Police spoke to a Fountain Lane apartment resident July 8 who said she lost her visa booklet. She said the last time she used the document was in January at John F. Kennedy Airport. The woman said she needed to provide a police report of lost property in order to replace the visa booklet.

Suspended registration

Police saw a car on S. Central Avenue July 12 with a plate cover that obstructed the name of the state. After pulling the car over and checking the driver’s license, the officer found the driver’s registration was suspended. The driver said he was unaware of the issue and said it must have been a clerical error on behalf of the insurance company. The man parked the car off the roadway and called an insurance representative.

Road rage

Police responded on a report of a dispute between two drivers on S. Central Avenue July 10. Police spoke to a woman who said she was waiting at a light to turn onto S. Central Avenue when the man driving the car behind her started honking. The woman said the man drove around her and gave her the middle finger as he passed. The man said the woman wasn’t moving her car when the light was green and he became frustrated. He said the woman followed him into a parking lot and continued to drive after him in the lot. Both were spoken to and told not to take matters into their own hands.

Damaged car

A Rockledge Road woman told police July 10 her parked car had deep scratches from a sharp object on the front and rear driver’s side doors. The woman said she believes a disgruntled co-op resident was responsible for the damage.

Car larcenies

Police reported two separate accounts of car larcenies on Lakeview Avenue July 12. One resident told police he found his car ransacked that morning, and he is missing $4 in cash. Nothing else was stolen, he said. Another car in front of another house was also ransacked. The homeowner said that car belonged to his brother, who wasn’t at the house. Nothing of value was inside the car and nothing was taken.

A Rockledge Road woman told police July 12 her car was ransacked and she was missing two pairs of Gucci shoes, four bathing suits and a pair of sunglasses.


Police spoke to a man on E. Hartsdale Avenue July 12 who said his work bag was stolen. He said he put the bag on the sidewalk and walked to Columbia Avenue to get his car. When he returned, the bag and its contents were missing.

There was a report of a larceny on E. Hartsdale Avenue July 12. The man who called said his mountain bike was stolen from a parking space. There are surveillance cameras in the garage that may have captured the incident.


A Dalewood Drive man told police July 13 he was walking his dog on Pinewood Road when another man got out of his car and confronted him about his dog defecating on the grass. The caller also said the man was yelling at him and hit his hand during the interaction. Police spoke to the other man, who admitted to interacting with the caller because he saw the dog possibly defecating on the grass. Both men were told to stay away from each other in the future.

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