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A Fieldstone Drive man came to police headquarters Feb. 8 to report identity theft. He said he got a new pin number in the mail for a debit card he knew nothing about and was told when he went to the bank that issued the card someone opened a debit account using his name and Social Security number. The account has since been closed. He didn’t lose any money.

A Ferndale Road resident told police Feb. 8 his employer, a bank, notified him someone filed for unemployment benefits in his name. The claim was never processed and no funds were taken. He’s since notified the Trade Commission and the Department of Labor.

A Forthill Road man also reported an unknown individual filed for unemployment benefits using his identity Feb. 8. The man has never filed for benefits. The Department of Labor informed him the file was flagged and the request denied.

A Hood Court woman notified police Feb. 11 her employer told her someone filed for unemployment benefits using her identity. She’s been working and never filed. She found out the claim was successful and that someone fraudulently got nearly $11,000 in benefits. She herself hasn’t lost any money and is checking her credit.

An East Hartsdale Avenue woman reported Feb. 11 someone filed for unemployment benefits in her name. The claim appears to have been flagged before any funds were paid.

A Highpoint Drive woman told police Feb. 12 she learned from the Department of Labor someone applied for unemployment benefits in her name. She said she is disabled and doesn’t work and has never filed for unemployment. She received a debit card from a bank she never requested and is concerned her personal information has been compromised. She was advised what steps to take to protect her identity and assets.

Misdelivered mail

A Northern Road man said Feb. 8 he received in the mail a debit card with his correct address, but the wrong name. He said the letter that came with the card wasn’t dated. He was advised to either send the letter and the card back to the bank or shred it.

Unsecured door

A Midway Shopping Center security guard alerted police Feb. 8 the door to the Cold Stone ice cream shop on S. Central Avenue was open. Police arrived to check the property and a search of the interior was made. A key holder also arrived and did a walk-through. Nothing seemed out of order and the door was secured.

Wallet stolen from workplace

Police went to the Ethan Allen store on S. Central Avenue Feb. 9 after an employee said her wallet was stolen from her desk drawer. She believes it was taken Feb. 5. When she realized it was missing, she went to look for it and found the wallet in the store’s parking lot. Ninety dollars in cash was missing. She said cleaners were working in the store that day, but as there is no video surveillance, what happened is unclear. The woman said if the culprit were found, she’d like to press charges.

Disoriented man charged

Employees at the Sunoco gas station on N. Central Avenue requested a welfare check on a man they described on the property as wearing a black jacket and sweatpants who seemed disoriented Feb. 9. Police located the man not far away on N. Central Avenue: his speech was slow, he had a blank stare and a chemical odor was coming from him. Police believed he was under the influence of Phencyclidine, otherwise known as PCP. Cory Eulin was placed under arrest, charged with being under the influence of narcotics. He was taken to White Plains Hospital by ambulance. A search of his person turned up a plastic bag of marijuana, which was placed in the evidence locker. Eulin was left at the hospital in care of staff and issued a summons to return to court March 10.

Cash snatched from gym locker

A patron of 24 Hour Fitness on S. Central Avenue told police his personal belongings were rummaged through while he was working out at the gym. He said he locked his wallet inside a small backpack in a locker and when he returned 45 minutes later, the lock was open and his stuff tossed. He reported the only thing taken was about $180 in cash. The lock didn’t appear damaged. He wasn’t sure if he had properly set it.

Lost rings

Police received a report Feb. 13 from a Tallwood Drive man regarding two white gold diamond rings valued at $5,600 that he had lost while out with a friend Jan. 29. He said at some point he realized the rings were off his hands. For over a week he’s searched his home, the homes and cars of his friends, everywhere he thinks he might have been. His insurance company requires he file a police report to make a claim.

Mysterious van — and oil drum

While on patrol Feb. 14 on S. Central Avenue, police saw a red or burgundy Econoline van parked near the rear door of Ben’s Deli. A few minutes later the van was gone, but police saw a 55-gallon drum open near where the van had been parked. Inside was what appeared to be cooking oil. Some of the contents may or may not have been removed. Pictures of the drum were taken and police said they would be following up with the business owner.

That wasn’t the DMV

An E. Hartsdale Avenue man told police Feb. 14 he unwittingly provided his Social Security number and other personal information via email to someone posing as an employee of the Department of Motor Vehicles. He said he got an email he thought was from the DMV requesting information; he provided it before he realized the request was fake. He’s taken the appropriate steps to protect his identity and his assets. A report was made for documentation purposes.

Meter inspector loses tablet

Police went to Precision Pipeline Solutions, LLC, a subcontracting company for Con Edison, Feb. 8 to take the report of an employee who lost a valuable piece of equipment. The man said while working at a home on Boulder Ridge Road for a gas meter inspection, his Panasonic Tablet Toughpad was lost. The gas meter was located in a cabinet outside the property. He said after completing the job he couldn’t find the tablet. He returned to the property to look again and spoke to the residents who said they didn’t find it. He said it’s possible he put it outside or on top of his car and drove off. A report was made.

This report, covering Greenburgh police activity in Edgemont and Hartsdale from Feb. 8 to Feb. 15, was compiled from official information.

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