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A detective in an unmarked car saw a Honda Civic rear-end another car stopped at the N. Central and W. Hartsdale avenues intersection on Feb. 5. The Honda then reversed, drove around the other car, and turned right on to W. Hartsdale. A traffic stop was conducted and the driver was identified as Julio Quito-Uguna. He had bloodshot eyes, didn’t follow directions, and had an odor of alcohol on his person. Police said his coordination was poor and his pants zipper was open. Quito-Uguna refused to complete the field sobriety test and was placed under arrest; he was transported to headquarters and his car impounded. At headquarters he submitted to the chemical test and was charged with aggravated driving while intoxicated; driving while intoxicated; open container; leaving the scene of a property damage accident; and unlicensed operation. He is summoned to appear in court Feb. 16.

Identity theft

A Lakeview Avenue resident told police Feb. 1 someone fraudulently filed for unemployment using her personal information. She said she’s never filed a claim. She notified her employer and the Department of Labor.

A Barclay Road resident Feb. 3 reported receiving a letter from the Department of Labor seeking to determine his eligibility to receive unemployment. He said he never filed and the letter had the wrong address and spelled his name incorrectly, though the last four digits of his Social Security number were correct. Police advised him to contact the Department of Labor and to monitor his accounts.

A Poe Street resident Feb. 4 called police to report someone fraudulently filed for unemployment using her identity. She said she is currently employed and never filed a claim. She said the claim in question was started in November and she was concerned that her Social Security number was compromised. A report was made.

Housemates argue

Police responded to a group home on Scott Place Feb. 1 on a report of trouble between housemates. Police spoke with a residential supervisor regarding the dispute. Both parties agreed they’d recently argued but said the dispute involved words only. The supervisor did not request further intervention.

Car scratched?

Police took a report over the phone Feb. 2 from a caller who said he left his car overnight at a municipal parking lot on E. Hartsdale Avenue; when he returned, he saw a big scratch extending from the driver’s side rear bumper to the driver’s side door. He believes the damage was caused by a snow blower used by the parking lot snow clearing crew. He was advised to follow up with the parking authority. A report was filed.

Purse snatched

An 80-year-old woman reported Feb. 4 her handbag was snatched from the passenger side front seat of her unlocked car while she was putting groceries in the trunk. This happened while she was parked on N. Central Avenue in the H-Mart lot. She said she didn’t notice any car parked beside or any person near her car. The stolen bag contained her driver’s license, her Social Security card, a debit card, a credit card, medical cards, AAA membership card, her COVID-19 vaccine paperwork, as well as several hundred dollars in cash. Police advised her what to do and whom to notify. H-Mart has video surveillance of the lot and police are investigating a possible suspect. The victim said she would press charges if an arrest is made.

Selling jewelry out of a car

Police responded to Trader Joe’s on N. Central Avenue Feb. 4 on a report of a man selling jewelry from the back of a black SUV at the store’s parking lot. The store manager provided the car’s license plate but upon police arrival, the car was gone. A plate check said the car is registered to Hertz Vehicles LLC.

Man faints in manhole

Police, the Hartsdale Fire Department and a special operations unit were dispatched to Wildwood Road Feb. 4 on a report of a man in cardiac arrest. On arrival, responders found a man conscious and alert, but he said he fainted while working in a manhole. He said his co-worker used a tripod and a hoist to pull him out of the hole by a harness he was wearing. The co-worker said they were in the hole to access an abandoned oil tank about 5 feet below the manhole opening. The co-worker said they were cleaning up for the day while his partner was removing equipment from the manhole. When he returned to the opening, he saw his partner was in the oil tank opening, unconscious. OSHA and the Greenburgh Building Department were notified of the incident. The affected man was transported to Westchester Medical Center for evaluation and treatment. 

Unregistered car

Patrol saw a white Ford traveling southbound on S. Central Avenue Feb. 5 with Massachusetts registration and no tags. Police conducted a traffic stop and checked the car’s registration, which was issued to a 2012 VW Jetta, not a Ford. The driver presented a valid insurance card and DMV paperwork for the car’s registration. He was asked to park the car and said he would have it towed. His passenger showed identification. The Massachusetts registration was removed from the Ford and placed in the records box at police headquarters. The driver was ticketed for operating an unregistered vehicle.

Ex-employee blamed

A woman whose car was keyed outside her workplace on Jackson Avenue told police Feb. 5 she thinks the damage was done by a former employee. She said when she left work that day she saw light scratches all over the car. She said an employee she recently fired might have been responsible. She reviewed video surveillance outside the premises and said she recognized in the video the ex-employee’s SUV. She said she isn’t terribly concerned about the scratches on the car, but requested a report in case there are future incidents.

Raccoon attacks woman

A N. Washington Avenue woman told police Feb. 6 she was attacked by a raccoon while outside her apartment. She said it bit her sweatpants. She was examined for injuries and scratches — none were visible — and a report was made. Police located the raccoon and determined it was both sick and aggressive. It was captured with a snare pole and dispatched by two rounds. The body was bagged and placed in a police refrigerator for testing. An animal bite card was completed and the Department of Health notified.

Harassed for no mask

A caller on Feb. 6 reported the day before while she was walking in the area of Byway Road, an unknown woman came out on her porch and started yelling at her, “Put on your mask.” The caller said she was at least 25 feet away from the woman’s home and practicing social distancing. She admitted she wasn’t wearing a mask. She asked that a report be made but nothing further.

This report, covering Greenburgh police activity in Edgemont and Hartsdale from Feb. 1 to Feb. 8, was compiled from official information.

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