CNC taps Samwick as mayoral candidate

Marc Samwick

The Citizens Nominating Committee announced Jan. 23 its members voted Marc Samwick of Mamaroneck Road as its candidate for mayor, and Jonathan Lewis, Rochelle Waldman and current trustee Seth Ross for three village trustee positions to be voted on March 19. 

Samwick has served two terms on the board of trustees and was appointed deputy mayor under mayors Bob Steves and Jon Mark.

Lewis, of Woods Lane, ran in the Democratic primary against U.S. Rep. Eliot Engel and served one three-year term on the Scarsdale Board of Education.

Ross, an Ardmore Road resident, is running for re-election for a second term, and Waldman, who lives on Spier Road, has not previously served on the board of trustees or board of education, but has served on numerous other community organizations.

The committee by majority vote also elected Oak Lane resident Marc Greenwald as chairman and Ryan Spicer of Tunstall Road as vice chairman for the 2019-20 CNC. Greenwald and Spicer will serve as nonvoting members of the CNC, and will be responsible for convening the 2019-20 CNC in November or December 2019. 

Previously, the Non-Partisan Resolution had designated representatives of an external organization to serve as the CNC’s nonvoting chairman and vice chairman. The change in the Non-Partisan Resolution was ratified Nov. 13 in a vote open to qualified voters in the village.

Regarding the mayor and trustees slate, current committee chairman Jon Mark said, “The CNC searched for potential candidates and deliberated over the course of two months, following up with more than 100 references from throughout the village. While deliberations and reference conversations are not shared publicly, the CNC considered and researched carefully the background, experience and qualifications of each candidate.”

Per past practice, the candidates are expected to run as a slate under the name “Scarsdale Citizens’ Non-Partisan Party.” By tradition, trustees serve two-year terms and are unpaid. Trustees also are eligible to serve up to two terms and then leave the board, though, after two terms they are — again, by tradition — eligible to serve one two-year term as mayor, which is also an unpaid position. An individual, or a trustee, need not serve two trustee terms before putting his or her name forward for mayor.

Complete biographical information and interviews for each candidate will be published in forthcoming editions of The Inquirer.

As a final piece of business, the CNC elected Penn Boulevard resident Sarit Kessel Fuchs, a nonvoting member of this year’s CNC, as vice chairman for the 2019 Procedure Committee. The CNC is required under the amended Non-Partisan Resolution to elect a vice chairman for the Procedure Committee, which the NPR tasks with conducting the elections for next year’s incoming class of the CNC, and to perform other duties in support of the nonpartisan system. Fuchs will serve under Eric Cheng, formerly the vice chairman of the 2018 Procedure Committee, who will continue on as chairman.

According to the CNC, the village election on March 19 will take place either at Scarsdale Village Hall, 1001 Post Road or at the Scarsdale Congregational Church, 1 Heathcote Road. Village officials will make the final determination on the location of the polls prior to the election and will provide further information on where voting will be held.

— Submitted, with reporting by Valerie Abrahams

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