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A 75-year-old woman was struck by a car on Garth Road July 3 when a 68-year-old man driving eastbound onto the westbound lane of Popham Road attempted to correct his mistake by reversing, hitting the woman in the crosswalk at Popham and Garth roads. Fire department personnel assisted while Scarsdale EMS put the woman into an ambulance and police redirected traffic. The woman, who suffered a head injury, was taken to White Plains Hospital.


A two-car accident with no injuries was reported June 29 at Catherine and Mamaroneck roads. Police assisted in an information exchange.

No injuries were reported at the scene of a two-car accident June 29 in a parking lot at Popham and Overhill roads.

Drivers exchanged information after a two-car accident June 30 on Popham Road. No injuries were reported.

Found property

A citizen flagged a police officer on patrol regarding a wallet they found on a picnic table in Depot Plaza June 29. The wallet belongs to a person who lives in Carmel, New York. Carmel police were contacted and the wallet owner’s phone number was obtained. Police attempted to contact her several times with negative results. The wallet was held at police headquarters for safekeeping.

A citizen who found a Capital One credit card on Popham Road July 1 handed the card over to police on patrol. Police were unable to locate the owner of the card; they contacted Capital One and were told to destroy the card because Capital One would issue the owner a new card.

A found wallet turned into police on Tompkins Road July 5 was retrieved by its owner, who was happy to find nothing missing.

Identity thefts

A Palmer Avenue man on June 29 told police someone used his Social Security number in an attempt to receive unemployment benefits. He said his employer denied the claim. Police advised him to monitor his credit and report any other suspicious activity.

A Tunstall Road man told police June 30 his employer alerted him someone was attempting to collect unemployment benefits using his Social Security number. The employer denied the claim and the man notified the Department of Labor.

A Carthage Lane man told police July 2 he received notice of unemployment benefits he never applied for. Paperwork indicated someone filed in his name on March 30. The victim told police this was the first time his personal information had been compromised.

A Barker Lane woman on July 2 said she received mail from the Department of Motor Vehicles with her address but the wrong name. She said she’s concerned someone was misusing her information. She was given advice for following up via voicemail.

A Carthage Lane woman told police July 2 a fraudulent Workers Compensation claim had been made in her husband’s name, possibly using his Social Security number. She asked to have the incident documented.

Garbage dumped

A Boulevard resident called police July 2 to report that a truck pulled up in front of her house and dumped a load of garbage on her front yard. Police saw a cardboard box containing Styrofoam. The caller said two men in a gray pickup truck drove up and dropped the box. She asked if the sanitation department could pick up the box and the garbage. They were notified and no further action was required.

Criminal mischief

A Greenacres Road woman July 2 said while she and her family were away June 27 through July 2, two items on her property were intentionally damaged. She showed police an arbor that was dismantled and knocked over; there was also a steel fence surrounding her garden that appeared bent. Similar damage was found on her property a year ago, she said, and she believed it was intentional.

Stolen cars

Police responded to a Carstensen Road residence July 3 on a report of a stolen Mercedes valued at $50,000. Inside the missing car were various items for the residence and sunglasses valued at $1,500. The caller said her daughter was the one who noticed the car was missing from the driveway. She said her son was the last person to drive the car and he left the keys inside without locking it.

Also on July 3 another Carstensen Road resident said a 2009 Toyota van valued at $10,000 was stolen from the driveway. Inside the van were a tennis racket and various tennis equipment valued at $1,000. The van was left unlocked with the keys inside.

Unlocked cars entered

Fifty dollars in cash and a wallet containing a debit card were reported taken from an Audi sedan left unlocked in a driveway of a Lockwood Road residence July 3.

A Jefferson Road resident reported July 5 someone entered her car overnight and rifled through it. She said there was no sign of forced entry and nothing appeared stolen.

Noisy parties

Police responded to a Pinecrest Road residence on a report of a loud party June 30. The residents said they were having a small family gathering. They were advised of the local noise ordinance.

An excessively loud party was reported at a home on Saxon Woods Road July 4. The homeowner told police they would turn off the music.

Police responded on a report of singing or yelling in the vicinity of Wynmor Road July 5. The caller said the noise could be coming from a Palmer Avenue residence. Police drove through the area but didn’t hear anything.


A Post Road resident reported a coyote in her yard on July 1. When police arrived, she amended her statement to say it might have been a German shepherd. She said the dog or coyote was heading toward Cambridge Road. Police looked for the animal with negative results.

Suspicious behavior

A Saxon Woods Road resident July 2 reported a Budget van driving up and down her road in a suspicious manner. Police looked for the van but didn’t find it.

Hanging wires

A downed wire was reported on Cambridge Road July 2. Police saw Verizon wires partially blocking the roadway and in front of a driveway. The people inside the house said their service was not affected. The wires connected to the house on Cambridge Road and a utility pole. Verizon was notified and police marked off the hanging wires with police tape to alert pedestrians and motorists they should use the other half of the road.

A large tree limb was reported in the roadway on S. Church Lane July 3. Police attempted to move it without success, marked it with caution tape and notified the highway department.

Police moved several downed branches onto a Post Road lawn because they were blocking the sidewalk and the road in front of a house July 4.

Oversleeping kids

Police responded to a Stratton Road residence July 3 on a report that a father had failed to return his children to their mother, as stipulated in a custody agreement. Police spoke with the mother who said the kids were supposed to be at her house at 9 a.m. and at 9:30 they had not arrived. She said the agreement is civil and not court ordered and she just wanted the incident documented as she is in contact with an attorney. As police were leaving, the father pulled up in a car with the kids. Police spoke to the father, who said he was late because the kids overslept. They advised him this is a civil matter.

Dispute over face covering

A woman walking her dog July 4 at the intersection of Edgewood Road and Roosevelt Place told police she turned a corner and suddenly encountered a painter working at a house. She said she put on her mask and asked the painter to social distance, but he didn’t move and spat on the ground next to her. He wasn’t wearing a mask. Police spoke to the painter who denied spitting. He admitted he wasn’t wearing a mask and was surprised by the woman and didn’t have time to react before coming within 6 feet of her. It was suggested that both parties be careful when turning corners and in situations where social distancing might be unexpectedly difficult. They were both reminded about state-issued orders to wear masks and maintain social distancing. No spit was observed.

Half dressed thirsty man

Police responded to Griffen Avenue July 4 on a report of a man acting suspiciously on the golf course. On the phone, the golf course general manager told police a man in his 30s went on the course and took off his shirt. The man said he had just finished a marathon and asked if there was something to drink. He was told to leave. The man called for a ride and left before police arrived.

Just a conversation

Police responded July 5 on a report of a parked car on the basketball court on Roosevelt Place. The caller said she thought the occupants might be fighting. Upon arrival, police spoke to the couple — a boyfriend and girlfriend — in the car. They said they weren’t arguing, but just having a conversation.


A 9-year-old child accidently locked in a bedroom in a Highland Road residence June 29 was rescued after firefighters gained entry through the bedroom window. Firefighters removed the lock at the homeowner’s request.

A smoking car was reported on the Hutchinson River Parkway July 3. Firefighters responded and found a car on the left shoulder and determined it had overheated due to an oil leak. Scarsdale fire personnel assisted Westchester County police with traffic control, applied absorbent to a small fluid spill on the road and remained on scene until the car was towed.

A leak in a gas supply pipe at a Heathcote Road residence July 5 resulted in a visit from the fire department when a CO alarm activated. The residents had left the house before responders arrived. Con Edison was requested; firefighters found elevated CO readings in the kitchen on the natural gas cook top and a gas-fired boiler in the basement showed a lockout error. Con Edison isolated the leak, the house was vented and the homeowner was advised to call a plumber.

This report was made using official reports from the Scarsdale police and fire departments covering the period of June 29 through July 5.

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