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A Highland Road resident Sept. 27 reported his 2022 black Hyundai Palisade was stolen from his driveway overnight. He said he and his wife leave keys in the car and it probably was not locked. The car, valued at $45,000, has a GPS system for tracking that might help police find it. A report was made.


Identity thefts

A Warnke Lane resident Sept. 28 said he received a checkbook in the mail but he didn’t request it. His name was also misspelled on the checks. Five days later he received notification that one of his accounts was frozen and then unfrozen by an unknown source. He has since been in contact with his financial institutions and he told police he’s not out any money.

A Washington Avenue resident Sept. 28 reported receiving a credit alert that someone was trying to open an account using her identity. The information provided by the fraudster matched the woman’s name and Social Security number but included a Michigan address, which is what flagged it as potentially fraudulent. The woman said she’s not out any money.


Handbag left on trash can

Police responded to an address on N. Central Avenue Sept. 29 on a report of a woman’s handbag left on top of a trash can. The bag, described as “beige,” was dropped off at a neighboring restaurant by someone who found it, but that person was not identified. Police said the bag contained cosmetics and rings but no ID. It was taken to police headquarters to be vouchered and stored.


Bike stolen from Trader Joe’s

A crew member working at Trader Joe’s told police Sept. 29 his Trek bike, valued at $650, was stolen while he was at work. He said he had locked it on a sign located behind the building. The business has cameras that cover that area. The victim said he would press charges if the thief were found.


Phone scam

Police took a report from a W. Hartsdale Avenue woman Sept. 30 who said she got a call from a person she thought was her cousin. The “cousin” said her credit card was temporarily frozen and she needed to make a payment. The “cousin” said she was “in the area,” so she would come by to get some cash from the Hartsdale woman, but she decided instead to Zelle her “cousin” the money, which she did, transferring $800 into what she thought was her cousin’s account.

The Hartsdale woman then contacted her real cousin and found out the call was a scam. She tried reaching the scammer by phone but a man answered and said he didn’t want to get involved and hung up. The woman said she cannot recoup the money. A report was made.


Dog won’t stop barking

A summons was given to a Yale Road resident Sept. 30 after his neighbor complained to police about a dog that has been barking a lot since 2019. The caller said he had been to court about the noisy dog but nothing had changed. The complainant said his neighbor had been told to limit the dog’s barking but he doesn’t do so.


Neighbors don’t get along

Police responded to an apartment building Sept. 30 on E. Hartsdale Avenue when a resident said her downstairs neighbor often goes to her door, rings her buzzer, kicks the door and bangs on it. She said that happens every time she uses her exercise machine. The downstairs neighbor told police when the woman upstairs exercises, paint falls from her ceiling and her ceiling vibrates. She said she’s reported the issue to building management.

The building superintendent was asked to observe the machine in use and its effect on the apartment downstairs. He said no paint was falling and the ceiling was not vibrating. Police noted there are foam pads under the machine and didn’t notice any vibration while the machine was in use. The superintendent said he would follow up with building management. Police advised the neighbors to avoid confrontation.


Troubled woman steals from tip jar

Police responded to a pet grooming business on N. Central Avenue Oct. 1 for a report of petty larceny. The owner of Pampered Paws said a woman took money from the tip jar. The suspect was found inside the shop and was combative with police. The shopowner said the woman who took the tips from the jar had shoved the money down her pants.

The woman is known to police from prior calls. She has a known psychiatric history and has been known to use narcotics, according to the police report.

An ambulance was called and the woman’s grandmother was contacted to provided medical information. The woman was taken to Westchester Medical Center and issued a summons to appear in Greenburgh Court Oct. 22 on a charge of petty larceny.


Man high on PCP

Police responded to an apartment building on S. Central Avenue Oct. 1 on a report of an attempted break-in. On arrival, police spoke with a resident who said a naked man was banging on a rear sliding door and trying to enter an apartment. The suspect was dressed and waiting outside the apartment when police arrived. Police said he was incoherent and was making furtive movements around the waistband of his trousers. His pupils were dilated but he didn’t seem intoxicated. Police surmised he might have been under the influence of the hallucinogen known as PCP or “angel dust.” David Whoie was arrested for public intoxication (not alcohol) and taken to Westchester Medical Center. He is scheduled to appear in court Oct. 15.


Goin’ shopping

An employee at the CVS on S. Central Avenue called police Oct. 2 to report that a man and two women who wore their hair in braids entered the store and picked up laundry pods, a gift card and a toy doll. The total value of the items was $44.47. The trio left the store without paying for the items and walked toward ShopRite. Police looked for them but did not find them.


Lock the door behind you

A burglar alarm was activated at a house on Clayton Road Oct. 2. On arrival, police saw the front door was not locked and police went inside to check the premises. Everything seemed to be in order and there was no sign of forced entry. The door was secured and the alarm reset. The homeowner was notified. He said the house is for sale and it was likely his real estate agent failed to lock the door. No further action was taken.


This report, covering Greenburgh police activity in Edgemont and Hartsdale from Sept. 27 to Oct. 3, was compiled from official information.

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