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Police responded to ShopRite on S. Central Avenue Jan. 5 when a customer inside the store called to report her wallet was stolen from her purse. She said she was shopping for groceries, her handbag resting on the top shelf of the cart, when an unknown man approached her and began asking her questions about items on the shelf. She said she was distracted and when she looked in her open purse, her wallet was no longer in it. She looked around and saw her red wallet on the floor. Her VISA card was stolen. She described the man as wearing glasses and a black jacket. He was seen leaving the store, headed in an unknown direction. Police obtained video of the man distracting the woman, reaching into her purse, removing an item, rummaging through her purse and then throwing the wallet on the floor. The woman was advised to cancel her credit card. She later told police a fraudulent charge of $900 was charged at a store on Central Park Avenue in Yonkers. Her bank informed her she is not responsible for the charge and is issuing her a new card. The woman said she did not want to press charges if the thief is caught.

Lost plates

An Edgewood Road resident went to police headquarters Jan. 5 to report lost license plates. He said he purchased a car Nov. 5 but never got plates that were issued by the DMV. When he contacted the agency, they said he should have received the plates no longer than 15 days after the car’s purchase. The missing plates were entered into the e-Justice system.

Suspicious car

An Alexander Avenue man called police Jan. 5 to report a dark gray BMW with dark tinted windows was parked outside a few doors from his house. He said he saw the car park in front of a house, idle for a few minutes and then move on to the next house. A few minutes later, the car sped down the street. The caller gave police the license plate number. They searched for the BMW with negative results.

‘Q’ man at supermarket

Police returned to ShopRite on S. Central Avenue Jan. 5 on a report of a customer refusing to leave the store when requested because he was not wearing a mask. A store manager met police at the front of the store and together they went to the aisle where the individual was standing. The man was described as having a long gray beard and wearing a green jacket and a baseball cap with the letter “Q” on the front. The man said a medical condition prohibits him from wearing a mask and he asserted the store has no right to force him to wear one or leave because he is unmasked. He continued to shop, ignoring the manager’s request to leave. When he took his groceries to the self-checkout, store personnel locked the registers in an attempt to get him to leave. He was advised if his medical condition prohibits him from wearing a mask, there were other options, including groceries being delivered. He was given a report number for his records and sent on his way. The store manager said he would pursue charges for the man to be arrested for trespassing.


A Highpoint Drive resident Jan. 6 reported she received a text message on her mobile phone advising her to update her information with the DMV. She clicked on the website attached to the text message and filled out a form where she provided her name, her address, her Social Security number and her license number but she later realized she was scammed. She has since blocked her credit accounts and set up a credit monitoring service. A report was made.

Petty thief nabbed

Police responded to Midway Shopping Center on S. Central Avenue Jan. 7 where they met with a loss prevention officer in the parking lot who had a woman with him whom he said stole items from CVS. The woman, identified as Sharon Stewart, said, “Can you just let me go?” and “That was my daughter, not me.” Police saw the items in question inside her car. She stole three pillows and two purses valued at $33.95 total. The loss prevention officer said Stewart is suspected of a previous theft from that store that occurred Dec. 11. On that date, she was accused of stealing a blood pressure monitor valued at $100.99, and the store surveillance video shows Stewart in the store with another woman believed to be her daughter stealing merchandise. Stewart was arrested and transported to police headquarters to be charged with two counts of petty larceny. She is scheduled to appear in court Feb. 5.

Checkout scam at ShopRite

Police responded to ShopRite on S. Central Avenue Jan. 7 on a report of a woman who allegedly didn’t scan a few of her items at the self-checkout. The assistant manager described the woman, who reportedly left the store after scanning only a few of her items, entering a black Jeep where two men were waiting. As she was leaving the store, security approached her and asked to see her receipt. The woman refused and then said she forgot to scan some items, which she returned to security. The security officer said he didn’t think she gave back everything she took, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, he was not allowed to touch her. He thought she had on her person packages of shrimp and meat he believes were not scanned. The store will press charges if the woman can be located.

Basement door open

A Barford Lane resident Jan. 9 told police she and her husband were away for a few days and when they returned home, they found their basement door open. Police found no sign of forced entry and nothing appeared tampered with. The homeowner said her alarm system indicated no one was inside the house. A report was made.

Hit-and-run car incident

Police responded to the parking lot of H-Mart on N. Central Avenue Jan. 9 on a report of a hit-and-run accident. A man said he was in the store shopping and, when he returned to his car, he saw extensive damage to the driver’s side door, side panel and bumper. A note was left on his windshield by a witness who reportedly saw a black Honda sideswipe the car and leave the scene. The note provided the Honda’s license plate number. Police checked the plate and found that it belongs to a car dealership in White Plains. An attempt to contact the dealership was unsuccessful. The man whose car had been damaged was advised to make a claim with his insurance company. A report was made.

Meds stolen from CVS

Two women alleged to have stolen more than $1,000 worth of medications from the CVS on S. Central Avenue are of interest to police who went to the store Jan. 10 on a report of a robbery in progress. The caller described two women who entered the store, went directly to a particular aisle and began filling a pink tote bag and a black backpack with assorted medication. They left the store without paying, heading in an unknown direction. Police plan to review video surveillance footage which was not available at the time. The manager intended to provide a detailed inventory of what was stolen.

This report, covering Greenburgh police activity in Edgemont and Hartsdale from Jan. 5 to Jan. 10, was compiled from official information.

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