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A 99-year-old E. Hartsdale Avenue woman told police Feb. 15 a motorcycle business located in Iowa advised her of a $450 purchase she’s alleged to have made. After speaking with an employee of that business, the purchase was canceled. The woman is not out any money. She was advised by the motorcycle business her name and phone number were used on a credit card attached to an address in Texas. The Texas bank that issued the card informed her of another charge for more than $2,000, which she said she did not authorize. That bank is working with her to make sure she’s not out any money.

A Glendale Road man reported to police Feb. 17 he received multiple letters from the Department of Labor alerting him an unknown party was fraudulently using his identity to file for unemployment benefits. He is not out any money and was advised to monitor his accounts.

A W. Hartsdale Avenue man reported to police Feb. 17 a fraudulent $3,900 purchase to Bottega Veneta on his card. He said he never made the purchase and the last time he used his card was a few days prior, at a hotel in New York. He’s since canceled his credit card.

Attempted identity theft was reported Feb. 17 by a Maple Avenue resident who said someone made a false claim for unemployment using her name. Her credit union has since put a freeze on her account.

A Fieldstone Drive resident Feb. 18 said he got a thank you letter from a local bank for opening an account he never opened. He went to the bank to close the account and learned someone used his identity fraudulently. An E. Hartsdale Avenue resident Feb. 21 informed police his identity was compromised when someone filed for unemployment benefits using his personal information but with a name that was not his. He also received a debit card from a bank with the fraudster’s fake name on it. The bank has frozen the account.

A S. Central Avenue resident reported Feb. 22 he was the victim of identity theft after someone fraudulently filed for unemployment benefits using his identity. His employer alerted him of the claim.

Charged with possession 

Patrol on S. Central Avenue Feb. 18 saw a black car traveling north at an excessive rate of speed. The driver, Jesse C. Hughes, was recorded going above 70 mph and crossing the yellow double line. When pulled over, he could not produce his driver’s license and the officer saw an open case of beer inside the car and what appeared to be marijuana. There was an odor of alcohol on his breath. Hughes failed the field sobriety test and was arrested and transported to headquarters. His car was impounded; when the car was searched, his wallet containing his driver’s license was found. He has a court summons for March 2.

Grand larceny suspected

The owner of a jewelry store on S. Central Avenue told police Feb. 20 he believes an employee who stopped showing up for work stole $28,500 worth of supplies for watch repair from the shop. The owner said on Jan. 21 the man failed to come to work. The store owner, who said he does not inventory items every day, checked supplies and saw Rolex crystals, steel and gold crowns, and tubes used in watch repair were missing. Video surveillance of the day only shows the employee arriving with a bag and leaving with it the last day he was at work. The store owner said the employee is not paid by paycheck but through merchandise from the store and has only been employed for nine months. He never suspected the man of stealing and when hired, the employee did not provide an employment record. Attempts by police to contact the employee were unsuccessful.

Break in to bring food

Police responded to the Sprain Brook Manor nursing home on Jackson Avenue Feb. 15 on a report of a woman who broke into the facility and was harassing staff. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the facility is closed to visitors. The woman reportedly pried open sliding doors and, ignoring all signage stating the home was closed to visitors, took an elevator to the second floor where her mother lives. A receptionist took a bag of food from her and the daughter returned to the lobby after issuing verbal threats to staff.

At police headquarters the woman said she called the nursing home earlier to say she was bringing her mother food and wasn’t told she couldn’t. She said she waited in the lobby for assistance but didn’t get any, which is why she took the elevator to the second floor herself. She said the staff was confrontational with her, not the other way around. She was advised again of current visitation restrictions and to contact the facility in the future only by telephone. No damage was reported to the sliding door. No further action was taken.

Road rage at Stop & Shop

Police responded to the parking lot of Stop & Shop on S. Central Avenue Feb. 15 on a report of road rage. They spoke with a woman who said she was in the lot in the area of Starbucks when a tan sedan blocked the roadway. The reporting party honked her horn and when there was no response, began driving around the sedan. She said the driver, described as a woman in her 30s wearing furred brown Ugg boots, got out of the car and began banging on her window, threatening to kill her. The Ugg wearer got back in her car and left the area. Police were unable to locate the person as information provided regarding the license plate was incorrect.

Footprints in the snow

A Glendale Road resident Feb. 16 called police for what she thought were suspicious footprints in the snow leading to her front basement window. Upon arrival police saw no signs of forced entry or disturbance of dust around the window. They saw home heating oil fuel spilled next to the basement window and what looked to be hose marks along with footprints in the snow. The homeowner called her fuel provider who confirmed she had received a delivery that morning.

Followed home from the gym

Police took a report Feb. 17 from a woman who said after she had finished working at 24 Hour Fitness on S. Central Avenue, a slim 6-foot-tall man wearing a white ski hat followed her to her car and then followed her as she headed home. When she became aware he was following her, she became afraid and called her husband. She pulled into another parking lot on S. Central Avenue where her husband met her. The car following her then turned around and left the area. The gym has video of the parking lot if further information is needed.

Break in

A 15-year-old girl told police Feb. 21 she was in the kitchen of her home on Walbrooke Road when she heard a loud bang on the front door. When she went to investigate, she saw the door was open and the molding around the frame damaged. She called her father who called a neighbor who sheltered the girl until police arrived. The girl said she was the only one home when the incident happened and saw and heard no one. The neighbor said he went to the girl’s residence and shut the door. Police entered the residence. They saw damage to the molding. The interior was searched and when the father returned, he said nothing appeared to be stolen.

This report, covering Greenburgh police activity in Edgemont and Hartsdale from Feb. 15 to Feb. 21, was compiled from official information.

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