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A woman reported she was bitten by a brown, shaggy dog July 20 on Ridgedale Road. She told police she was bruised from the bite. She said while walking in front of a house on Black Birch Lane, a dog began barking at her from behind what she assumed was an invisible electric fence. She said when she passed the driveway, the dog ran into the street and bit her on the leg, then chased a passing bicyclist before returning to its yard. Emergency medical personnel responded and treated the woman.

Police identified the dog and its owner. The dog’s owner was notified she must confine the dog for 10 days as per the public health law. The dog is up to date on its vaccinations and license. A report was made for the county health department. 


A Con Edison supervisor contacted police to report a car damaged his car on Saxon Woods Road on July 20. He said it was a minor sideswipe incident and neither he nor his co-worker were injured. He said the car that swiped him likely has a damaged mirror but he was otherwise unable to describe it.

Found property

A Chase debit card was found in front of Wynmor Park on Secor Road and turned in to police July 20 by a good Samaritan. Police tried but couldn’t  contact the person whose name was on the card, which was vouchered for safekeeping. 

A threat made

A Griffen Avenue resident went to police headquarters July 20 to report that a contractor threatened her. She said he was looking to collect payment for work, but that she was not satisfied with the work and would have to hire another contractor to complete the job. She reported no physical threat. Police spoke to the contractor and advised both parties not to contact each other and to proceed with civil action if needed.

Won’t mask

A patron who refused to wear a mask inside DeCiccos Market on East Parkway July 20 was escorted outside to the parking lot by the store manager. Another employee called police to report the incident. The elderly man left without incident.

A bus driver and a passenger argued on a BeeLine bus July 22 about the passenger’s refusal to wear a mask. Liberty Lines Dispatch alerted Scarsdale police to respond to the incident where the bus had stopped at Wilmot Road and Golden Horseshoe Shopping Center. New Rochelle police responded and no action was taken by Scarsdale law enforcement.

Assistance rendered

Police helped an 89-year-old Lebanon Road resident July 20 get back on his feet and applied basic first aid to a small scratch on his elbow.

The daughter of a Mamaroneck Road resident who subscribes to RUOK alert service called police July 20 with concern about her mother who didn’t respond when the daughter tried to reach her. Patrol went to the residence and spoke with the mother who said she’d overslept. Police told the daughter everything was fine and advised her to follow up with the fire inspector regarding the installation of a Knox Box system for emergency access to the residence.

An elderly Chateaux Circle resident who dislocated his hip was transported July 21 to White Plains Hospital for medical treatment.

While on patrol July 21, police noticed an open passenger side rear door of a Honda Pilot parked in front of a house on Nelson Road. Police contacted the car owner, who said the door was left open accidentally, and they explained the importance of securing one’s property.

Nonemergency assistance was provided July 22 to a Westview Lane resident who was on the ground in front of his house and couldn’t get up. He was helped back inside without incident.

An elderly Lebanon Road resident was found July 23 lying on the floor by a staircase. His wife called for help. The man wasn’t injured but needed help getting up the stairs.

Suspicious behavior

A Sage Terrace resident July 21 told police he saw an air conditioning company van in front of his neighbor’s house; he said the van traveled down the road and stopped at two more houses. He said the behavior seemed suspicious and he gave police the van’s license plate. Soon after, police found the van parked in a driveway on Putnam Avenue. The resident said due to spotty cell service in the area, the van stopped at several locations attempting to contact him and he confirmed the workers were there to work on his air conditioning system.

Police responded to the Scarsdale pool complex July 21 on a report of possible sexual activity taking place at Kids’ BASE nearby. Police searched the area with negative results.

Youths on the roof were reported July 21 at Quaker Ridge School on Weaver Street. Police located five kids at the back parking lot and told them school grounds are closed. Police searched the roof for additional kids but none were found.

A Black Birch Lane resident called to report a blue van had parked on her street July 23. She said her phone rang around the time the van pulled up. Police spoke to the driver who said he was working at the house next door.

Soliciting time is up

An Overlook Road resident July 21 complained about soliciting in the area at 8 p.m. Police responded and spoke to a Brooklyn man, and said his permit was issued only for solicitation until 7:30 p.m. He agreed to stop soliciting for the evening.

Camera concern

A Lee Road resident called police July 22 to report his neighbor installed a home security camera and the caller was concerned the camera pointed to a bedroom window on his house. He told police he spoke to the neighbor and the neighbor removed the camera, but the caller was still concerned. He wanted the incident documented in case any issues arose in the future.

Tree falls on house

Police responded July 22 to Park Road on a report of a tree on a house. On arrival, police saw a large tree had fallen and damaged a rear deck, a greenhouse and a sunroom. Power was shut off to the affected areas. The rest of the house appeared structurally sound. No injuries were reported and the building department was notified.

A tree was reported down at Post and Farley roads on July 22. Patrol responded and removed the tree from the roadway.

Police responded July 22 on a report of a tree blocking the northbound lane at the 1200 block of Post Road. Police moved the tree out of the roadway. The highway department was notified.

A tree that fell on Carstensen Road July 22 took out the traffic lights at Crane, Post and Heathcote roads. Con Edison was notified. Four portable stop signs were set up and barricades were placed on Crane Road at Carstensen Road.

A Carthage Road resident thought his house was struck by lightning July 22. Police responded and found that a large tree down on the other side of the road had spewed debris all over the area and set off an unintentional fire alarm at the caller’s house. The fire department responded, but no fire was found.

A large tree branch fell in the roadway July 22 on Brewster and Chesterfield roads. The highway department was notified.

Police removed a medium-sized branch July 22 near the Scarsdale pool on Mamaroneck Road, and a branch blocking travel through the parking lot of the Scarsdale Congregational Church on Heathcote Road.

Traffic was still able to pass on Taunton Road July 22 after a large branch fell and partially blocked the roadway. Patrol was unable to tape off the area. The highway department was notified.

The highway department reported a large tree resting on wires on Kelwynne Road July 22. The area was taped off and Con Edison was called.

Argued over phone access

A mother and her young daughter argued July 23 at a Walworth Avenue house over the teen’s phone usage. The mother called police after her daughter left the house; the daughter returned after a while and requested transport to the hospital for an emotional evaluation. An ambulance took her to Westchester Medical Center.

Identity theft

A Garden Road resident reported July 23 her personal information was stolen, money was removed from her bank accounts and a fraudulent change of address was registered at the post office. She said she learned of the identity theft and fraud after being contacted by Citibank about a credit card she was alleged to have opened. She blocked her account and her monetary loss was refunded.

A Fayette Road resident called police July 24 to report his computer might have been hacked but he didn’t think anything was taken. He said he received a call from a person who claimed to work for Apple. The man said the caller told him his identity was being used by someone in another state. The man told police he temporarily relinquished control of his computer to the caller and provided details about his bank accounts before realizing he was scammed. Police advised the man to change all his passwords and monitor his credit report.

Stolen chairs

The owner of Westchester Burger on Garth Road July 24 reported plastic chairs worth $450 were stolen from his business. He said three chairs from his outdoor seating area were missing from the rear parking lot where he had left them. He said the chairs came from a rental company. The rental company was notified and a deposition was made.

Knife found in roadway

A passerby told police about a large knife in the roadway at the intersection of Post Road and Boulevard July 25. It was a serrated kitchen knife with a black handle and a 6-inch blade. The knife was in good condition, but covered by dirt. Police secured it in the evidence locker for safety purposes.


Dalber Barbosa, 38, of Scarsdale was arrested July 26 and charged with DWI, first offense, a misdemeanor. While on patrol on Heathcote Road, police saw a gray Subaru traveling westbound at a high rate of speed. Police followed as the car turned left onto Post Road and then turned right onto Popham Road. The car was clocked at 50 mph near the intersection of School Lane. Police initiated a traffic stop on Popham near Lockwood Road when the Toyota turned right onto Chase Road by Julia B. Fee and came to a stop. When asked why he was in such a hurry, Barbosa said he had to use the restroom. Alcohol was detected on his breath and his eyes were glassy and bloodshot. He said he and his wife, who was in the car, had earlier had two bottles of wine. At police headquarters, Barbosa took the chemical test and was subsequently charged with DWI first offense and speeding and given a court date of Aug. 12.

Water in the street

A Paddington Road caller July 26 reported her Horseguard Lane neighbor was emptying pool water into the street. She said it was overflowing the sewer and expressed concern the water would back up and flood her house, which she said had happened in the past. Police saw a worker pumping rainwater from a dilapidated pool. The homeowner said there were no chemicals in the water. Police advised the homeowner of a local ordinance that prohibits discharging nonstormwater into the storm sewer. The worker was issued a ticket and agreed to stop dumping water.

Rat or raccoon?

A Heathcote Road man told police July 26 he trapped an animal in the bathroom in his house. He said it was either a raccoon or a rodent. Police gave him the phone number of a professional trapper.

An alarming odor of burning rubber was reported July 26 by a caller traveling on Wilmot Road. She called 911 to report the foul odor. On arrival, police smelled a skunk.

Move that truck, buddy

A commercial truck was reported obstructing traffic July 21 by the entrance to Balducci’s on Heathcote Road; the driver told police he was waiting to unload. Meanwhile, he moved the truck and corrected the traffic condition.

A disabled tractor on Ardsley Road July 21 caused traffic to back up in the westbound lane; minor congestion was reported at the base of Ardsley Road, but Popham Road was unaffected.


Fire personnel used a hook to open the door of an elevator stuck at the basement level of village hall on Post Road July 20 and safely released a village hall maintenance worker trapped inside.

Firefighters responded to a gas alarm at a house on Murray Hill Road July 20. The house is under construction and workers were on location. No gas or smoke was found.

Firefighters responded to a Gaylor Road house July 20 on a report of a fire; they found an outdoor fire pit on a rear patio on Post Road. The fire was in the smoldering decay phase and was in a covered above-ground outdoor fire ring. The fire was not near any combustible material. The Gaylor Road caller was advised of the source of the fire.

Firefighters responded July 24 on a report of a smoking range hood at a house on Windward Lane. The tripped breaker controlling the hood was shut off.

Cooking set off a fire alarm at a Brite Avenue residence July 26. No fire was reported.

This report was made from official reports from the Scarsdale Police and Fire departments covering the period of July 20 through July 27.

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