Bronx River pathway construction photo

Construction workers build a stone retaining wall and grade a pathway extension alongside the Bronx River Parkway.

The Bronx River Parkway Reservation, Westchester’s first and oldest county park, will finally have a continuous pathway for biking, hiking, jogging and other recreational pursuits.

Construction is underway to develop a 7,500-foot section of the Bronx River Pathway between the Crane Road Bridge and Greenacres Avenue in Scarsdale, which will link up two existing paved pathway sections. The pathway connector will be about 12 feet wide with two bridge crossings of existing stormwater outfalls. The path will also run under the Crane Road Bridge and continue along the east bank of the Bronx River.

The Bronx River Pathway extends 13.2 miles in Westchester from the New York City line north to the Kensico Dam Plaza in Valhalla. The path consists of three paved parts — a one-mile section around Oak Street in Mount Vernon, a 4.6-mile section from Palmer Road in Bronxville to Crane Road in Scarsdale, and a 5-mile section extending from Greenacres Avenue in Hartsdale to Kensico Dam Plaza. To get from the Crane Road section to the Greenacres Avenue section, cyclists and runners must go through 1.5 miles of public roads, which often don’t have shoulders. The new link will make recreation safer and easier once the pathway is completed.

The new link will cost $5.7 million. The contractor is Avanti Building Construction located in Mount Vernon. According to prior reports, the work includes removal of about 200 trees that will be replaced with noninvasive shrubbery. There will also be a stone retaining wall to reduce flooding and spilling from steep hills.

“Periodic closures of the right lane of the southbound Bronx River Parkway during nonrush hour periods are to be expected throughout construction,” said Joseph Sgammato, deputy director of communications for Westchester County. “The southbound ramp at Fenimore Road will require closure during the nonrush hour period on selected days. Associated traffic buildup and delays may occur.”

The duration of the project is about 540 days. It is scheduled to be completed by the late fall of 2020.

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