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Emergency personnel responded July 11 on a report of a car driving off a bridge on to Mamaroneck Avenue. Upon arrival, police saw a car had crashed on to Mamaroneck Avenue, resting on its roof. The driver was out of the car and in the care of SVAC. The car was traveling northbound on the Hutchinson River Parkway when it crashed.

Dog bite

An Amazon delivery driver reported July 10, while making a delivery to a home on Griffen Avenue, he was chased and bitten on the leg by the resident’s dog. Police saw two puncture wounds on his right leg. The dog’s owner, an 81-year-old woman, said she had a sign posted that warns people not to enter her property. The dog’s vaccinations and registration are up to date. The dog was quarantined for 10 days and the Department of Health was notified of the bite. Police took pictures of the delivery driver’s injuries, the dog and the sign warning visitors to stay off the property.

Gas powered leaf blower offenses

Multiple reports were made regarding the illegal use of gas powered leaf blowers in Scarsdale this week; village code prohibits the use of such equipment between June 1 and Sept. 30. 

Some of the reports were invalid; others not. Offenders issued summonses were using gas powered leaf blowers July 6 on Heathcote, Elm and Springdale roads; and a landscaper working for EOJ Landscaping was issued a summons for using a gas powered blower on a side yard and driveway at a home on Penn Boulevard July 9. Illegal usage was reported and the users were given summonses on Black Birch Lane and at a home on Post Road and Drake on July 11.

Looking, but not casing

A caller reported two men in a silver Honda Civic with Connecticut license plates on Aspen Road July 6; the caller said he believed the men were casing houses for future robbery. Police located the described car at an active construction site nearby. They spoke with the contractor who identified the owner of the Civic as a subcontracted roofer. Police spoke with the driver, advising him of the complaint.

Open door

A Boulevard resident reported July 6 the front door of a neighbor’s house was open while the neighbor was away. The homeowner was contacted and confirmed the house is vacant, but said he left the door open on purpose for access by his contractor and his realtor.

Unsatisfied with new fence

An Aspen Road resident told police July 6 her fence was damaged or repositioned either by an act of nature or criminal activity. She showed police her neighbor’s fence, which she said was moved 2 feet away from the property line. She confirmed it wasn’t her fence, but her neighbor’s fence. Police determined that nothing appeared damaged. The woman said she found the new layout “unsightly” and felt she should have been notified prior to the change. Police told her the situation was not a police matter and if she had concerns, she should contact the building department.

Loud music

Loud music was reported coming from a house on Heathcote Road July 6. Police contacted the homeowner via an intercom by the property entrance. After being advised of the complaint, the homeowner agreed to turn down the music.

Random car

A Madison Road resident called police around midnight July 6 to say there was a strange car in the driveway and having just returned from a vacation, the caller was afraid to approach the house. Police determined the car belonged to the next-door neighbor. The caller said she didn’t recognize the car and she would speak with the neighbor in the morning.

No bell rung

A Meadow Road resident told police July 7 a masked man approached his door but did not ring the bell. The man then parked in front of the house with the car’s hazard lights on. He was gone before police arrived.

No game

A man who went with kids and cones to the basketball court on Heathcote School property July 7 did not leave when asked to do so by a school custodian. The custodian requested police assistance. Officers spoke with the man and when they told him the fields and courts are closed, he and the kids left the site.

Hit and run

White Plains police alerted Scarsdale police to a hit-and-run accident on Post Road near Mamaroneck Road July 7. The driver who left the scene was chased down and pulled over at Van Worth and West Post Road by White Plains police. Scarsdale police assisted with the necessary insurance information exchange. It was a sideswipe incident and nobody required medical attention.

No bikes on sidewalks

A Scarsdale parent told police on July 7 her son “was spoken to” by a business owner about riding his bike on the sidewalk. The mother said she was “curious” about bike laws as they pertain to riding on sidewalks. She was informed no bicycles are allowed on the sidewalks in a business district. Not long after, the business owner told police the mother came into her salon and started asking her questions about the incident. The two disagreed about specifics and the parent left the shop. Police spoke to her again to advise her of the bicycle laws in that district. She said she understood and in future her son would not be riding his bike on the sidewalks in the business district.

Landscapers, not trespassers

A Mamaroneck Road resident July 7 told police two men were in her front yard. Upon police arrival, all appeared in good order. A caretaker for the property approached police to say the resident was experiencing some cognitive decline and might have mistaken the landscapers for trespassers.

Off leash dog

A woman walking her dog on Mamaroneck Road July 7 reported encountering a man walking his dog off leash. His dog chased her and her dog. She said the man was wearing a blue shirt and khaki pants. When police located the man and his dog, the dog was on leash. The man said he let the dog off leash on the middle school grounds. He was reminded dogs must be leashed at all times when in public and, according to village code, dogs are not allowed on school property.

Found wallet

A good Samaritan found a wallet in a field on the grounds of Heathcote School near Heathcote Road July 8 and turned the wallet in to police, who were able to return the wallet to its owner.

Keys locked inside

A caller whose car keys were locked in a car parked on Crossway July 8 contacted police for assistance. Fire department personnel responded, but couldn’t get into the car, so Duty Tow was called to assist with the lockout. 

A caller on Gatehouse Road also locked keys inside a car. Duty Tow arrived and unlocked the car.

Identity theft and scams

A Mamaroneck Road resident reported July 8 his Social Security number was compromised and $550 of unemployment benefits were erroneously paid to an unknown party.

A Sage Terrace resident told police July 11 someone used her credit card without her permission. An unauthorized card was opened under an account she already had; apparently a person in California obtained the woman’s banking information on an account she shares with her husband. Attempts to use the card were blocked by the bank. The card has been cancelled and accounts frozen. No financial loss was reported.

A Ridgecrest West resident told police July 11 her husband tried calling Apple Tech Support to repair her broken cell phone. They assumed the person on the call worked for the company, but the person, who said his name was “Tony Singh,” asked for a great deal of information and they didn’t think “Tony Singh” was a legitimate responder. The Scarsdale man terminated the call and shut down his wife’s computer. She told police she was concerned because the caller had accessed their phone and computer for approximately 52 minutes. She was advised to notify the FTC and FCC regarding the possible scammer, and to contact the police regarding any theft or identity theft moving forward.

A Hamilton Road resident reported July 11 receiving a letter from a credit union informing her that an unknown person attempted to open an account using her personal information. That request was denied. Around the same time, she said she also received a call from her credit card company telling her someone tried opening a checking account, using her information. The account was closed before charges were made.

A Hamilton Road resident said July 11 he received letters from an insurance company indicating a policy was opened using his personal information. Future charges would be debited to his account with a credit union. The man has no business with either the insurance company or the credit union. He was advised of steps to take to protect his accounts.

Skunk in the road

A live skunk was reported on Jefferson Road July 9. On arrival police determined the skunk was dead. Public works was notified.

A dead deer was reported July 9 in the eastbound lane between Post Road and Weaver Street in the vicinity of Heathcote and Duck Pond roads. Police moved the deer to the side of the road and notified the highway department.

Found property

An Acura key fob was found July 9 by a good Samaritan on East Parkway, opposite the police department substation. A photo of the fob was taken and placed into evidence, the key fob put away for safekeeping. Police canvassed the area looking for an Acura with negative results.

License plate mix-up

A man walked into police headquarters July 9 to report someone is using a license plate belonging to him that was attached to a car he previously reported stolen. He said his car was impounded in another jurisdiction in 2015 and at the time he received paperwork for a license plate that was reportedly destroyed. He said he doesn’t know what happened to the second plate, but has been receiving letters from E-ZPass saying that same license plate number has racked up multiple tolls. He said E-ZPass told him he needs additional paperwork from the police for the second plate in order to remove the toll charges. He was issued the proper paperwork for the lost plate.


An older man July 10 requested assistance changing the battery in his smoke alarm at his Crossway home. Police couldn’t reach the device, so the fire department went to the house and changed the battery.

Computer tampering

An Autenrieth Road woman July 12 reported her law firm’s website was altered without her permission. She said her law firm partner told her a Google search of the business name redirects users to a site selling prescription drugs. The caller said she checks the search engine often and believes the tampering is recent. She spoke with her website manager who is working to correct the situation.


A contractor set off an alarm at Kids’ B.A.S.E. on Mamaroneck Road July 8 when he accidentally damaged a refrigerant line in the basement. The contractor was replacing an outside air conditioning unit; when the line was cut, 10-15 pounds of R-22 refrigerant flowed into the basement. The initial plume set off the smoke alarm. Personnel evacuated the building. Positive pressure ventilation (PPV) was used to vent the basement. Because the refrigerant line was still leaking, the contractor evacuated the line outside the building and PPV was used for five more minutes. After oxygen levels were checked, the building was reoccupied.

An overheated motor of the HVAC system in the basement of a house on Murray Hill Road set off an alarm July 8. Haze and a burning odor were detected in the basement. Positive pressure ventilation was used to clear the haze, and the alarm was reset.

Fire personnel responded to a two-car accident July 8 on the Hutchinson River Parkway at Mamaroneck Avenue. An SUV had minor damage to the left front side and a black coupe had severe front-end damage as well as damage to both sides of the car and its rear. Both cars were in the left lane so traffic was closed in that lane. The SUV driver was able to drive away from the scene. Because of a smoke condition and odor of burning, the trunk was opened on the coupe to disconnect the battery. A hose line was started as a precaution, but the smoke and odor situation ended when responders disconnected the battery. The coupe was towed from the scene.

Burning wires were reported July 10 at the intersection of Johnson and Sprague roads. Firefighters found one wire down and a secondary wire pulled almost completely from the pole. Con Edison was on scene. Fire personnel taped off the area.

An odor of smoke was reported July 12 at a home on Fox Meadow Road. The homeowner said the smell was coming from a second floor master bedroom. An air conditioning unit in the attic was discovered to have a frozen evaporator coil. Power was shut to the unit and the homeowner was advised to contact their HVAC service.

This report was made using official reports from the Scarsdale Police and Fire departments for the period of July 6 through July 13.

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