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A Hawthorne Way resident Jan. 25 went to police headquarters to report identity theft. The man said his employer, a large media concern, notified him an unemployment benefits package was received by the human resources department, but was filed fraudulently in his name. He told police he is employed and has never filed. He filed a fraud report online with the Department of Labor and is not out any money.

A Barclay Road resident reported Jan. 27 he was alerted by his credit agency of a collections notice on his account regarding a car he allegedly rented at the Las Vegas airport in Dec. 2019. The car rental company said damages worth $2,800 were incurred while the man had the car. The man said he was in New York at that time and he never rented a car in Vegas. He requested a police report to aid the collection agency and the car rental company in their investigation.

An Old Colony Road resident Jan. 27 told police he received a letter from the Department of Labor regarding his request for unemployment benefits. The man said he never filed for benefits and is currently employed. His employer, a large corporation, had contacted him to let him know it had suffered a data security breach, and that multiple employees were reporting fraud. He was advised to take steps to protect and monitor his banking and credit. A police report was made.

A N. Central Avenue resident Jan. 29 reported to police that an email from Amazon notified her that her credit card on file had expired. The email requested her Social Security number, which she provided. Soon after she realized the request was fraudulent. She said she has since notified her bank to monitor her accounts and filed an online report with the Social Security office that her number may be compromised.

A Tanglewood Road resident Jan. 29 said she was notified by the Department of Labor that her claim for unemployment benefits was denied. She never filed, she said, and she is employed. A police report was made.

A Lakeview Avenue resident Jan. 31 told police she received a notification from the Department of Labor that denied her claim for unemployment benefits. She said she never applied for unemployment. Her employer advised her to file a police report, which she did.

What’s your SSN?

A Beverly Road resident called police Jan. 27 to report a call from someone who asked for her Social Security number. She said there was no introduction or preamble to the request. She said she hung up immediately. Her phone is an older model that doesn’t show caller ID, so she wasn’t able to give police a number for the caller. A report was made.


A Joyce Road resident contacted police Jan. 28 to report his son was being bullied on the social media platform SnapChat. He said someone initially opened an account in his son’s name and then engaged in bullying of an unspecified nature. Then the bullying stopped, he said. The son next received notification of a possible SnapChat friend whose name is suspiciously like the son’s name. The father told police he was concerned if something inappropriate were posted, his son would be held responsible. The father had no proof of who may have opened the account or showed ill intent; he filed a police report to document the situation. Police told him to contact the police if there’s any further bullying activity.

Soap thief

Police responded to CVS on S. Central Avenue Jan. 30 on a report of theft. The store manager described in detail a man in a light brown leather jacket wearing a multicolored scarf, a green camouflage-print hat and a blue surgical mask. He said the man went into the store with no bag but exited with a full one. Video surveillance showed the man entering the store with no bag, but then pulling an empty bag out from under his coat and filling it with six 6-packs of Dove soap. When the manager asked the man on the sidewalk outside the store to show his receipt, the man first said he purchased the soap at another store and then he abandoned the soap and left. Police looked for him with negative results.

Bloody fight?

Police responded to a home on Poe Street Jan. 31 after a caller said people inside the house were fighting and there was blood. Police saw a birthday party in progress. People were drinking. One person had broken a glass and cut his hand but was not badly injured. He refused medical attention on scene. His father said he would take him to the hospital. Police said nobody else was injured and no crime was committed.

Disturbing caller

A Maple Avenue resident told police Feb. 1 she was home alone when she got a call from an unknown number; the caller left a message on her voicemail. When she played it back, she said it was a male voice and he was moaning. Police called back the number and said it was from a landline. The caller did not recognize the number, but said she didn’t need further assistance. A police report was filed.

This report, covering Greenburgh police activity in Edgemont and Hartsdale from Jan. 25 to Feb. 2, was compiled from official information.

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