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Police went to Sprain Valley Road April 10 after midnight on a report of two males looking inside cars parked in private driveways while a third male waited in a yellow Jeep. Two males were stopped on Sprain Valley Road in a yellow Jeep Renegade. Police quickly determined the Jeep was confirmed stolen from Mount Pleasant April 8. Adonice Guzman, 20, from New York City, and a 17-year-old juvenile male also from New York were arrested and both charged with one count of criminal possession of stolen property in the second degree and one count of criminal possession of stolen property in the fifth degree.

Shining light

Police responded to Holmes Avenue April 11 on a report of suspicious behavior captured on RING doorbell video surveillance. An SUV was on the footage driving slowly down the street, shining a light on the caller’s house and other houses. Police reviewed the video and said they think the SUV belonged to an Uber or Lyft driver looking for an address.


A repossession report was brought to police headquarters April 6 by an employee of Location Services regarding a white 2020 BMW removed from an address on Tanglewood Road. An entry was made for EJustice.

‘Quick Support’ app road to hell

A Joyce Road woman reported to police April 6 falling for a scam that started when she received a phone call from an alleged employee of Amazon notifying her of fraudulent activity on her account in the amount of nearly $3,000. She was directed to download an app, “Quick Support,” which she did and was instantly locked out of her Amazon and personal bank account. She was next directed to send money through Zelle and MoneyGram to start the refund process. She complied with all the transactions, sending approximately $2,000 to three different parties including one in Colombia. She realized she was scammed when the “representative” told her to send the rest of the money in gift cards. She immediately contacted her bank to report the fraud and has been successful in getting some of her money back, but not all.

Identity theft

Two residents, one on Highpoint Drive and one on Tanglewood Road, contacted police April 7 and April 8, respectively, to report fraudulent attempts to collect unemployment benefits using the residents’ names.

Not a scratch

Police responded to the Christmas Tree Shop parking lot on N. Central Avenue April 7 on a report of a collision in which a driver was attempting to leave the scene. On arrival, police reported, no one was trying to leave. Police spoke with both parties. The issue was purported dings and scratches on one car which the owner alleged were made by the driver of the other car while it was backing out of a parking spot. Both drivers said there had been some yelling and denial. One driver said nobody hit the other driver’s car but a loose shopping cart in the lot rolled into that car. Police looked at both cars and couldn’t find any scratches.

Computer hijacked

An elderly Keats Road man told police April 8 personal information was stolen from him after he experienced technical difficulties on his home computer. He said he was browsing his email when his screen locked and wouldn’t allow him to exit. The screen showed a phone number to call with a warning message that, if he didn’t respond his hard drive would be wiped. He called the number and spoke to a man who asked him for his bank information and other personal identification. He complied completely, only becoming suspicious later after speaking with a family member who notified the bank. The bank intercepted and denied an attempted $499 charge. The victim said he would pursue charges if the perpetrator were located. 

Angry man spits on car

Police responded to a parking area at Edgemont High School on White Oak Lane April 9 on a report of an argument between two men. Police spoke with a man who works at the school who said he had told a man on the track to stop using the football field PA system. He said the man left the track, but in the parking area got into an argument with a referee and then left. Police spoke to the referee who said during the argument, which was verbal only, the man punched and spit on a Ford pickup truck. The Ford did not appear damaged. A report was made.

Property damage

A Dalewood Drive resident reported April 10 an unknown car drove on to his property, damaging three recently planted trees. He said each tree cost $500, resulting in $1,500 in damages. A witness said he saw a gray sedan driving fast on Dalewood Drive in the direction of Central Avenue. He said when the car was coming around a curve, it drove on to this man’s property. The witness said the driver drove away quickly so he couldn’t note the license plate.

A Fieldstone Drive resident April 10 said she was parked on the street overnight and in the morning the front of her car was heavily damaged. The car parked directly in front of hers had heavy damage to its rear end and its license plate was off and lying on the ground. Police spoke with the owner of the second car who said she was in an accident with a Hyundai two days before and she exchanged information with that driver. Red paint on her car was seen on her front bumper. She said she wasn’t in any other accidents and was unaware of damage to her car except for old damage that was already taped. Police noted what she described as old damage was new damage. At that point the woman said she has COVID-19 and hasn’t moved her car since April 8. Police were unable to determine what caused damage to the caller’s car, and noted that the caller was unsure if the other car was already parked on the street when she parked her car.

This report, covering Scarsdale police and fire department activity and Greenburgh police activity in Edgemont and Hartsdale from April 6 to April 12, was compiled from official information.

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