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During a traffic stop Feb. 12 on W. Hartsdale Avenue, police arrested Rafael Encarnacion and Samuel Avila for criminal possession of a controlled substance. The stop was initiated for failure to maintain their lane while driving on North Washington. The driver, Encarnacion, told police he has a suspended license. While speaking with the passenger, Avila, police saw him making furtive movements toward the passenger floor. Both men were asked to get out of the car. One Oxycodone pill was recovered. The men were placed under arrest and transported to police headquarters. The car was towed. Avila was charged with one count of criminal possession of a controlled substance and Encarnacion issued citations for driving with a suspended license. He was given a verbal warning for failing to maintain his lane.

Stolen mail

Police responded to an address on Ardsley Road Feb. 14 on a report of mail taken from the caller’s mailbox. The homeowner said she was away Feb. 1 through Feb. 9; when she returned, her mailbox was strangely empty. A tenant at one of her rental properties told her they placed three money orders totaling $3,300 for the monthly rent in the mailbox on Feb. 8 and it was full on that date. The property owner said another tenant mailed a monthly $5,000 rent check, which was also not there. Also reported missing was a package delivered via DHL from containing a shirt valued at $99. The home is set back on Ardsley Road and the resident does not have security cameras.

Petty larceny

On Feb. 11 police responded to a house on Hartsdale Avenue on a report of a stolen package. The homeowner had video surveillance of a package left at his front door taken by an unknown man. The package contained three air filter facemasks valued at $100.

On Feb. 12 a counterfeit $100 note was used to buy $12.61 of food from Jersey Mike’s on N. Central Avenue; $87.39 in change was received. The storeowner used a counterfeit detection pen to check the bill, but it didn’t show up counterfeit. The suspect reportedly left in a white Jeep. On Feb. 17 police pulled over a man fitting the counterfeiter’s description, but he wasn’t the suspect.

On Feb. 14 at ShopRite on Central Avenue, a store employee reported an unknown man wearing blue jeans, black sneakers and a black bubble vest walked into the store and took an LG 50” television set and left. He loaded it into a silver Subaru. There is video surveillance and police have a description of the man and the license plate number.


On Feb. 10 police responded to a location on Alexander Avenue in Hartsdale regarding an ongoing complaint about a cat. A number of cats neutered by the New Rochelle Humane Society four months ago are being fed outside on Alexander Avenue; food is supposed to be cleaned up every evening by 8 p.m. A possible hazardous condition was reported regarding how the cats are fed. The building department came to the site but did not find any issues of concern.

An injured deer struck by a car was humanely euthanized by police Feb. 14 on Secor Road.

A coyote seen consuming a dead deer on the side of Secor Road on Feb. 17 was scared off by police who shot 10 rounds of pepper ball at the animal from a pepper ball gun.

Alarms activated

Police responded Feb. 12 to an alarm activation at a house on Thomas Lane. Police conducted an exterior premise check and observed an unsecured front door. The interior was checked, but there was no sign of forced entry and the house was orderly and not ransacked.

On Feb. 15 police went to an address on S. Central Avenue after an alarm was activated. All appeared in order when the residence was checked.

Identity theft

A Hartsdale Avenue woman reported on Feb. 12 that she contacted Verizon after she realized she wasn’t getting incoming calls. Verizon told her an unknown person transferred her account to a different carrier and to a different phone number.

Suspicious activities

Police on patrol Feb. 14 observed the drive-through ATM door at the Chase Bank on N. Central Avenue was lifted upward. It did not appear forced open and was determined to be a “vanity door.” The safe is secure.

On Feb. 16 a Sprain Valley Road resident saw a man through her kitchen window hanging around by her back door. Her husband, who was at home at the time, also saw him. The man took off when he realized he was being watched. Police canvassed the area with negative results.

On Feb. 17 police responded to Sprain Road on a report of a man removing stones from a stone wall under construction near the front gate of the department of public works and putting them in his car. Police were unable to determine if stones were missing from the site.


A blond woman wearing an orange shirt was reported on Feb. 17 using a steak knife to threaten four employees at The Tile Shop on S. Central Avenue. Police located the woman soon after at the south end of a parking lot near the post office. Police ordered her to drop the knife or be tased. After she dropped the knife in a grassy area, police handcuffed her and took her to police headquarters where she was booked and processed. The woman, Melinda Sanborn, was released on her own recognizance to Westchester Medical Center. Her husband was contacted and a New York State Domestic Incident report was completed.

This report, covering Greenburgh police activity in Edgemont and Hartsdale from Feb. 10 to 17, was compiled from official information.

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