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Greenburgh's Street Crimes Unit on Sept. 15 identified a car in a parking lot on Manhattan Avenue that was thought to be involved in an incident. A man entered the driver’s side of the car and another man got into the passenger seat. They drove north on the Sprain Brook Parkway, then proceeded onto the Saw Mill Parkway. They stopped on Cross Ridge Road in New Castle where the passenger got out and approached a mailbox with its flag up. He took the mail out of the box and returned to the car. Police followed the car as it continued northbound to Katonah. When the driver realized police were following him he tried to elude them. Police activated the patrol car’s emergency lights and boxed in the car.

According to police, the driver made furtive movements toward his lap before complying with an order to show his hands. The driver and his passenger were told to get out of the car. Police saw a piece of paper sticking out of the driver’s pants. Police found he had three checks and four debit cards that didn’t belong to him; the checks were made out for $3,000, $4,132.31and $12,895.93. The driver, identified as Andrew Holt, was charged with criminal possession of stolen property and was summoned to appear in court Oct. 22.


Debris dumped?

A Castle Walk woman went to police headquarters Sept. 14 to report illegal dumping. She said a neighbor who lives down the street contacted her husband to tell him construction debris had been dumped on his property. Her husband went outside and saw a large pile of broken up concrete in front of the neighbor’s property. The neighbor said he didn’t see anyone dumping it, but it had just appeared.

The two men decided to drive around and saw a construction dump truck doing work on Penny Lane. Police looked up the truck’s registration and saw it belongs to a building company based in Holmes, New York. The truck contained the same debris dumped at the reporting party’s home. Pictures were taken of the truck and the pile of debris. A report was made and a police detective was notified.


Driver’s license not valid

Police responded to N. Central Avenue Sept. 15 for a reported collision. While investigating the incident, police found that one driver’s license was suspended. William Rodriguez was arrested on scene. He was cited for unlawful operation of a vehicle. His car had to be towed because it was damaged in the collision. He was scheduled to appear in court Sept. 28.


Grocery thief nabbed

A man who was reported stealing a cart of groceries from ShopRite on Central Avenue Sept. 15 left the scene before police arrived. He was described as wearing a white T-shirt, gray sweatpants and a black hat. His hair was in a ponytail. He got into a white Nissan Rogue and headed south. While police were taking the report, a call came in about a larceny at H-Mart on Central Avenue. Based on information from H-Mart security, police located the white Nissan Rogue and stopped it. Angel Arocho, a Yonkers resident, was identified, arrested, and taken to police headquarters for booking and processing.


Sneaker thief

The loss prevention officer at TJ Maxx on N. Central Avenue Sept. 16 reported a man with braids put sneakers in a bag and then left the store without paying. He got into a black Jeep Cherokee with Pennsylvania license plates and was seen traveling east on E. Hartsdale Avenue. Police activated the patrol car’s emergency lights but the driver didn’t stop; he drove onto the Bronx River Parkway heading south. The Jeep was stopped at Ardsley Road and the TJ Maxx loss prevention officer was brought to the scene where Dominique Dawson was identified as the alleged sneaker thief.

The driver of the Jeep, Leonard Council, was also arrested. Stolen property was located inside the Jeep. The sneakers were returned to TJ Maxx. Dawson and Council were taken to police headquarters and charged with criminal possession of stolen property. Police records showed that Dawson had six active warrants from police departments in New York City, Yonkers and New Rochelle. Yonkers police agreed to extradite Dawson. Council was processed and released.


No phone

A N. Central Avenue man went to police headquarters Sept. 16 to report he ordered a new phone from Apple and when the package arrived via FedEx, it seemd to have been tampered with. When he opened the package, no phone was inside. FedEx told him someone did sign for the package but the handwriting was illegible. In addition, the man was supposed to send his old phone back after receiving the new one but since there was no new phone, Apple won’t refund his $1,200 deposit until the old phone is returned. Pictures were taken of the tampered-with package and a report was made.


Burglar has keys

Security surveillance video showed an unknown man Sept. 16 at a dental office on S. Central Avenue after a burglar alarm was activated. Police spoke with the keyholder, a dentist, who was at the property. The video footage showed a man wearing dark colored clothing and a mask entering the front door using keys. He went behind the front desk and took something from a drawer, then went to the exit. The dentist said $200 in cash was taken from the drawer and he does not know the suspect. He was told to call a locksmith and have the locks changed.


Don’t leave bags in car

A man went to police headquarters Sept. 16 to report that he removed two license plates from his car six days earlier because it was going to be towed. He said he put the plates in a bag and left the bag next to his usual parking spot in the parking garage under his building. He said in the morning the bag was missing and the plates were gone. He was given a form to follow up with the DMV and the plates were recorded in E-Justice as lost.


Charity food not to her liking  

Police responded to Sacred Heart Church on Lawton Avenue Sept. 17 on a report of a suspicious female on the property. Police spoke with a custodian who said a woman took a can of vegetables from the charity bin and then locked herself in the church bathroom. When she left, the custodian found the opened can in the bathroom; he said the water was running and the vegetables were in the toilet bowl.

The custodian said the woman was wearing a tank top with the words “Sexy” printed on it. No property was damaged and the church is open to all. The custodian said he wanted the incident documented.


Shotgun surrendered

A Stone Oaks Drive man went to police headquarters Sept. 18 to surrender a shotgun for safekeeping. He said he’d been served with an order of protection and was required to surrender the firearm. He did not provide police with a copy of the order of protection. His unloaded 12 gauge Mossberg was vouchered into evidence for safekeeping and he was given a receipt.


Aggravated unlicensed operation

While on routine patrol Sept. 18, police saw a gold Toyota Camry cross the double yellow line into oncoming traffic as it traveled west on E. Hartsdale Avenue. Police stopped the car after it made a left turn onto S. Central Avenue. The driver told police he went into the other lane to make a turn while the green arrow signal was on. A check of the driver’s ID showed his license was suspended. He was given multiple tickets and a summons to appear in court Oct. 12. He was told not to drive until his suspension was lifted.


Criminal mischief

A Rockledge Road resident Sept. 18 told police her black Honda Odyssey minivan was vandalized sometime between Aug. 25 and Sept. 2. She showed police a large scratch that appeared to have been done by a key or sharp object. She said she doesn’t know where the damage happened and said she always parks in the same spot. She said her ex-husband or his friend might be responsible. She said she had an estimate of $2,300 to fix the scratch. Photos were taken for the police report.


Identity theft

Police responded to a liquor store on E. Hartsdale Avenue Sept. 19 on a report of credit card fraud. A cashier said a patron in the store looked around, then made three separate transactions using a Visa credit card number, but he did not show the card. He said he didn’t have the card with him. He purchased nine bottles of liquor totalling $500.60.

The cashier described a slightly built man with braids and diamondlike earrings in both ears. He presented New York identification but the cashier couldn’t remember the name, address or date of birth on the ID.

Soon after the transaction was completed, the store got a call from a woman who said her credit card had been used in the store, but the woman was in Pennsylvania.


Found at a bus stop?

Police responded to Planet Fitness on S. Central Avenue Sept. 19 on a report of a man pulling on car door handles in the parking lot. Officers stopped the man and identified him. He said he was trying to get a membership at the club but didn’t have his ID with him. He said his sister works at the club but she wasn’t there that day. Planet Fitness told police no person with his sister’s name works there, and no one that day had inquired about membership.

When asked to do so, the man voluntarily opened a blue Nike duffle bag he was carrying. Inside were two laptops he said belong to friends. Also inside the bag was a bedsheet set and a store receipt. The subject said the sheets weren’t his and he found them at a bus stop in Yonkers.

Police attempted to contact the person whose name was on the receipt but were unable to communicate with the person due to a language barrier. A message was left for that person to contact the police. The bedsheets were seized and vouchered into evidence. No items were reported missing from any of the cars parked in the club parking area. A report was made.


This report, covering Greenburgh police activity in Edgemont and Hartsdale from Sept. 13 to Sept. 19, was compiled from official information.

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