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A Connecticut resident told police her blue Honda CRV valued at $23,000 was stolen from the commuter parking lot on Scarsdale Avenue Jan. 28 along with her E-ZPass. She said she parked around 7:30 a.m. and returned just before 4 p.m., at which time she discovered it missing. A report was made.

Identity theft

A Haverford Avenue resident Jan. 25 reported a Home Depot credit card was issued in her name without her consent or knowledge. She said LifeLock notified her in November about the card, issued from a store in the Bronx. Charges worth $8,000 were made with the card and the person who opened the account had use the woman’s Social Security number but an incorrect birth date. A report was made so LifeLock can pursue investigation.

A Tompkins Road resident Jan. 25 claimed identity theft when she was notified of a lien and sale document of a car she doesn’t own. She said she doesn’t own a car and has never owned a car. Police advised her to notify the DMV to see if this information was received in error.

A Springdale Road resident Jan. 25 reported someone filed for unemployment benefits in her name. Her employer’s human resources department informed her of the activity. She’s not out any money and has notified the Department of Labor.

A Bradford Road resident Jan. 25 said his employer notified him of fraudulent unemployment benefits applied for in his name.

A South Church Lane resident Jan. 27 said someone tried to file for unemployment benefits using her personal information. She was notified of this activity by the Department of Labor. She’s not out any money and is keeping an eye on her credit.

A 79-year-old Rock Creek Lane resident Jan. 28 told police she went to her bank to pick up her weekly statement and a bank representative notified her an unknown person used two domestic wire transfers to take $5,360 from her account; the person also made debit card transactions worth a couple of hundred dollars on her account. A police report was filed so the bank can investigate.

A Harvest Drive resident told police Jan. 28 that fraudulent unemployment benefits were applied for in his name. His employer notified him of the claim.

A Leatherstocking Lane resident who was the victim of identity theft five years earlier said he is once again a victim. He reported Jan. 28 receiving a letter from the Department of Labor that reported funds were being deducted from his bank account; what alarmed him was seeing the obviously fake letter included his correct Social Security number. He called his accountant who said no such activity was happening. He filed a police report to document the incident. 

A Rugby Lane resident Jan. 29 learned fraudulent unemployment benefits were made in his name with his former employer. The claim was flagged by the Department of Labor. He declined to make a formal complaint at the time and requested the incident be documented as a precaution.

A Heathcote Road resident Jan. 29 told police someone filed for unemployment benefits in her name at her place of business, a medical office in the Bronx. She is a doctor and owner of the business. She said she’s not out any money and is keeping a close eye on her accounts.

An Elm Road resident Jan. 30 told police a bank notified him that an account in his name was closed. He said he had no knowledge of that account and had never opened a new account. The account was closed because the bank flagged it as fraud. A report was filed.

A Tunstall Road resident told police Jan. 31 someone unsuccessfully tried to collect unemployment benefits in his name. He is currently monitoring his credit and financial reports.


A black Subaru parked on Chase and Popham roads for an unspecified amount of time accrued tickets totaling $360 in parking fines. On Jan. 25 a parking enforcement officer identified the car and confirmed with a court employee it was in violation. The car belongs to a Connecticut woman who was not on scene. The car was towed to a lot in Tuckahoe.

Cardboard boxes

Police responded to Walworth Avenue Jan. 25 on a complaint of cardboard boxes placed at a curb blowing onto neighboring properties. Mailing labels affixed to the boxes clued police as to who was responsible. That person was told to adhere to village code Section 179-4E which states, “No material shall be placed at the street for collection prior to the day preceding the scheduled collection, except yard organics.” Patrol contacted the sanitation department to confirm Feb. 2 was the next scheduled date for pickup at that location. The homeowner was issued a summons.

Puppy scam

A Dickel Road woman called police Jan. 27 to report she was scammed on a puppy purchase. The woman said she was in contact with a man on a website selling Cavapoo puppies. She texted, emailed and spoke on the phone with a man who instructed her she could pay for the dog and its transport by sending him $750 via Zelle. She sent him the money Jan. 25, at which point the man said there was an issue but he would still ship the dog via airplane Jan. 28. She said she changed her mind and didn’t want the dog. She requested that her money be refunded. She hasn’t heard from the guy since and no money was refunded. According to police, the case is closed due to insufficient evidence.

Dog bites elderly lady

A 79-year-old Donellan Road resident reported Jan. 27 she was walking at Greenacres Avenue and Colvin Road when a small dog bit her. She said she didn’t notice she was bitten until the dog and its owner walked away. She said she was unable to locate the owner. She sustained a minor injury and went to White Plains Hospital by private car for treatment. A report was made.

Weird phone calls

A Central Park Avenue resident told police Jan. 30 strange calls were coming into her place of work at an Ogden Road synagogue. She said the messages are garbled and nonsensical but she didn’t perceive them as threats. She asked to have the calls documented and requested patrol do extra drive-bys at her workplace. She later reported the synagogue received an odd email. A report was made.

Con Ed con?

A Palmer Avenue resident told police Jan. 26 she received calls from a person who claimed to work for Con Edison. The caller threatened to interrupt her electricity at work unless she sent him money via Bitcoin. She said she’s up to date with her electric bill and told the caller she thinks he’s a scammer. She gave him no personal information and called police to file a report.

Lights and music

A complaint was made by a Post Road caller Jan. 26 about a neighbor who, she said, plays loud music and has a light pointed at her house that keeps her up at night. Patrol cruised past the neighbor’s home and heard no music and saw no lights. Police spoke to the neighbor and explained local noise regulations.

Truck damages fence

A Post Road resident told police Jan. 27 he watched a delivery truck drive onto his property, drive in reverse and hit his fence. No injuries were reported; patrol assisted the driver and the homeowner with insurance paperwork.


A Hillview Drive resident called police Jan. 27 to report a wolf was in his yard and walking in the street. Police looked for the animal, likely a coyote, not a wolf, with negative results.

A Post Road resident Jan. 29 reported a dead deer in her driveway. She asked for help moving it. The highway department was notified.

Better call first

An Elm Road resident told police Jan. 27 he wasn’t home but was watching on his surveillance camera as an unknown man placed a ladder against his house. Police went to the residence and spoke with an employee of a local gutter cleaning service who said he had a work order to clean the gutters. Police spoke with the gutter company manager who said there was an order for a gutter clean and it isn’t the custom of the company to call the homeowner prior to arrival. The homeowner agreed he has a contract with the gutter cleaning service; the manager said he would speak directly with the homeowner to arrange a time and date for service.

Kid’s lost wallet

A man reported finding a wallet Jan. 27 while walking on the path adjacent to the park on Bell Road. Police used a driver’s license found inside the wallet to identify the owner, called the house and spoke with the mother of the wallet’s owner. The wallet was turned over to her.

Dripping water

A Rock Creek Lane resident called police Jan. 28 to report her kids were home alone and in need of assistance. On arrival, police saw water dripping from a support beam in the basement. The homeowner returned to the house and turned off the water, then called a plumber.

Greeting cards?

A Nelson Road resident Jan. 28 told police a friend had dropped off a package of greeting cards valued at $32, but when she checked her mailbox the cards weren’t there. Police asked if it was possible the package was left by a back door. The caller requested police drive-bys at her home.

Package not delivered

A River Road resident called police Jan. 28 to report an anticipated package from Amazon was never received. She said Amazon notified her it was arriving and delivered Jan. 19. She was home all day but never saw the delivery or the package. She checked with her neighbors but no one had her package. She filed a report in order to take the matter up with Amazon.


An Ogden Road resident told police Jan. 29 he was walking home from the train station when a dark SUV containing several teens drove up alongside him and shouted obscenities. He said he saw the car head north on Fox Meadow Road. A few minutes later, a caller on East Parkway told police several teens in a black Honda Pilot threw an ice ball at his car. The caller said he was following the car. Police asked him to stop following the other car, which police searched for without success.


Firefighters went to Quaker Ridge Road and Weaver Street Jan. 26 for a car accident where extrication tools were requested. On arrival, all occupants were out of the car. Ambulance personnel, local police and county police were on scene. The fire department disconnected the car’s battery, stood by for tow, and stabilized the scene. No injuries were reported.

Fire personnel and medics aided a 40-year-old man who sustained a head injury Jan. 26 after falling into the basement of a Dolma Road house under construction. The man was conscious and alert after he fell about 10 feet from the first floor to the basement. Firefighters stabilized the scene and an ambulance took the man to a hospital.

A hazardous condition was reported Jan. 26 at Hutchinson Avenue and Meadow Road after a tractor-trailer struck an overpass and might have been leaking fuel. On arrival the responders saw the trailer had pulled off the highway. The trailer was thoroughly checked. Nothing was leaking.

Firefighters responded to the Hutchinson River Parkway northbound at Exit 22 Jan. 30 on a report of an entrapment situation due to a car colliding with a tractor-trailer. Three vehicles were involved, including the truck. All occupants were able to get out of their vehicles. County police and ambulance personnel were on scene; one driver was taken to Westchester County Medical Center by ambulance.

An odor of gas was reported around Kent and Ogden roads Jan. 30. On arrival, firefighters saw a Con Edison excavation site with a steel plate on top and they detected an odor of gas. The scene was metered and a Con Edison technician detected natural gas in the excavation hole, but negative readings in the ground or sewer drains. Fire units were released from the scene by Con Edison.

A contractor working Jan. 31 at an unoccupied house on Cushman Road reported water was filling the basement. He said a water service fitting became detached while he was attempting to operate a valve. There was an uncontrolled flow of water and several inches of water on the basement floor. The Scarsdale Water Department was notified; the contractor left the site and returned with a replacement fitting to repair the valve.

This report, covering Scarsdale police and fire department activity from Jan. 25 to Jan. 31, was compiled from official information.

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