Car damages Meadow Road lawn

Scarsdale police spoke to a Meadow Road woman Aug. 22 who said a car drove  across her lawn, causing damage. She said the lawn was in perfect condition earlier that day, but saw a construction worker helping push a green car on the road in front of her house. The car was stuck on a large white stone that was in the roadway. Police talked to the construction worker who said a large truck drove over the lawn and, in doing so, moved one of the white stones into the road. Not long after, a small car was driving through and got stuck on the stone.

Get off my lawn

Police spoke to a Brambach Road woman Aug. 20 regarding an incident that occurred Aug. 3. She said while she was away, her neighbors went onto her property without her consent. The woman said she doesn’t want her neighbors on her property. Officers then went to the neighbor’s house and spoke to the homeowner. The neighbor said they entered the other property to trim that side of the bushes and that they’ve done it for years. Police told the neighbor not to be on the property anymore.

No permit

Police talked to a man on Sycamore Road Aug. 21 who said he was working as a subcontractor for Con Edison. He said the work being done was emergency work for a house, including replacement of a pipeline and new electrical wires. The man couldn’t provide a permit, so police told him the work had to stop until a permit was secured.


A Cohawney Road man told police Aug. 20 someone made four fraudulent electronic payments from his bank’s checking account.

Identity theft

A Valley Road woman contacted police to report identity theft Aug. 23. She told police someone tried to use her personal identifying information to fill multiple prescriptions for controlled substance narcotics. She said she received numerous phone calls from various pharmacies in the area, informing her someone was using her name and insurance information to fill prescriptions for various drugs. She said she had no knowledge of any drug prescriptions having been successfully filled or picked up from any of the involved pharmacies.

A Heathcote Road man told police Aug. 25 he went to his bank Aug. 24 to make a deposit and was given a receipt showing his business account was overdrawn. The man went home and reviewed his account and found four checks that he did not write or authorize had been processed against his business, totaling $15,279.51. The man said he contacted the bank’s customer service department to report the fraudulent activity.


An Elizabeth, New Jersey, man was driving a delivery truck on Murray Hill Road Aug. 20, about to make a delivery to a house. A Saxon Woods Road woman was driving her car behind the truck. The woman said the man backed into her car, but the man said the woman rear-ended the truck. There were no injuries.

A Boulevard man driving his car on Drake Road stopped at a red light Aug. 21. When the light turned green, he started to drive, but his car was hit by a Garth Road woman’s car. She was driving on Post Road and entered the intersection through a red light. Three injuries were reported.

A Norwalk, Connecticut, man driving his car on Palmer Avenue Aug. 21 made a right turn onto Mamaroneck Road. At the same time, a Standish Drive woman driving her car on Palmer Avenue tried to make a right onto Mamaroneck Road. She failed to keep her car in her lane and hit the rear bumper of the man’s car.

A Byron Place woman was driving her car on Popham Road Aug. 21 when a Mamaroneck man’s car hit the rear end of her car. The man said that due to the weather, he couldn’t slow down in time. There were no injuries.

A Yonkers woman was driving a car on Crossway near the intersection of Heathcote Road Aug. 21 when another car failed to yield from Heathcote Road onto Crossway, causing the woman to veer her car and collide with a car driven by a Stonehouse Road woman.

A Griffen Avenue man driving a car on Brite Avenue Aug. 24 hit a Tompkins Road woman’s car. The woman lost control of her car and it overturned. The man’s car hit a curb and trees on Brite Avenue. There were no injuries reported. The fire department applied Speedy Dry to the spilled fluids.


Police received eight false calls between Aug. 19 and Aug. 26.


Firefighters were dispatched to the intersection of Heathcote Road and Post Road Aug. 21 for a two-car accident. One car was on its side but all occupants were out of both cars by the time firefighters arrived. Firefighters blocked lanes, helped with patient care until Emergency Medical Services arrived and applied Speedy Dry to spilled fluids. Two people were taken to the hospital.

A car hit a telephone pole on Heathcote Road Aug. 23. The driver got out of the car and was aided by the volunteer ambulance corps. Firefighters stabilized the scene and removed guide wires.

When firefighters responded to a Brambach Road house on a report of an oven fire Aug. 23, they found an oven with smoke coming from the bottom compartment. Firefighters opened the compartment and found an owner’s manual had been left in the broiler. They extinguished the fire and ventilated the house.

This report, covering Scarsdale police and fire department activity from Aug. 19 to Aug. 26, was compiled from official information.

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