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Police responded to a report of a 17-year-old female struck by a car at a residence on Boulder Ridge Road March 23. On arrival, police saw the teen sitting in the driveway; she was alert and conscious and able to answer questions but was holding her right leg in a bent position. There was a laceration on her right knee. Blood on her head and blood-matted hair indicated she had a head injury. Her mother was with her in the driveway.

The mother said she had been operating the car. The daughter told police she was lying in the driveway waiting for a friend to pick her up when her mother reversed her Honda Pilot and ran over her leg. She said she didn’t recall the car rolling over her and at the time of the accident was lying on her left side; she thinks the crown of her head made contact with the car’s back bumper when she was under it. Her mother said she never saw the girl lying in the driveway and it was only her screaming “Stop!” that caused her to stop the car.

The daughter was transported to the hospital via ambulance with her mother accompanying her. Medical personnel noticed her stomach was bruised on her left side. Her injuries did not appear to be life threatening. A report was made.

Identity theft continues

Police responded to Secor Road March 23 on a report of identity theft. A 61-year-old woman said an unknown person sent her an email requesting she change her direct deposit bank information to her employer. Soon after she complied with that request, she noticed her weekly pay was not deposited into her account. She contacted her human resources contact at work and learned the name on the email, which the HR department also received, was unknown to her or her employer. A “Go2Bank” voided check was also emailed in her name. She is following up with her employer and her bank and credit agencies and said she’s not lost any money at this time and has received all payments to date.

Police received a call March 23 from a Sprain Valley Road resident who wanted to report unemployment fraud. The caller, a 51-year-old woman, said the HR department of her employer informed her of a fraudulent claim. She’s not been out of work or applied for benefits.

An Alexander Avenue woman March 23 reported receiving a call from a Pennsylvania credit union regarding utility bills totaling more than $900 attached to an address in Philadelphia where the caller’s identity was fraudulently used as the leaseholder. She told police she doesn’t know if she’ll be held responsible for the utility charges.

Police received unemployment fraud reports March 24 through March 27 for residents on Round Hill Road, Fieldstone Drive and Highpoint Lane.

A Robin Hill Road woman March 28 notified police by phone she is the victim of identity theft after an unknown party used her information to obtain unemployment benefits. She also learned probably the same person attempted to open a phone account in her name and also a bank account.

Spending spree

A Hartsdale Avenue man told police March 23 purchases totaling $5,000 were charged to his debit card without his permission. The charges were made between March 19 and March 20 at various stores. He gave police the name of a suspect, a former employee, who he said he believes stole the card and activated it while she was working for him. She was terminated at the end of February and was never given permission to use the card, which has since been canceled. The man said he’d contacted her after learning of the charges and she didn’t deny using his card. He also contacted the businesses where she used his card, a nail salon in Mohegan Lake and two stores in the Jefferson Valley Mall. They all have surveillance video of the woman using the card. He said he would press charges. Meanwhile, he was advised to cease contact with her. 

Fallen tree branch causes damage

A Homewood Road resident March 23 reported a large tree branch fell on the rear windshield of his car sometime between March 20 and March 23, resulting in a large hole and shattered glass. He said nothing was missing. He had pictures of the damage and a report was made.

Working without a permit

Police went to Eastern Road March 23 to follow up on a building department complaint for roadwork being done without a permit. On arrival, police saw the job was nearly finished. Two metal road plates were being placed in the road in front of a house. There was also a backhoe in the roadway. The owner of the sewer and plumbing company doing the work said he had been hired by the homeowner who said his system was out of service for five days. The contractor showed a permit issued by the building department but it was only for work on the property. The contractor said he had to dig in the street to fix the problem on the property and said he had requested for an additional permit through the building department but hadn’t received a response. He said he had an appointment with the building inspector the next morning to inspect work done on the property. He was advised to stop work that day, but he was already finished. He said no more backhoe work would be done, but the equipment was disabled for a flat tire and would have to remain parked in front of the house overnight.


Police responded to a CVS on S. Central Avenue March 24 on a report of a larceny in progress. The store manager provided a description of a man in a blue jacket and blue jeans leaving the store; the man was identified and detained in the parking lot. Mauricio Vasquez said he took items from the store and hid them under his jacket. Police recovered merchandise worth $234.01 from the suspect. Vasquez was placed under arrest and transported to police headquarters for processing. He was summoned to appear in court April 9. The store manager told police he recognized Vasquez from an earlier shoplifting experience and will press charges.

Receptionist threatened

Police responded to an urgent care dental clinic on S. Central Avenue March 25 after a receptionist said a caller threatened her over the phone. She told police an unknown person called and tried to make an appointment for her husband. When told the clinic doesn’t take their insurance and payment would have to be out of pocket, the caller said she would shoot the receptionist if she didn’t help her. The receptionist asked the caller to repeat what she said and the caller repeated she would shoot her. The receptionist offered to make an appointment but the caller hung up. Police attempted to contact the caller to no avail. The threatening call was recorded and will be included in the report.

Crowbar on deck

A Rutland Road resident called police March 25 to report a crowbar was on her deck and there were marks on her door that she thought indicated an attempted break-in. Upon arrival, police noted the marks looked like normal wear and tear and the homeowner acknowledged the crowbar belongs to her and she only moves it once a year.

Flap over flat tires

Police responded to Keats Avenue March 26 on a report from a woman who said someone flattened her rear tires. She said when she parked in her driveway the night before all four tires were fine. In the morning two were flat. Police didn’t see any punctures. The woman said she thought the tampering was done by a neighbor but has no proof.

Flowers stolen

A N. Washington Avenue woman March 26 called police to report pansy flowers she left on her doorstep the night before were missing in the morning. She said neighbors reported other items missing from their front doorsteps. The neighbors have surveillance cameras, but nobody was at home when police arrived.

Shots fired

Police responded to Birch Hill Road March 27 on a report of gunshots. A passing motorist, who was no longer in the area, had reported four shots fired in rapid succession from a handgun in the area. A fireworks noise complaint was received at the same time in the same area. Police canvassed the Boulder Ridge apartment complex basketball court and clubhouse area with negative results.

Attempted extortion

Police took a phone report March 29 from a 43-year-old Underhill Road man who said a woman he didn’t know called him and said he would have to send $1,000 to a third party in the Dominican Republic or she would send embarrassing pictures of him to his friends on Facebook. He didn’t send any money and blocked her number but she continued to contact him using other numbers. He’s since deactivated his Facebook account and is changing his phone number. A report was made.

This report, covering Greenburgh police activity in Edgemont and Hartsdale from March 22 to March 29, was compiled from official information.

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