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A caller reported April 2 a man dressed in an Easter bunny costume acting erratically. Police spoke to the man who was known to them and did not need assistance.

Who’s that yelling?: A man described as wearing a white hazmat suit reported yelling at children in the playground on Kingston Road and Brite Avenue March 29 was unable to be located. He was last seen walking away on Kingston Road.

Large dolls: A Crane Road resident March 30 reported large dolls were left near her house and she wanted them disposed of. The dolls were removed although it’s unclear by whom and/or how. No further action was taken.

Unknown woman taking pictures: A Kingston Road resident March 30 said an irate woman, who was cursing and yelling, was filming him on his property. He said he’s doing construction work on his property and doesn’t know the woman. Police were unable to locate her after she erratically drove away from the scene.

Assistance rendered: A woman called police March 31 to request assistance. She said she may have argued with another party and wished to leave the area. She said she tried to get a cab to take her to New York City, but as it was 3 a.m., Lyft and Uber weren’t responding. She said she thought an animal was following her, which is why she called 911. Police contacted a taxi service and waited with her until the taxi arrived.

Trouble with contractor: A Ridgedale Road man went to the police station March 29 to ask for assistance in locating his contractor. He said the contractor walked off the job before completion. Police advised him it was a civil matter.

Kids were home, safe: A Tompkins Road resident told police April 4 she couldn’t find her two children who were near the Bronx River Parkway. While she was on the phone ascertaining her exact location, someone called her to let her know the kids were safe at home.

Car stolen

An officer on patrol March 30 was flagged down in a parking lot on East Parkway and Christie Place by a woman who said her 2020 Honda valued at $35,000 was stolen. She said she parked it in the lot that morning and in the afternoon when she returned the car was gone. She had a key to the car with her and a second key at her house. Nothing of value was inside the car when it was stolen. Notification of the theft was submitted to E-Justice.

Dogs found

Two black collie-type dogs reported missing from their house on Heathcote Road March 29 were found and returned home prior to police arrival.

Cellphone returned

A cellphone found along the curb at Paddington and Olmsted roads March 29 and turned in to police was successfully returned to its owner.

Unemployment fraud and identity thefts reported

Incidents of unemployment fraud and identity theft were reported by several residents between March 29 and March 31, including callers from Springdale, Brewster, Kensington, Paddington, Meadow, Wildwood, Heathcote roads; Walworth Avenue, Penn Boulevard and Beechwood Lane.

A Cooper Road man told police March 30 he learned from Florida police a man arrested in Florida was in possession of a Key Bank debit card with the Cooper Road man’s name on it. He also learned the man in custody used his identity to file a fraudulent claim for unemployment. The bank was notified and the card was canceled.

Man asks for money

Eastchester police advised Scarsdale police March 29 of a man in his 30s who was reported asking people for money around Freightway and Garth Road. The man was last seen riding his bike southbound toward Eastchester. No action was taken.

Who stole stop sign?

Police said there were no leads regarding a theft reported March 30 of a stop sign removed from a pole located at Coralyn Road and Reynal Crossing, believed stolen the day before. Police spoke to the person who reported seeing the sign being removed, but that witness was unable to give a description. 

Found purse

A brown purse was found by a passerby April 3 on the grounds of Scarsdale High School near Post Road. Police reported the bag contained prescriptions for various antidepressant medications and a fake Connecticut driver’s license. The bag was vouchered for safekeeping.


Police spoke to a Stonehouse Road resident March 30 who said he was not aware of scofflaw laws and was fined $400 for three tickets associated with his car. Police explained the fees couldn’t be reduced. The man said he would go to village hall to pay the fine.

Smoking car

Police responded to Old Lyme Road March 30 on a report of smoke coming from a car. The driver said he was transporting dry cleaning. When police and firefighters arrived they saw no active fire but the car was leaking oil which created a smoke situation. The driver told responders his boss had already arranged for tow. As the car was not illegally parked, police left the area.

Loose pups

A loose dog was reported March 31 in the vicinity of Lorraine Place and Post Road. Police didn’t see any loose dogs and neither did any neighbor.

A found dog was reported April 4 on Mamaroneck Road. Prior to police arrival, the dog was reunited with its owner.

Cosmetics left behind

An East Parkway merchant called police March 31 to report a bag was left outside that business. The bag, which contained cosmetics, was left on a counter in case its owner might return.

Please check on my wife

A Carman Road resident asked police April 1 to check on his wife who wasn’t answering the phone. He was concerned because there was a painter working in the house and he knew his wife was at home because her car was in the driveway. Police went to the house and knocked on the doors and windows several times but no one answered. They gained entry to the house per the husband’s phone instructions and met the wife inside who said she had a migraine and was sleeping. Police offered to get her medical assistance but she declined. Nothing was reported about the painter.


Police responded to a Chesterfield Road residence April 3 on a report of an argument between the caller, her husband and a family friend who was spending the night. Police assisted in mediating the situation.

Car entered overnight

A Tunstall Road resident April 4 reported someone entered his car overnight but nothing of value was taken. No property damage was reported so the car was likely unlocked. No similar incidents were reported in the area when police queried neighbors.

Car crashes

A two-car collision happened March 29 on Weaver Street when one driver said she was on the Hutchinson River Parkway southbound ramp when she saw another car stopped on the left hand side of the road, so she went around it. As she was entering Weaver Street, the light turned red so she stopped and was rear-ended by what she thought was the stopped car. That driver told her he was looking for his cellphone and thought his car was in park. She said he became nervous and left the scene. A report was made.

A driver who told police he was tired and fell asleep was involved in a one-car collision April 1 on Post Road near Burgess Road. He said while he dozed behind the wheel, his car drifted slightly to the right and struck a rock wall. He wasn’t hurt and his Cadillac was towed.

A driver who hit the curb March 30 on Heathcote Road damaged her front passenger tire. Medics evaluated her on scene; her car was towed.


Firefighters responded to the intersection of Barry and Madison roads March 20 on a report of an outside gas leak. Levels were detected in a natural gas curb valve; Con Edison was summoned.

A house fire was reported on Continental Road March 30 after a smoke alarm was activated in the kitchen. On arrival, the smoke was gone but a burnt rubber smell lingered. Firefighters found an electrical problem involving the microwave oven, which the homeowner already knew about. A check of the panel revealed a tripped breaker; power was cut off to the circuit and the microwave oven was removed. The homeowner was advised to contact an electrician.

Firefighters were dispatched to Dolma Road March 31 when a carbon monoxide alarm activated. On arrival, fire personnel noticed condensation on windows in the basement. The house was vacant, so firefighters entered through an unlocked window and a large amount of water was seen inside. Responders turned off the water and electricity. The gas was already turned off. A neighbor provided a phone number for the homeowner who was contacted and arrived on scene so fire personnel could walk him through the house.

Rescue personnel were dispatched April 3 to the Hutchinson River Parkway southbound for a report of a person trapped in the rear of a box truck that struck the overpass bridge on Mamaroneck Road. Firefighters used a rotary saw to cut the rear roll-up door and remove it from the track. A ladder was used to free a person in the truck who was unhurt. 

A Saxon Woods Road resident April 4 reported smoke coming from his greenhouse. Firefighters arrived on scene and found the smoke came from a smoldering flowerpot. Embers were wetted down and no further action was taken.

This report, covering Scarsdale police and fire department from March 29 to April 5, was compiled from official information.

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