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While on patrol near S. Central Avenue Aug. 28, an officer found a white Chrysler 300 with no plates, no inspection sticker and dark tinted windows. While the officer was in his vehicle writing a parking summons on the Chrysler, a man jumped into the car and fled northbound on Central Avenue. The officer radioed a description of the car to nearby officers. Another officer found the car and pulled it over in front of Sacred Heart Church in Hartsdale. The driver of the car, Michael Puff, said he was coming from an appointment with his therapist and did not see the officer writing a parking summons. A detective informed the officer that Puff was wanted out of the Duchess County sheriff’s department for aggravated harassment. The sheriff’s department confirmed the warrant and faxed a copy of it to police headquarters, at which time Puff was arrested and taken there. During the investigation, an officer found Puff had a bottle containing several small pink pills labeled Methandienone, a schedule II steroid. Puff was issued a summons for no front or back plates and no transparent side windows. He was also issued an appearance ticket for criminal possession of a controlled substance. The Duchess County sheriff’s department picked up Puff on warrant.

Only time will tell

Officers responded to an AT&T store on Central Avenue on Aug. 26 on a report of a stolen Series 4 Apple watch. An employee at the store told police the watch — which is valued at $530 — was last seen Aug. 23 when the store was closing at 10 p.m. The employee noticed the watch was missing the next day at around 10 p.m. An alarm device was attached to the watch but did not sound when it was taken. The AT&T corporate office told police they would send video surveillance footage.

Out on a limb

An Old Colony Road resident called police Aug. 27 to report damage to his driveway. Upon arrival, police saw a large tree limb in the man’s driveway with a 4-foot-long white mark underneath, although it was unknown what had caused the damage. Police removed the tree limb and surmised that a large truck backing into the driveway had caused the limb to fall.

Fraudulent checks

A Cherry Lane man went to police headquarters Aug. 27 to report $12,848.26 stolen from his Chase Bank account as a result of fraudulent checks. The man said his bank contacted him Aug. 26 to confirm the legitimacy of multiple checks recently drawn from his checking account. Eleven checks were written from the man’s account starting in June. The man said his account has since been frozen and the fraud department was looking into the matter. If a suspect is found, the man said he would be willing to prosecute.

Stolen bag

A woman went to police headquarters Aug. 27 to report that her $4,000 Gucci handbag and its contents were stolen on Aug. 25 while she was working out at 24 Hour Fitness on S. Central Avenue. The woman told police she arrived at the gym around 7 p.m. and went to the exercise bikes with her bag. When finished exercising, she left the gym but forgot her bag on the bike. At 11:30 p.m., the woman returned to the gym for her bag but was unable to find it on the bike. She asked management about the bag but it was not in the lost and found. Officers plan to follow up with 24 Hour Fitness to obtain surveillance footage of the incident.

Damaged window

Police responded to an Edgemont Road home Aug. 27 on a report of a damaged basement window. Officers spoke with the homeowner who said he and his family were away on vacation Aug. 21 to Aug. 25 and no one knew they were away. Nothing was taken from the house and officers couldn’t find any fingerprints indicating an attempted entry. The man told police his landscapers usually come on Wednesdays and the area near the window was rocky and covered in loose debris. Officers concluded the damage to the window was unintentional.

Wabbit twouble

An officer responded to a Tanglewood Road home Aug. 27 on a report of an injured rabbit. Two residents told police they saw the rabbit crawl from Fort Hill Road. The officer found the rabbit in distress and shot it. The rabbit was bagged and disposed of properly.

Stolen from car

A Glendale Road woman called police Aug. 28 to report that someone had stolen a small blue nurse bag containing medical supplies, a silver purse containing credit cards, €2,500, a green card and social security card from her unlocked car. The woman said she called her credit card companies and the companies told her there was no fraudulent activity on her accounts. Police interviewed nearby neighbors who said nothing had been taken from their cars.

Makeover mischief

Police responded to the CVS on S. Central Avenue Aug. 28 on a report of a larceny in progress. Upon arrival, officers saw a man fitting the description of the perpetrator leaving the store. The manager was outside of the store and pointed out the suspect. Officers stopped the man, later identified as Brian Coughlan, in the Midway Shopping Center and found him carrying a plastic bag filled with 39 cosmetic items. Coughlan was placed under arrest and transported to police headquarters where he was held for arraignment.

British burglary

A Tanglewood Road woman went to police headquarters Aug. 28 to report that her wallet was stolen while she was vacationing in London. The woman said she was pickpocketed Aug. 20 and her wallet had contained multiple credit cards, her driver’s license and Euro currency. The woman filed a police report in London but wished to get a replacement driver’s license.

Yoga studio suspicions

An officer responded to Bikram Yoga on S. Central Avenue Aug. 29 on a report of a suspicious person. Upon arrival, police spoke with the manager who said a woman entered the studio asking information about yoga classes. After a brief tour of the premises, the manager noticed the woman seemed disinterested in the yoga classes and did not ask any questions about them. The woman then asked if she could use the restroom, where members keep their personal belongings in unsecured shelves. The manager followed the woman to the bathroom and she immediately left the studio. The manager locked the door due to the suspicious incident. An hour later a man called the studio from outside the building and asked what time the studio closes. The man left soon after. Officers canvassed the area for the two suspicious individuals but did not find them. The manager said there was no theft at the studio but would inform police if there were any new developments.

Damaged building

A TD Ameritrade employee on S. Central Avenue called police Aug. 30 to report damage to the front side of the building. When police arrived, the employee told officers a client had gone into the building Aug. 28 for a transaction. After leaving the building, the client noticed his car wouldn’t start. The employee left and closed the building around 5 p.m. and saw the client outside waiting for a tow truck. When the employee arrived the next morning he noticed damage to the front of the building and assumed a tow truck had caused it. The officer was unable to watch surveillance footage of the incident. The employee said the corporate offices would reach out to the client and town company.

Pee patrol

On Aug. 31, an officer responded to a Longview Drive home on a report of a dog urinating on the homeowner’s property. The officer found the man and his dog walking on Fort Hill Road and Fort Hill Lane. The man said he was walking his dog along Longview Drive and had a verbal dispute with the homeowner. The man denied that the dog was on the Longview Drive man’s property and never urinated on it. The officer went to the Longview Drive home and spoke with the homeowner who said that while outside watering his plants he saw a dog walking near and down his driveway. The homeowner said he saw the dog urinate on his driveway and told the dog owner that it was private property. The Longview Drive man said the dog owner told him “to go F#$% himself!” The officer went to the home of the dog owner and issued him a town summons for committing a nuisance.

This report, covering Greenburgh police activity in Edgemont and Hartsdale from Aug. 26 to Sept. 2, was compiled from official information.

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