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Jamar Ephraim Weir, 24, from the Bronx, was arrested March 27 on Post Road and Huntington Avenue, charged with aggravated driving while intoxicated. He was also charged with speeding and aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle. During traffic enforcement using radar, police saw a white BMW speeding southbound on Post Road. A traffic stop was initiated and a strong odor of alcohol was detected on Weir’s breath; his eyes were glassy and his speech slurred. He was instructed to get out of the car and asked to perform a field sobriety test; he did poorly and was placed under arrest and handcuffed for transport to police headquarters where he submitted to a Datamaster test. The results showed a high level of intoxication. Four summonses were issued and Weir was scheduled to appear in court March 31. There were three passengers besides Weir in the car.


Police received a call March 25 from a Heathcote Road resident about an incident that involved a check written for $1,400 for moving services the caller was scheduled to receive. He said he received the check in payment for sale of several items and a moving fee. Police are investigating.

A Brewster Road resident March 27 told police his gas card, numerous bank cards and two gift cards were stolen from his parked car at a service station on Secor Road, which is his place of employment. He said someone entered his car, which wasn’t locked. He realized the cards were stolen when his bank called to tell him an unknown party made several unauthorized charges on one or more of his cards.

Don’t give her a hard time

A Harvest Drive resident called police March 22 to report construction workers were blocking her driveway and giving her a hard time. Police arrived and spoke with the project manager who said he had already talked to the caller. Both parties agreed everything was okay and no further action was required.

Identity theft

Police received reports between March 22 and March 26 of unemployment benefits fraudulently filed in the names of multiple residents, including residents from Penn Road, Birchall Drive, Grand Park Avenue, Christie Place, Swarthmore Road, Johnson Road, Haverford Avenue, Colvin Road, Springdale Road and Rock Creek Lane.

Noisy music class

Police responded March 22 to Springdale Road when loud music was reported by a Myrtledale Road resident. The Springdale Road resident told police an instructor was at her home giving her children a music lesson. The volume was turned down to a volume more acceptable to the neighbor. 

Suspicious behavior

A Brite Avenue resident told police March 23 a man in a gray Subaru Forester was taking pictures of houses on his street. He said pictures were taken of his house. Police looked for the described car to no avail.

A Huntington Avenue resident March 24 reported a man dressed in black and carrying binoculars was looking into backyards. Police looked for the person with negative results.

A caller from Overhill Road March 29 reported a car parked at a gas station that seemed suspicious. The caller claimed the occupants were making a lot of noise. Police arrived and saw a man standing at the pump; the man told police he was having trouble putting fuel in his car. He showed police an instructional video on his phone he was trying to use for help. Police told the man the pumps were turned off because the station was closed and they gave the man directions to an open gas station.

‘Unusual statements’

Police responded to a call from a business on Harwood Court March 24 regarding a man in the shop making “unusual statements.” The caller said the man, wearing a light blue sweater, was in the store a long time but left before police showed up. Police found the man on Spencer Place. He was advised not to return to the store. He got into his car and left the area.

‘Teddy’ to soon be corralled

Police responded to Cushman Road March 24 on a report of a loose dog. Apparently several residents on the street are aware of “Teddy” who has been escaping from a house on Garden Road. The dog’s owner said they are planning to install an electric fence soon.


A caller contacted police March 25 to report a man in his 50s wearing shorts, a blue shirt and a black mask was shouting profanities at two women in the vicinity of Garth and Freightway roads. The caller told police the man cursed at him when he attempted to intervene. While police were taking the caller’s statement, a woman called and corroborated the story. She said the man cursed at her for no reason. She believed he was intoxicated. Police looked for the man with negative results. He was thought to be heading toward Eastchester.


A Fox Meadow Road landlord called police March 25 to report his tenant was putting furniture on the street without permission. Police spoke with the tenant who said the furniture was hers and she placed it on the curb to be disposed of as trash as it was moldy and old. The items were a bookcase, some folding chairs, assorted pillows, car mats, cardboard boxes and an ottoman. No further action was taken.

No fishing

A caller March 27 reported teens fishing at Hochberg Pond at Brewster and Olmsted roads in violation of posted signs. Upon arrival, police spoke to a teen who said he had entered the property from the opposite side where there was no signage. Upon learning he can’t fish at the pond, the teen left.

Lost or stolen?

A caller told police March 27 he suspected he’d been robbed on East Parkway after someone bumped into him. He said when he returned to his car and put his hands on the steering wheel he saw his gold wedding band was missing. He acknowledged it might have fallen off. He said he had purchased the ring only a few days before for $300. According to the police report, it’s unclear if the ring was lost or stolen.

A Lyons Road resident reported March 27 that she lost her wallet at Davis Park the day before. She filed a report so she could obtain a new driver’s license.

Ring, ring, ring

Police responded to Oxford Road March 28 on a report of two men repeatedly ringing the resident’s doorbell. Upon arrival, police spoke to a man who said he was a delivery driver who accidentally delivered a package to the wrong address; police verified the correct address was the adjacent house. No further action was needed.

Car crashes

A one-car crash occurred March 22 when a 28-year-old male bicyclist traveling north on Fox Meadow Road was involved in a collision with a car traveling southwest at the intersection of Butler Road. The driver of the car reported being injured; medical personnel on scene provided assistance but no transport. The bicyclist said he wasn’t injured.

A two-car crash was reported March 22 on Fenimore Road. No injuries were reported. The drivers exchanged information.

A caller reported a hit-and-run collision occurred March 22 on Post Road. The caller, who contacted police after the incident from her workplace, said the other driver didn’t stay on scene. She asked that a report be made.


Firefighters responded to Sage Terrace March 23 on a report of an odor of gas by the meter in the basement. A small leak was detected and Con Edison was notified. Fire personnel remained on scene until ConEd workers arrived.

A caller reported an outdoor fire at a residence under construction on Lee Road March 23. On arrival, firefighters saw five or six bags of sawdust and other floor finishing debris in a burning pile. Police on arrival saw several burning bags and extinguished them using equipment in a patrol car. Unaffected bags of sawdust were opened and wet down. The fire department arrived and determined the fire was caused by improper disposal of polyurethane wood varnish and saw dust. No property was damaged. Fire personnel said they did not have a phone contact for the homeowner but they could continue efforts to make contact.

A Mamaroneck Road caller March 24 reported a burning smell coming from a gas clothes dryer. The dryer was cold on fire personnel arrival and there was a slight odor in the drum; no sign of charring was observed in the vent or motor. The homeowner was advised to have the appliance serviced.

Responding to Sage Terrace March 24 on a report of a problem with a stove, firefighters found the gas range was clicking and discovered a defective spark module. Power to the appliance was shut off and the resident was advised to call for repair.

Emergency personnel were flagged down on the Mohican Trail at Mamaroneck Avenue March 25 to help a juvenile involved in a bicycle accident. The injured cyclist, who reportedly had flipped over the handlebars, was found sitting on grass near the sidewalk. Ambulance and police were called and the child was transported to the hospital.

A car crash with injuries was reported March 26 on the Hutchinson River Parkway. Police said three cars were involved. One driver complained of neck pain and went to the hospital. Police stood by for tow.

This report, covering Scarsdale police and fire department activity from March 22 to March 29, was compiled from official information.

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