While driving on Medford Lane July 1 a tree limb fell on a man’s car causing damage to his front bumper and dents and scratches to the driver’s side fender and windshield. A company was performing tree cutting on Barford Lane at the time of the accident. An employee of the tree cutting service said the hanging limb fell as he was removing another limb on the tree. An arborist representative responded to the scene to photograph the damage and assess the incident. The representative also said this was the first incident of its kind and the company would take increased precaution in the future. No injuries were reported.

Dished out

A 72-year-old Pheasant Run woman went to police headquarters July 1 to report a petit larceny totaling $627. The woman said she contacted Dish network in May about getting a deal for TV services. The woman said she spoke with a representative who offered her a service package and told her to follow up via his personal email account. She said on June 15 Dish network came to her home and installed three boxes. The woman said she wrote a check for $279 on June 19 to pay the start-up fee and the first month’s fee for service. The representative contacted the woman again and said she could pay for six months in advance for a cheaper price. The woman then paid $348 via check to the man. The representative also said Dish would pay for the remaining balance on the woman’s pre-existing Optimum bill. On June 22 the woman said she received a notice from Optimum that a $122 payment could not be processed. After calling Dish network technical support, the woman was informed that her name and number were not on her account. Dish put her in contact with the fraud department.


On July 1 an officer responded to Behavioral Optometry on Central Park Avenue on a report of a disgruntled employee who shredded a binder of handwritten business training materials totaling $6,240 on June 21. The optometrist said the employee in question was training her new assistant and was disgruntled due to the assistant taking over her position. On June 25 the optometrist confronted the employee and told her she would need to replace the shredded documents. The employee replied, “I’m not replacing it. Sue me!” The employee left soon thereafter. The optometrist told police before taking legal action she wished to speak with a lawyer.

Bye, bye baby

On July 2 the investigations manager at BuyBuy Baby on Central Avenue went to police headquarters to report that a store employee had made fraudulent orders totaling $185,000 and shipped them to two addresses in Yonkers. The report was forwarded to a detective.

Hit and run

An officer responded to Sentry Place July 2 on a report of a hit and run. A woman, who had a recording of the incident, said a silver Dodge Durango hit her parked car. The officer canvassed the parking lot and found the Dodge, which had dealer plates. The officer spoke to an employee at Central Avenue Hyundai where the car was registered and found the registered driver’s name. Upon visiting the registered car owner’s home, the officer was informed that the man’s son was driving the car at the time and that he was aware his son hit the car in the parking lot. The officer advised the man’s son that if he is involved in accidents in the future, he should stay with the vehicle and call police.

Money clip missing

A man walked into police headquarters on July 3 to report that his money clip containing $300 to $400 in $50 bills was missing. The man said he discovered his clip was missing after visiting Walgreens on S. Central Avenue. The clip is silver with a logo of a golf country club. The man went to Walgreens to inquire about his missing money clip but was told nothing had been found.

Stolen packages

On July 3 an officer responded to Rutland Road on a report of a package stolen from a doorstep. The woman at the residence told police a package from Amazon was delivered by her mailman around 11 a.m. and was stolen around 3:30 p.m. The woman’s Nest home security video captured the larceny and showed a man exiting a silver SUV and stealing the package. Another larceny took place on Chalford Lane involving the same suspected vehicle. While on a routine patrol the same day, an officer saw a vehicle matching the description and performed a traffic stop. The car, driven by Tristan Zlotkowski, contained multiple stolen packages. Zlotkowski was detained for questioning and held for arraignment for the following morning.


Police responded to the intersection of Underhill Road and Central Avenue July 3 to find an unlocked white car parked in the middle of the road. Two witnesses approached the officers and said they saw two women jump out of the vehicle when a man jumped on top of their car. While speaking to the witnesses, officers saw a man matching the description waking toward them. They detained the man who they believed was under the influence of drugs. While the man was transported to White Plains Hospital, officers made contact with the driver who said she saw a man who appeared to be a hitchhiker. While approaching a light, the man went in front of the car and jumped on the roof. The driver and passenger were scared for their safety and left the car. The driver and passenger were injured during the incident.

Identity theft

A Woods End Road resident went to police headquarters July 5 to report a check deposited and withdrawn in his Bank of America account for $1,027. The man contacted the bank for reimbursement of his lost funds.

This report, covering Greenburgh police activity in Edgemont and Hartsdale from July 1 to July 8, was compiled from official information.

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