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A 64-year-old Washington Avenue woman went to Greenburgh Police March 9 to report a yearlong internet and text message relationship with a man who sent pictures of himself depicting a 60-something-year-old man. Last October, her internet boyfriend convinced her to send a certified check via FedEx for $47,000 to a woman in Chicago, ostensibly to pay back taxes, the money to be repaid in future. The victim only recently realized she’d been scammed. The man continues to reach out to her through the Facetime app and now appears as a 30-year-old man with an African accent. He said he’s in the Bronx. The victim has a phone contact for him, which she shared with police.

Social Security scam

Fraud was reported on March 10 by a 92-year-old Underhill Road resident, who said she was contacted in early February by a man she described as having a Colombian accent and who said he was with the Social Security administration. He asked if she was ever in Texas and if she had been arrested. She was told a car found in Texas had her Social Security number inside the glove box. The man said he would help her change her Social Security number for security purposes. She was told to wire $40,000 to a Chicago address. She completed the wire transfer at her local bank and was told the money would shortly be refunded and she was given the name of a man called “Gary White” who would be contacting her.

Not really from Con Ed

A Sheridan Road woman reported on March 11 that one day earlier a man parked in her driveway and said he was with Con Ed and was there to check the gas meter. She became suspicious because a new meter had recently been installed and wasn’t due to be checked for six months. She watched the man go into the driveways of several of her neighbors. She called Con Ed, who told her no service calls were dispatched to her area.

Read the paperwork

A South Central Avenue woman reported March 15 an ongoing civil matter between her and a boyfriend she bought a car with. She said while at the Hyundai dealership, she did not read what she was signing and thought she was the co-signer of the car, not the owner. She said she hasn’t heard from the boyfriend since the day the car was purchased, but is aware, somehow, he is driving it. She’s received notice by mail the car has multiple red light tickets and parking summonses. The registration is suspended due to no insurance. She was told this is a civil matter between her and the boyfriend.

Check tampering

An East Hartsdale Avenue woman went to the bank March 16 to change her maiden name and while there asked a teller to check on the status of four recent checks she’d written. She was then asked by the teller if she’d made out a check for $2,000 to a man with a name the woman didn’t know. Chase Bank advised her the check had not been cashed and her account was frozen.

Neighbor vs. neighbor

Police responded on March 9 after a report of an argument between neighbors on Fieldstone Drive. On arrival, they interviewed the occupant of a second floor apartment who said her downstairs neighbor threatened to “bury her” and suggested she get a lawyer. He was upset, she said, about the lack of carpeting in her apartment and her daughter’s noise. The downstairs neighbor told police he is bothered by their noise, which continually wakes up his infant daughter. He said he meant to say, “I will bury you with lawyer fees,” and his words were not meant as a physical threat, but a legal one. Both parties were advised to stop communicating with each other and refer all future problems to building management.


The tenant of a home on Dunham Road reported on March 9 an ugly argument with his landlord. The tenant rents a room in the home and said when he questioned the landlord about scuffmarks on his bedroom door, the landlord became irate. There was finger pointing and the tenant felt the landlord was taunting him into fisticuffs. Police documented the encounter and advised the tenant to contact them should the situation escalate.

Cocaine and marijuana

During a traffic stop on March 10, Joel Diaz, 32, was pulled over on Tarrytown Road for a traffic violation. A DMV check showed his driving privileges to be suspended and his temporary registration appeared to be fraudulent. He was placed under arrest; a search of his person turned up a clear plastic bag containing cocaine, as well as a baggie of marijuana. He was taken to headquarters for processing and charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance.

Hit and run at ShopRite

A car accident on March 10 in the parking lot of ShopRite on South Central Avenue was reported by a man who said the driver of a Honda CR-V backed into him while he was parked, causing damage to his front bumper. He said when he attempted to speak to the driver, the man became angry and got out of his vehicle, denying what just happened. The reporting party said the Honda was also damaged, but the man drove off without exchanging information.

Former employee suspected of grand theft

A 60-year-old Withington Road man, who previously filed reports for stolen mail, told police on March 10 he was informed by the postmaster general of some information about the suspect of his case. A former employee who left his service in December of 2019 is believed to have taken three pieces of mail containing checks totaling $2,000, as well as borrowing and not repaying $1,700 cash. The man is pressing charges.

Hungry man steals bedding

A man caught stealing bedding items from TJ Maxx on North Central Avenue on March 11 told police, “I’m just trying to make some money to buy food. I’m sorry. Just take the sheets back.” Ritchie Dubose, 56, was charged on scene with one count of petty larceny after being caught by the store’s loss prevention officer. The merchandise was photographed and returned to the store and Dubose left without further incident.

Who left the door open?

Police on patrol March 12 around 3 a.m. observed the front door of the former Klaff’s, under renovation to become Mount Sinai Medical Group, on South Central Avenue, propped open. Police checked the premises, but nothing seemed out of order. The door was secured. Contact information for contractors was unavailable.

Lady in a fast car

A black BMW traveling at a high rate of speed on North Central Avenue near Lawton Avenue attracted the attention of an officer on patrol on March 12. The woman driving was shown on radar to be going 52 mph in a marked 30 mph zone. After initiating a traffic stop, police observed numerous violations, including extremely dark tinted windows, a nonworking brake light and the engine light on. The inspection sticker was expired. Running the paperwork, it turned out the expired sticker belongs on a Lexus, not a BMW. The driver was issued a number of tickets and was scheduled to appear in court on March 27.

Move over for flashing lights

A gray Lexus that failed to move over into the left lane for emergency vehicles with activated emergency lights was pulled over on a traffic stop on South Central Avenue March 13. Police said the driver, Marie Desravines, 56, failed to exercise due care and move over into the left southbound lane and continued traveling in her lane, nearly striking a police officer walking beside a fire truck. A check with DMV showed Desravines has a suspended license. She had two young children in her car. A field arrest was conducted and she was charged with aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle in the third degree. She returns to court March 24.

Who you honking at?

A married couple on Holmes Avenue reported a third neighbor honking his horn at them in an aggressive manner while flashing his headlights. The couple told police on March 13 they feel harassed. Police spoke with all three parties and heard multiple versions of the honking story before telling all parties to stay away from each other.

Cellphone left in Lyft

A Fieldstone Drive woman who left her phone in the back seat of a Lyft on March 14 told police she called her phone from her landline and spoke with the driver several times. She said the driver kept telling her, “After my next drop off,” only to call back and say she had another fare. The woman reported the incident to Lyft and said the “findmyiPhone” app on her phone didn’t work. She was only able to provide limited information about the driver, Lisa, to police. She later reported receiving a phone call on her landline from Lisa, who said she would drop the phone off at a Lyft hub in New Jersey as per Lyft requirements, and that Lyft would contact her directly.


Police went to ShopRite on South Central Avenue on March 14 for a report of a shoplifter in custody. The Asset Protection employee was with Paul Marchak, who was observed filling a shopping cart with Red Bull and T-shirts and passing all points of sale without making any attempt to pay. He was stopped exiting the store. Marchak was issued a ticket for petty larceny and given a summons to appear in court March 24. He was informed he is no longer welcome on the store property and should he return, ShopRite will pursue trespassing charges.

Ear buds mysteriously disappear

A man at Planet Fitness in the Midway Shopping Center on Central Avenue reported on March 15, while he was on a couch waiting to be picked up, his ear buds fell out of his pocket. He didn’t realize they were missing until he got home, and he contacted the gym. The gym manager showed him video of someone picking up the ear buds and possibly taking them. Club policy prohibits the ear bud owner from learning the name of the possible thief. Police advised he follow up with Planet Fitness.


The Hartsdale Fire Department was assisted by Greenburgh Fire Department to gain entry to a building on North Central Avenue for a fire alarm on March 14. Entry was gained and the premises cleared. No fire was found and the area was secured.

This report, compiled from official documents from the Greenburgh Police Department, covers the period from March 9 to 16.

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