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Police responded Aug. 14 to S. Central Avenue on a report of an argument between a boyfriend and girlfriend. The two were found standing outside the woman’s Honda Civic; she said the fight started when she hadn’t heard from him in more than an hour and went looking for him. She found him at the Sunoco on N. Central Avenue where she said he went to meet with friends and drink. She berated him in front of his friends and he got mad and pulled her hair and said some things that sounded to her like a threat. When they got into the car, he took the driver’s seat. She called police to report he was drunk behind the wheel, at which point he parked in the lot at TGI Friday’s. Police noticed a strong odor of alcohol on his breath and his eyes were glassy. He failed a field sobriety test. Uriel A. Rivera was placed under arrest, transported to police headquarters and charged with driving while intoxicated. His chemical test showed a .12% blood alcohol count. The girlfriend declined to press harassment charges and didn’t want a protection order.


Police responded to the Curry Acura dealership on S. Central Avenue Aug. 13 on a report of broken glass. On arrival police saw the front showroom window had been smashed. A trail of broken glass led police to the north end of the parking lot where a woman was lying face down in front of a damaged car. She told police she didn’t know how she got there. Vomit was on the ground and on her clothing. Asked if she’d been drinking or taking drugs, she said she had a couple of hard seltzers the night before, but wasn’t drunk. Medical aid was administered to Sabina Sinanovic on scene prior to her transport to Westchester Medical Center where she submitted to a blood test and was charged with driving while intoxicated. Sinanovic was summoned with a court appearance set for Oct. 6. Damage to her car corresponded with damage to the dealership’s showroom window, as well as four cars in the parking lot, including a Jeep Grand Cherokee, a BMW and two Acuras. Photos were taken for an investigation of property damage. 

Identity theft

A Byron Place man Aug. 10 reported receiving more than 2,000 spam emails over a short period of time. One of them he opened because it appeared legitimate from the Apple Store regarding a purchase. He learned someone had used his Discover card to buy an iPhone and screen protector for $1,600. He canceled both the sale and his Discover card and notified his credit agencies to place an alert on his accounts.

Moon roof shattered

Police responded to a parking lot on E. Hartsdale Avenue Aug. 12 on a report of damage to the moon roof of a car parked in a lot. Multiple golf balls were in the lot, which backs up to the Scarsdale Golf Club. The caller said he contacted police on July 4 to report a golf ball struck and broke the rear window of his Subaru. The club’s manager said the club placed angled markers indicating ball strike direction. The club agreed to reimburse the car owner for the busted moon roof and agreed to communicate with its members to get them to aim more to the left and away from the parking lot.

Phone thieves

Two men stole phones from a display area of the AT&T store on S. Central Avenue Aug. 13. The manager described two slim men in their 20s who entered the store; one grabbed a Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5g from its display holder and the other grabbed a Samsung Galaxy S10. They took off on foot, heading north through the shopping center. The Note is valued at $1,299.99; the Galaxy is worth $759.00. While on scene, police received a report of a phone theft at the AT&T store on Lawrence Street in the Dobbs Ferry area.

An employee at T-Mobile on N. Central Avenue reported Aug. 14 two men entered the store; one walked directly to a display of Apple watches. The employee approached him and asked for his name so it could be put on a waiting list. The man hesitated before giving the name “Shamar Moodie.” While they were talking, the second man cut the security wire from two watches on display and headed toward the exit. The first man grabbed a packaged Apple iPhone and both men fled. They were described as being about 20 years old and heavyset.

Looking for unlocked cars?

Two women, one described as heavyset and the other skinny, were reported Aug. 15 on E. Hartsdale Avenue testing door handles on parked cars and then heading toward the train station when alarms sounded. The car owners were tracked down and said nothing was taken and nothing damaged. Police looked for the duo without success.

This report, covering Greenburgh police activity in Edgemont and Hartsdale from Aug. 10 to Aug. 16, was compiled from official information.

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