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Police responded to an apartment on E. Hartsdale Avenue Jan. 3 on a report of a suspicious incident. Police spoke with a woman who reported she had received a package containing items she did not order. The woman said her boyfriend signed for the package addressed to her name which included a pair of Amiri jeans, an Amiri denim jacket and a Saint Laurent cardholder. The woman saw the items worth $3,874 were purchased Jan. 1 and the package included her Citibank credit card number. The woman told police the last time she used the credit card was Nov. 18 at Bath & Body Works and she said she contacted her bank to dispute the charges but she has yet to receive a refund. The woman said a man showed up at her door at around 7:18 p.m. and asked for “his package.” The woman refused to give the man the package and informed him that she had called her bank and saw that he somehow ordered the items using her credit card. According to the woman, the man quickly left, went to the garage and got into a 2018 Ford Fusion. The woman saw the man from her window and took photos of him leaving the building and entering the car. Police checked the car’s license plate and found it belonged to a car rental service in Brooklyn. Police collected the package and its contents for evidence and the woman said she would be willing to pursue charges if an offender were found.


Police responded to Joyce Road Dec. 30 on a report of a burglary. Officers established a perimeter around the residence and cleared the house. Officers saw the back basement window lying against the exterior of the house and the house’s back door open. The house was ransacked, two safes were opened and a large kitchen knife was on the floor of the basement. The homeowner told police he and his family left the residence around 2:45 p.m. and returned at around 10 p.m. The homeowners had a Ring doorbell, but it did not capture any events.

Police were dispatched Jan. 1 to CVS Pharmacy, 983 S. Central Ave., on a report of a burglary. Police spoke with a shift supervisor who said a man entered the store and placed a case of 16 8-ounce Ensure beverages valued at $24.49 into a red shopping tote. The shift supervisor told police she saw the man put the product into the tote bag and when she had asked him if he was paying for the Ensure, he allegedly replied “yes.” The shift supervisor then saw the man walk out of the store without paying. Because an employee was using the phone during the crime, the shift supervisor told police she needed to wait to use the phone before contacting police. Officers canvassed the area but could not find the man. They were able to obtain surveillance footage of the crime inside the store and attempted to contact the shopping center’s management company for camera footage from outside the pharmacy. The shift supervisor told police that CVS would pursue charges if the suspect were apprehended.

On Jan. 3, police responded to CVS Pharmacy, 253 N. Central Ave., on a report of a larceny. Police spoke with an employee who said that while he was checking out customers he saw a woman run out of the store carrying two large boxes of Ensure and a reusable shopping bag containing other unknown items without paying. The store manager said he saw the suspect leave the store and enter a dark-colored Hyundai SUV. Both employees told police the woman was a past offender who had previously stolen items from the store. Police were able to link the SUV to one or more prior larcenies. The employee said the store is willing to pursue charges if the suspect is identified.

Officers responded Jan. 2 to Scarsdale Ford on S. Central Avenue on a report of a larceny. Police spoke with the president of the dealership who said the dealership issued a check to one of its vendors in May for $26,469.97 but the vendor notified the dealership in June that the check was never received. The dealership’s president said Chase Bank told him the check was cashed by the vendor at Home Street Bank in Seattle, Washington. The dealership president told police he reached out to the vendor and a representative said the company did not have a location in Seattle. The dealership’s president said he found information on the internet indicating a fraudulent bank account was opened at Home Street Bank using the vendor’s name in May. The president said he did not wish to pursue charges.


A Rockledge Road woman called police Dec. 31 to report a suspicious incident. She said she and a man heard a noise coming from the parking lot of their residence around 12:40 a.m. The woman said she looked outside and saw two men walking westbound on Rockledge Road pulling on car door handles. The woman told police she saw a man pull the handles of her car and successfully open it. Police went to the car but did not find anything missing.

New year, new fight

An Uber driver called police Jan. 1 to report a passenger harassing him. Police spoke with the driver, who said when he dropped the passenger off at a Boulder Ridge Road residence around 12:40 a.m. they got into a verbal dispute. The driver told police the passenger got angry at him for not dropping off his friends at multiple locations. According to the driver, the passenger left the car, kicked the rear bumper of the driver’s car and punched him in the chest with a closed fist. The driver said his chest did not hurt and he did not want medical attention. Police noted the car did not appear to have any damage and the driver did not suffer any scratches, marks or bruises from the alleged punch. Police spoke with the passenger who said he and the Uber driver did get into a verbal dispute, but that he never became physical. The incident was reported for documentation purposes only.

Panhandling pressure

A property manager flagged down a police officer Jan. 2 on 269 S. Central Ave. to report  a man begging for money in the parking lot of the shopping center. The property manager told police he requested that the man leave the premises. Officers found the man at the bus stop located at S. Central and Marion avenues and advised him that the management doesn’t want him on the property and they will press charges if he returns.

No tow

A woman called police Jan. 2 to report a truck was towing her 2009 Toyota Corolla from the rear parking lot of the Sunoco gas station at 11 N. Central Ave. Police spoke with the woman who said she approached the truck driver and got into a verbal dispute with him. She said the truck driver pushed her away from him as they were arguing. The tow truck driver told police he never pushed the woman and he said the woman was parked illegally in the lot so he was authorized to tow her. The woman paid the tow truck driver $100 and he released her car.

Precarious puppy

A woman went to police headquarters Jan. 2 to report that the Labrador retriever her children purchased for $3,000 on Dec. 23 from Westchester Puppies & Kittens on S. Central Avenue became very sick on Dec. 27. She said she brought the dog to the Animal Specialty Center in Yonkers. She said the center diagnosed the dog with Parvo, a highly contagious and deadly virus, and that her veterinarian bills have totaled approximately $9,000. She said the dog would need medical care for an additional five to six days if it survives the disease. She alleged that the veterinarian believes the dog was never vaccinated by the pet store. She told police she has been communicating with the pet store through text message and the store was not cooperative as the family sought reimbursement for the cost of the dog or the veterinarian bills. She said she notified the Westchester County Health Department, filed a complaint with Agriculture & Markets and notified the ASPCA. Police are investigating the matter.

More identity theft

A man walked into police headquarters Jan. 2 to report an identity theft. The man told police he received a phone call from someone allegedly from Con Edison who said the gas bill for his restaurant on N. Central Avenue was not paid. The man told police he gave the person on the phone his credit card information but the unknown party said the transaction wouldn’t go through for 48 hours and the man should make the payment from a gift card. The man went to 7-Eleven and purchased a $500 Money Pak card and shared the code with the individual on the phone. The man told police he called Con Edison to confirm the company received the payment and was informed that Con Edison never received the money and did not have any unpaid gas bill from the man. The restaurant owner said he checked his bank account and did not have any unusual activity and planned to contact Chase Bank to cancel his accounts.

Police responded to a Fountain Lane house Jan. 3 on a report of identity theft. Police spoke with a woman at the residence who said she had received a letter around Dec. 30 from Best Buy credit services informing her that she was approved for a Best Buy Visa platinum credit card. She told police she never applied for the card. She told police she contacted a representative at Best Buy to report the fraudulent application, but the representative did not provide her with any additional information about the application. She said she would follow up with three credit agencies to make sure no new applications were filed in her name.

Bat out of Edgemont

Police, responding to an Edgemont Road house Jan. 5 on a report of a bat in the living room, captured and froze it.

This report, covering Greenburgh police activity in Edgemont and Hartsdale from Dec. 30 to Jan. 6, was compiled from official information.

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