The Four Corners Land Use Citizens Committee was set to meet Aug. 22 to discuss updates on the intersection’s revitalization process.

The resident group has been working on hiring a consultant to carry out an analysis of the Four Corners infrastructure with a focus on traffic and flooding.

“The RFPs have been responded [to] and [the committee] has been going through a selection process,” said newly appointed Hartsdale Neighbors Association President Stacy Fisher.

On June 12, the Greenburgh town board voted unanimously to adopt the Four Corners Redevelopment Plan as prepared by the town of Greenburgh’s Department of Community Development and Conservation.

“The next steps will be with regard to the infrastructure analysis of which an RFP was successfully orchestrated,” CDC department commissioner Garrett Duquesne said at the meeting June 12.

The town board plans to interview two or three of the firms at upcoming work sessions and then to select a firm by September.

“This is a wonderful milestone,” said Fisher on the current state of the process in regard to the RFPs.

In a posting on the town website Aug. 20, Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner said that RFPs were posted for the demolition project of two town-owned homes at 10 and 14 West Hartsdale Ave.

“[We] will ask our traffic consultant to consider whether the space could be used temporarily for parking,” Feiner said in a written statement.

Inspired Places, LLC — a firm that represents two of the property owners at the corners — has been critical of the town’s purchase of the homes.

“We officially thought that it was money not wisely spent,” said Inspired Places co-owner Christine Broda. “We thought it was premature to buy those properties.”

Feiner said the town wanted to demolish the homes in order to avoid liability.

“We don’t want to assume the responsibility if vagrants [come] in. [The homes] can be an attractive nuisance — somebody could set it on fire — you don’t know,” he told the Inquirer.

Fisher said the RFPs for the homes on W. Hartsdale Avenue would be discussed among members of the citizens’  committee Aug. 22, and she is interested in hearing a discussion about a plan for the land where the homes currently stand.

“It’s critical that we do the stormwater analysis and the traffic study so that we really know what the options are,” said Fisher. “Bringing another element in — like doing something with the two houses — we could hear some facts that could enlighten us, but that would be a point of discussion.”

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Critical Thinker

Town taxpayers often complain and rightfully so about high taxes. Here is yet another example of the profligate ways of the career politicians of Greenburgh - removing two tax paying parcels (albeit small) from the tax rolls after spending $400,000 of taxpayers funds to purchase the two houses with no plan in place for the use of the property let alone any agreement by the adjacent property owners or the DOT to permit the property to be used for a potential turning lane. In the interim, Ivy Nails has now been forced out by the owner of the old Duane Reade location which outside of the pop up Halloween store is empty. Sadly, this is the type of landlord the Town is eager to help. Mr. Samis is right - the 4C project is a scam.


What does Stacey Fisher have to do with anything? And why ask her?

Hartsdale Neighbors is not quite a civic association, it holds no office in the citizens' committee which is a pseudo-responsible entity composed of interested individuals and perhaps most distinguished using Groucho Marx's definition in that I am also a member.

First the RFP. Suspect from the start in that it sought only consultants who would be responsible for assuming both tasks: traffic and stormwater management studies. As a result, but seven firms responded. None of them being firms specializing in traffic studies -- no firms which the Town routinely hires for this purpose. Why none? Because, specializing in traffic, these firms do not engage in studying stormwater. While I have no objection to firms that do both, that the language of the RFP indicated only seeking firms capable of both was the impediment to the these specialist firms responding. Although I admit to little knowledge about flooding, it is probably safe to assume that firms that specialize in stormwater management also failed to respond for the same reason: they don't specialize in traffic. And to be certain, of the two areas, traffic is a daily occurrence while flooding is more infrequent. Yet, given that one of the two corners (the two eastern corners are paying for lobbyist, Inspired Places) the southeast corner Is "dead in the water" in that without curing flooding, no new construction will succeed.

But this is not the worst omission in this story. The Town, whose official

Four Corners (4C) Redevelopment Plan resembles an Inspired Places presentation (only because it is partly lifted word for word without attribution from the Inspired Places presentation) fails to define the boundaries of 4C. This inevitably leads to unresolved confusion as to where does any Consultant study? Something that none of the candidates to earn $150,000 in fees chose to ask so eager were they to win the contract.

As for the demolition of the two houses, yes now that they are owned it is reasonable but why were they purchased at all? There will be no right turn lane unless the DOT says ok to a right turn lane which it hasn't and may deny. And a right lane also needs the corner (now BagelDel) to make it possible and the Town proceeded to spend $400,000 without negotiating with the corner's owner, first and still not yet. Only after ownership is Feiner seeking to learn from the to be hired Consultants whether or not the site can be used for parking. Hint: every parcel on the west side of Central Park Avenue has onside parking and its a long walk across a wide Avenue before the first apartment building appears and even longer to the train station.

So while this meeting is being painted as a positive step forward, it is only more of the same old, same old servings of how the Town goes about conducting business with an eye more toward attracting publicity rather than meaningful success.

So, let me assure readers that I, a Hartsdale resident, am not represented by the Hrtsdale Neighbors Association and that it has no preferred basis to speak for the project project: merely one voice weighted in favor of the eastern side of Central Park Avenue while the more heavily trafficked side, the western, faces an ongoing assault of even more traffic and congestion as new development like the conveyance of the Maplewood Swim Club to an assisted living facility (and one more at the Metropolis Golf Club and the one at the former Frank's site) weigh in. Traffic studies can count today's movement of vehicles till they're blue in face; everything else (coming assisted living and the added effect of rezoning 4C to mixed-use is wholly theoretical projection based on math formulas). Does that by itself not require breaking out red flags? And sorry to disappoint Hartsdale Neighbors members: those pesky overhead utility lines will not disappear with rezoning; just used by Inspired Places as bait to get you hooked..

No respondents to the RFP have yet offered to "study" West Hartsdale Avenue as far as the Knollwood/Dobbs Ferry Road, hello (Elmwood) intersection. Why would they when the boundaries of 4C (north, south and east) remain elusive and each doable when each project is considered in a vacuum.

Then there is progress and there is progress. The former is for the media; the latter is how your taxes are being misspent as feel good candy for those already overweighted. Nor will there be any mythical $200 million of investment (how much of that is your taxes) until such time as the boundaries are known.

In the meanwhile Hartsdale Neighbors (count among its members Inspired Places) will continue to promote the economic interest of the two eastern 4C owners who are behind this whole scam. Approaching two years since this show about nothing started, no other 4C owner has signed on to this quagmire. Doesn't that tell you something?

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