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Gina Jackson and Ken Jones are declared the winners.

In a three-way contest Tuesday for two seats on the Greenburgh Town Council, Democratic incumbent Ken Jones and newcomer Gina Jackson, both residents of Fairview, were the top vote-getters in the Democratic primary, leaving the third candidate, Eric Zinger of Hartsdale, to concede his quest for a seat on the council.

The town clerk race was too close to call when the polls closed at 9 p.m. Tuesday, but by Wednesday morning results showed Judith Beville won the contest with 1,947, or 52% of the 3,722 votes cast, and Maria Portilla garnered 1,775 votes, or 48% of the total.

In the tally for the council race, Jackson took 2,706 votes, or 41% of the votes cast, followed by Jones with 2,426 votes, or 37%. Trailing them both was Zinger with 1,458 votes, which is 22% of the total 6,590 votes cast.

Election David Imamura looks at incoming results.jpg

David Imamura looks at incoming election results.

If she wins the general election in November, Jackson, 49, will take the seat currently filled by interim Councilmember Ellen Hendrickx who was appointed to the council May 22 after Kevin Morgan’s death in April. She supports appointing local residents to land use committees and responsibly promoting economic development, expanding affordable housing in Greenburgh, establishing a strategic plan and mission for the town, and reducing the town’s dependence on property taxes.

Jones, 53, has served on the town board since 2012, and is now set to serve another four years. He lists providing superior services and developing new businesses to help alleviate the tax burden on residential taxpayers as two of his key issues. He is opposed to further incorporation of villages within Greenburgh.

All results are certified by the Board of Elections. The numbers above may include absentee and mail-in ballots, but not provisional ballots.

Election voting at EHS.jpg

Voting at Edgemont High School.

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