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A woman contacted police to report her wallet disappeared from inside her purse while she was shopping at Trader Joe’s May 7 on N. Central Avenue. While talking to police, she received a phone notification from her credit card issuer that someone was using her debit card at Neiman Marcus in White Plains, making a $937.44 purchase. Police advised her to contact her bank and put a hold on all her cards and get paperwork to obtain a new driver’s license.

Another woman told police May 8 she noticed her wallet missing while shopping at HomeGoods on S. Central Avenue. That evening her bank notified her someone was using her credit cards in various locations, spending $6,700. She called her bank to report the fraud and canceled all her cards. She said if the thief were caught, she would press charges.

A patron at TJ Maxx on N. Central Avenue May 8 told police her wallet was stolen while she was inside the store. She realized it was gone when she went to pay for items at the cashier counter. She said she last used the wallet just before she entered the store when she was at Burger King. Inside her wallet were multiple insurance and credit and debit cards, her driver’s license and $1,600 in cash. While at TJMaxx she received phone alerts about an attempt to use her cards twice for transactions of $262 and $206, but both times the card was declined. A third transaction for $306 was processed at Target.

Identity theft

A Walbrooke Road resident May 3 contacted police to report he’d received mail from an insurance company about a policy he didn’t know anything about. He said he never signed up for it and the policy was issued to an address in Arizona. After speaking with an insurance company representative, he concluded his identity had been stolen. He said he was able to cancel the policy and was not out any money.

Between May 3 and May 7, several residents of Westminster Road, Underhill Road, Highland Road, Emerson Avenue and Pinewood Road told police they were victims of fraudulent unemployment claims, one of which totaled $13,104.

Took her picture

A woman told police May 7 a man in a black Ford approached her while she was on E. Hartsdale Avenue and took her picture. She said she was unaware her picture was being taken and was only informed of it by a man who saw it happen. She doesn’t know the name or identity of the man who took the photo. She did get the license plate of the Ford, which police traced back to an address in Elmsford.

Accidental fire

Firefighters and police personnel responded to Andrea Lane May 3 on a report of a fire in a garage. Upon arrival, police spoke with the homeowner who said she extinguished the fire herself. She said her son threw a match that he thought wasn’t lit into a trash can. He told her he was cleaning and found a box of matches. He lit one and thought it was out when he tossed it in the can. Greenville Fire Department (GFD) personnel checked to make sure the fire was fully extinguished and the GFD chief was notified for follow up for Juvenile Fire Reporting.

Mysterious yellow stains

An Eva Lane resident called police May 3 to request a police report regarding suspicious yellow stains on his pool cover and possible damage to a bush in his yard. He said his neighbors, with whom he doesn’t get along, had a party and he thinks things were thrown over the property line. Police thought the yellow stains were pollen. What caused a small hole in the bush near the pool could not be determined.

Money missing

Police responded to Campus Place May 3 for a property matter. Police spoke with a man who said he had a large printer delivered to the address; as he was moving the box, he believes $1,120 in cash held together with a paperclip in his pocket fell out and into the box. He said the only other person near the box at the time was the property superintendent who helped him load the box into his car and then into a garage. He described the superintendent and gave police his name. The reporting party said he is in touch with building’s management. As of press time, police had not made contact with the superintendent.

Won’t wear mask

Police responded to the meat department of Shoprite on S. Central Avenue May 4 on a report of a man not wearing a mask; the man, described as bald and with a long gray beard, is known to police from a previous incident inside the store where he also was maskless. The man told police both times he won’t wear a mask because of health issues, to which police responded the store has a right not to serve him. He was asked multiple times to put on a mask and multiple times he refused. When more police arrived on scene, the man became irate. He was issued a ticket for violating public health laws and is scheduled to appear in court July 13.

3 injured in dogfight

A dogfight was reported May 4 on Fieldstone Drive when a woman said her Shih Tzu was attacked by a neighbor’s dog. She said the other dog, a boxer mix, came running out from under a staircase. She said she wasn’t injured and her dog’s injuries are not life threatening. Police spoke with the boxer mix’s owner who said he slipped out of his collar and ran to the Shih Tzu. She said both dogs were fighting. She said she separated the dogs and received multiple puncture wounds on her fingers, she believes from her own dog. She refused medical attention. She showed police paperwork showing her dog is up to date on its vaccinations.

The owner of the Shih Tzu also said her dog’s vaccinations are up to date but she couldn’t locate her paperwork. Neither dog is licensed. The boxer mix owner’s husband was also bitten trying to break up the fight, most likely by his own dog. He also declined medical attention. A neighbor who witnessed the dog fight said he tried to separate the dogs and he sustained puncture wounds to his finger. He said he believes they were bites from the boxer mix. He went to the hospital by ambulance. Another witness said when she heard the commotion she also tried to separate the dogs. She was bitten on the finger by the Shih Tzu but refused medical attention. A report was made for Animal Control.

Counterfeit money

Police responded to a school on W. Hartsdale Avenue May 6 on a report that a student gave a cafeteria worker a counterfeit $20 bill. The cafeteria worker gave the alleged fake bill to the school superintendent who gave it to another school employee who turned it over to police. The cafeteria worker did not know which student had paid using the alleged fake bill. A report was made.

Injured cat

An injured cat dragging itself across S. Central Avenue and into a parking lot was reported May 6. The man who reported it said he thought its back legs were injured. The cat was transported to the emergency veterinary clinic on Tarrytown Road. It was checked for a microchip but had none. Due to the extent of the cat’s injuries, the staff recommended euthanizing it.

Shopping cart dents car

A man parked in the Midway Shopping Center May 7 said his Mini Cooper with New Jersey plates was damaged by a shopping cart that rolled up against the passenger side of his car and dented its paneling. He asked for a police report for insurance purposes.

Incident in the Trader Joe’s parking lot

A caller reported to police an incident that happened in the Trader Joe’s parking lot May 8. He said as he entered the lot, a gray Audi with California license plates sped past him, nearly hitting his car. He said he honked and then pulled into a spot. He said the driver of the Audi followed him, got out of his car and began screaming, saying he was going to come after him. The man, described in his 40s and of slightly less than average height, then got back in his car and left. The caller told police he was concerned because he was in his wife’s car and he didn’t want the man to come after her. A report was made.

This report, covering Greenburgh police activity in Edgemont and Hartsdale from May 3 to May 9, was compiled from official information.

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