Man steals $118 worth of vitamins from CVS

An officer responded to a Central Avenue CVS Aug. 10 on a report of a larceny in progress. An officer saw a man, later identified as Imran Hoosain, exit the store without paying. After stopping the man, the officer found five bottles of vitamins in the man’s possession totaling $118.45. Hoosain was arrested and positively identified by the CVS manager. Video footage of the incident was entered into evidence.

Pried open

While on a patrol Aug. 8 at the Dalewood Shopping Center in Hartsdale on North Central Avenue, an officer saw a yellow door handle on the floor near a back door labeled “meter room.” Upon closer inspection the officer noticed that the door was slightly ajar and had pry marks. After notifying two more officers for backup, the group of officers cleared the room and determined it was vacant. The door was unable to be locked after the officers left the premise. The officer also saw additional pry marks on other surrounding doors. No exterior cameras were monitoring the site.

Painting peril

On Aug. 8, an officer responded to South Central Avenue on a report of a driver threatening five Department of Transportation workers with a long metal pipe. At approximately noon, one of the five crewmembers shut down southbound traffic on Central Avenue so the group could finish repainting a crosswalk. With the lane closed, a driver began honking and without notice attempted to drive around the worker who was blocking the roadway. As the worker stood in front of the car to block it, a man exited the car and began yelling at the worker. The other crewmembers saw the altercation and started walking toward the man who then reached into his vehicle and took out a long metal pipe. The man then got back into his vehicle and drove southbound on Central Avenue. Workers were not able to note the man’s license plate and did not wish to pursue charges.


An officer responded to a Cherry Lane home Aug. 7 on a report of petty larceny. A woman told police she had left her car unlocked overnight and someone had ransacked her car and stolen jewelry, a pink suitcase and a brown duffel bag with an estimated value of $275. No damage was done to the car. The woman told police there was a camera facing the street from the house but she was unable to access the footage. The homeowners said they would have a security administrator download the footage and provide it to police.

Credit card cavity

An employee of Scarsdale Dental Specialists reported to police Aug. 7 that someone had used her employer-issued American Express card without her permission. The woman told police she was notified of the unauthorized purchases when there was an attempted transaction at Target. She then noticed multiple other charges at the Galleria Mall and Walgreens on Central Avenue. After viewing footage at the Walgreens, police were able to identify Shemeka Hesselbach as the card’s unauthorized user. With video footage from the Walgreens, the card’s owner was also able to identify Hesselbach as both worked at Scarsdale Dental Specialists. Hesselbach voluntarily went to police headquarters for questioning and was later placed under arrest.

Car payback

A woman on South Central Avenue reported to police Aug. 10 that she believed her neighbor had removed bolts from her tire in order to get back at her for hitting his gray Infiniti with her car door. The woman told officers that while driving her Honda Accord she began hearing a very loud noise and brought the car to Honda for servicing. The mechanic informed the woman that her tire bolts were missing and only someone with a special key could have removed them. The woman said she did not have any previous issues with her neighbor and denied hitting his car with her car door. Police advised the woman to call if there were further incidents.


A Pheasant Run man reported to police Aug. 11 a suspicious man standing outside taking pictures of his neighbor’s home. After seeing the Pheasant Run man, the man got into his car and drove away heading toward Jackson Avenue. The Pheasant Run man followed the man in his car and wrote down his license plate, which he provided to police. Police had previous history with the car’s registered owner whom they believe to be a Lyft driver.

Love stinks

A South Central Avenue woman went into police headquarters Aug. 12 to report an incident involving a scam. The woman told police she had been communicating with a man on the dating website for two months. The man, who said he was employed by the U.S. Army and was stationed overseas in Syria, asked the woman to wire money to him so he could meet her. The woman wired the man $3,850 from her Chase Bank account to a Wells Fargo Bank located in Southaven, Mississippi. The woman called the bank to verify that the transaction had gone through and was told the account was closed and the wire had been collected by a woman. The woman told police if an individual could be identified, she wishes to press charges.

Not yours

An off-duty Mount Vernon police officer identified a vehicle on Columbia Avenue Aug. 12 which had been reported for being used without the owner’s consent. The off-duty police officer pointed the vehicle out to Greenburgh police upon their arrival. Officers placed the car’s driver, David Oyola, under arrest and the car’s registered owner was notified. While searching Oyola, officers found a wallet with an NYPD mini-shield and PBA card in his jean pocket. Oyola told police that a close friend had given it to him. Oyola later told police that someone had tossed it at him. Officers contacted the PBA card’s issuing officer who said that she had given the card to her boyfriend but that it was stolen out of his car when his vehicle was broken into on Long Island Avenue in Suffolk County. The officer and her boyfriend are considering pursuing charges.

This report, covering Greenburgh police activity in Edgemont and Hartsdale from Aug. 5 to Aug. 12, was compiled from official information.

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