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An employee at ShopRite on S. Central Avenue told police Aug. 17 about a woman who did not scan $295 of merchandise, most of it baby food and infant items. He said she had a newborn. He told police he asked her to leave the store with the items she did pay for, and that she was no longer welcome in the store. He warned her if she returned, he would call the police and have her arrested for trespassing. He told police he thought she needed help and she was shoplifting to feed her child. Police spoke with the woman and warned her about trespass; they also said child protective services would be informed of the incident.

Preventing future problems

A man went to police headquarters Aug. 18 with four guns he wanted to store. He said he was going through a divorce and wanted to prevent “future problems at home.” The guns, three rifles and a shotgun, were inventoried and stored.

Catalytic converter stolen

A N. Central Avenue resident told police Aug. 18 a catalytic converter was stolen from his car while it was parked in an assigned parking space in the parking area of his residential complex. He told police he got into the car on Aug. 6 and stepped on the gas and heard a loud noise, so he drove the car to an auto service station on E. Hartsdale Avenue and left it there. On Aug. 8, he went to Florida. He called the garage Aug. 12 after not hearing from them and was informed his catalytic converter had been removed and stolen. He called his insurance company and asked the superintendent of his building if he could watch surveillance video. On the video, he saw a dark colored sedan backing into the space next to his and then leaving soon after. Another resident in the building said she witnessed what happened. Police said there are multiple cameras in the area. The value of the catalytic converter is $5,000. Police are investigating.

Sleepless on Central Avenue

A N. Central Avenue woman walked into the police station Aug. 18 to report trouble with the couple who live in the apartment above hers. She said the couple makes too much noise. She accused them of having a device or machine that sends silent, unwanted vibrations downstairs every day to her body and it was disturbing her sleep during the day; she said she is employed as an overnight nurse. She refused medical attention that was offered. Police spoke with the people who live upstairs. They said they have no idea who lives in the apartment below and the only machines they have in the home are a television and common kitchen appliances. A report was made for the complainant to give an attorney she’s hired to get her neighbors removed from the building. The residents upstairs reportedly have lived in the building for 10 years without receiving a complaint of noise.

Suspicious behavior  

Police went to an address on High Point Road Aug. 18 and spoke to a resident who said, while she was outside near her car two other cars pulled up, a van and a sedan, and a man in the van spoke to her, but because of his heavy accent she couldn’t understand what he was saying. He did say her name and something about her house. When she said she couldn’t understand him, both cars drove off. The woman gave police information about the cars’ license plates, but it was incorrect and police looked for the van in the area without success.

Stolen car

A Spencer Court man told police Aug. 19 his black Mercedes-Benz was missing from his driveway. He said he parked it there unlocked with the keys inside. He has a Ring camera, but it’s not focused on the driveway. Police used the Mercedes tracking system to find the car, which was being driven in Newark, New Jersey. Newark police were alerted to be on the lookout. The car was recorded as stolen in the EJustice system and alerts were placed on the car with Westchester County Real Time Crime. The owner of the car said he would press charges if the thief were apprehended.

Poor deer

A deer with its leg stuck in a fence was euthanized by police Aug. 20 on Cross Hill Road. Police said the deer sustained a serious injury to its left hind leg so they dispatched it with two rounds. The body was carried to a location near the roadway and the department of public works went to pick it up.


A man wanted on a warrant was taken into custody and turned over to Spring Valley police Aug. 20. Mushtaq Grant, 43, was observed on Fort Hill Road making a left-hand turn where no left turn is allowed. Police initiated a traffic stop for the gray Honda Accord with temporary Vermont tags. A check with the DMV showed Grant was wanted on a warrant for criminal trespass in Spring Valley; police said he was uncooperative and would not confirm he was the wanted individual. Another officer arrived on scene and informed Grant he would be extradited. He was issued a ticket for his traffic violation in Greenburgh with a summons to appear in court Sept. 13. The Honda was impounded and towed to the Greenburgh police impound. Grant was turned over to an officer and a detective from the Spring Valley police department.

Missing wallet

A woman reported her wallet missing Aug. 22 after she shopped at ShopRite on S. Central Avenue. She didn’t notice it was gone until she arrived home. She called the store and requested a review of security video, but store personnel told her a police report is required. She was advised to cancel her credit cards and ask her bank to send alerts to her about any fraudulent activity. She was given paperwork needed to request a replacement driver’s license.

Stolen watches

Two Rolex watches were reported stolen Aug. 22 by a High Point Terrace resident. He said he returned from vacation Aug. 8 and couldn’t find his watches. He remembered leaving them in a bowl on his bedroom dresser. He said there was work going on in his house while he was away and he thought one of the workers might have stolen his watches. Meanwhile, he’s filed an insurance claim for his loss.

This report, covering Greenburgh police activity from Aug. 16 to Aug. 22, was compiled from official information.

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