damage.

Police were called to a S. Central Avenue CVS store July 21 on a report of a woman, later identified as Hope Sica, hiding items in her sweatshirt and handbag. The manager said he saw Sica hide the items via the store’s surveillance camera. He said Sica only paid for an iced tea before she left the store. Police stopped her in the parking lot and found she was carrying 125 assorted cosmetic items in her sweatshirt sleeves and her handbag. She was arrested and taken to police headquarters.

Identity theft

A Yale Road woman told police July 15 she received a letter July 13 regarding a newly opened credit card from Wells Fargo. She said she went to a local Wells Fargo Bank and spoke to a manager regarding the fraudulent account. The woman said the account was opened July 1 online, but the card never arrived at her house. She said she didn’t know who stole her identity, and didn’t want to pursue charges.

Police spoke to a Fox Glen Drive man July 17 who said his parents received an invoice and package from Verizon delivered to his former address in Newark, Delaware. The man said he contacted a representative from Verizon, who told him a new account was opened in his name and an online order was made July 13. The man said no credit or debit card was charged in the incident and believes his Social Security number and date of birth were compromised to open the new account.

Stolen bike

An officer was called to a restaurant on S. Central Avenue July 16 on a report of a larceny of an electric bike. The caller said his bike, valued at $3,500, was stolen from the parking lot. He said he didn’t have a lock attached to his bike but removed the battery used to operate it. The parking lot and surrounding area were searched but the bike was not found.

Stolen car

An Emerson Avenue woman told police July 19 she parked her car in front of her house the day before. She said she started getting several alerts from her bank regarding unauthorized charges to her credit cards. The woman said she left her wallet inside her car. When the woman went outside to get her wallet, she discovered the car was stolen. The reporting officer found a Whittier Street resident captured video footage.

Suspicious incident

Police spoke to a Lynwood Road man July 18 who said a representative from Con Edison contacted him to check the meters in his house. The man agreed, and a man showed up wearing a Con Edison hat. After about 10 minutes, the worker left. The man spoke to his wife about it, and they both thought it was suspicious the worker didn’t leave a receipt. His wife said she had heard other neighbors say they had received fraudulent Con Edison phone calls. The man called Con Edison, who stated it had no record of a representative going to the Lynwood Road house. Nothing seemed to be missing or tampered with in the house, and police told the man to keep all doors locked.

This report, covering Greenburgh police activity in Edgemont and Hartsdale from July 15 to July 22, was compiled from official information.

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